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UK.gov's cost-cutting 'shared services' went £500m OVER BUDGET


Margaret Hodge

"Margaret Hodge, chair of the PAC, said: "Government could save significant sums of money if it pooled back office functions such as finance, HR and procurement. "

Wrong, Hodge. 0/10.

Government could save money if it employed less people, not by pooling backing office functions. I know what Hodge double-speak means: employ the same number of people thereby saving not one penny.

All-in-one PCs: bright star of the desktop biz, says analyst


Touchscreens 24" or whatever

The whole idea of a 24" touchscreen is bonkers except in a very few instances.

An iPad or other tablet sitting on one's lap works, because the arm is essentially at rest. And the distance the hand has to move is relatively small.

If you have a 24" touchscreen at arm's length, the arm is not at rest. It is being made to work hard. Too hard to be comfortable.

The few cases where a 24" touchscreen could work would be information booths and that sort of thing, where the interaction will be over and done with in a matter of minutes. And the whole experience is a bit of a gimmick and a novelty.

There are large touchscreen home AIOs available now. They look OK, but who actually uses them as touchscreens?

Dell seeks Linux fans to try cut-price Ubuntu Ultrabook

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Re: re: Performance of open source drivers

Certainly: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=nvidia_june_2012&num=1

The same goes for ATI cards.

And to anyone who has thumbed down my comment, you have your heads in the sand and are ignoring the evidence. It's OK to be a fan of Linux, but not to be blinkered.


Re: Where shall we start?

Why would you want a graphics car with open source libraries, given that the open source drivers mostly perform like donkey balls compared to the proprietary drivers?

What do open source graphics cards libraries have to do with 99% of development work, unless developing for graphics cards?

One of the problems with Linux is that people like yourself think you speak for all and every other Linux user. All the developers I know who use Linux are doing stuff using Eclipse. They really don't care about the open source drivers. It's meaningless to them. It's not even a "nice to have", it's meaningless.

You can moan all you like, but the 1% desktop share, of thereabouts, that Linux has pretty much says it all.

Nor will having open source libraries necessarily make them better. That partly explains why the open source drivers offer fewer features and worse performance than the closed ones.