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Two things will survive a nuclear holocaust: Cockroaches and crafty URLs like ғасеьоок.com

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Well what did they ever do for us?

Pains us to run an Apple article without the words 'fined', 'guilty' or 'on fire' in it, but here we are

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Re: Apple's history of bravery

It's nothing to do with not being able to figure out how to waterproof the jack, the method for doing which is well-established and trivial.

They've removed it because they don't like it, and they can.

OMG! With nothing but machine tools, steel and parts you can make a GUN!!

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Very interesting article, thank you.

iPhone 6: Most exquisite MOBILE? No. It is the Most Exquisite THING. EVER

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Sounds like someone needs a shag.

Call girl injected Google exec with heroin, drank wine, left him to die – cops claim

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Holy crap. She really, actually has real, actual monkeys. Unbefrickinglievable.


We need to talk about SPEAKERS: Sorry, 'audiophiles', only IT will break the sound barrier

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Thank you

So refreshing to read truth about audio for once. An absolutely fascinating read, thank you.

Door creaks and girl farts: computing in the real world

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Re: In the real world, doors creak and girls fart.

> hinge oil and vagisil

I have it on good authority that these are the same product, in different packaging.

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Who wants a crappy mechanical spinny-plastic-disk interface taking up so much space and making clunk-noises in a piece of high-density techno-loveliness? Especially when it might get used once a month at most? Nobody. Apple have it spot on (again): If you need to get files off a CD, do it over a network, or use a USB stick. The retina MacBook isn't aimed at people who still want to drive around in a Ford Escort. Get with the programme.


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