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Kiwi judge rules Kim Dotcom can be extradited to USA

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Music lovers move to block Phil Collins' rebirth


Re: Quite

just finished enduring this crapster called "2 Chains" my ears have permanently blocked themselfs...

Joining the illuminati? Just how bright can a smart bulb really be?


Re: Not pointless

GoodBang has clones for $!.00 & free shipping... lol :)

Elon Musk unmasks Tesla's Model X – the $132k anti-bioweapon SUV for the 1%


thing has no class... DeLorean want-a-be........


Re: Nice car

well it's certainly no DeLorean ... stupid looking........

PETA monkey selfie lawsuit threatens wildlife photography, warns snapper at heart of row


Re: "The facts and the law don't matter, it seems."

herd of deer just took some selfies on my trail cam... can't wait to ambush them with my crossbow ! yum deer meat... the little spotted 1's taste the best... :)

Scrapheap challenge: How Amazon and Google are dumbing down the gogglebox


Re: Now you need a TV license, a SKY sub, Amazon Prime, Netflix, BT, etc ad-bleedin-nauseum

what's a TV ??? got dueling laptops... what else would I need ... :P

Prof Hawking cracks riddle of black holes – which may be portals to other universes


Re: Cite

True That ... Pop-Boff-a-Go-Go... Prof Hawk is a cool Daddy-O... just ask him... :P

Do you remember mid-1970s fears of global winter?


Re: Do you remember mid-1970s fears of global winter?

August 14,2015 & I'm freezing my ass off again tonight... so much for your getting warmer Buckwheat... send some of that heat to Maryland... :X

Arctic ice returns to 1980s levels of cap cover


Re: No

over breeding 3'rd world planet eaters should be taxed per birth... 1 birth = both nads !

Consumer group SLAMS NASA for letting Google rent $1bn 'playground'


Re: 60 year lease

wasn't " FBN " for the 1'st 200 years.... only became that way after the Marxist wormed their way in... worm will turn back to the Right shortly... :)

James Bond's metal-toothed nemesis Richard Kiel dies at 74


Re: Moonraker

along with his girlfriend Dolly... :)

Bond villains lament as Wicked Lasers withdraw death ray


good old cat & rat .22 cal works wonders every time... mines 110 years old & still dose the trick... :)

Hot, horny bees swerve planet-saving duties as climate warms


Re: And

should be more worried about hives freezing this winter....

Boffin imagines Wi-Fi-defined no-shoot zones for wireless weapons


Re: Yep, that will work...

na,that won't work on my .56 cal. BP hand cannon..... bout as primitive as it gets... true Luddite...

'Cowardly, venomous trolls' threatened with two-year sentences for menacing posts


King George

you simple minded Limies never stop amazing me with your knack for destroying civil liberty .. freedom of speech... where do you put said cyber bullies, the tower of London ? & @ the same time your country is being taken over physically by real bullies... the mooslims ! lol bunch -o-dorks ... :O

Antarctic ice at all time high: We have more to learn, says boffin


Re: Antactica is melting too

If you play Black Sabbath's "Iron Man " backwards you can hear Satin telling Al Gore how to hypnotize liberals ...

NASA aborts third attempt at finally settling man-made CO2 debate


Re: Might need more of these

0.039 % CO2 makes up atmospheric gases... that's it...not much... maybe the vegetation could use a bit more... Liberals are pushing the Global Disruption BS to get another tax & spend scam...

Longer flights burning more fuel can cut planes' climate impact


Re: Interesting, but of little consequence

what ever happened to the hole in the O-zone... lol... did it fill up with co2... ?

Déjà spew: US would accept higher bills for less CO2 by two-to-one


Re: Bad poll?

where'd these bozos get the lame idea that CO2 emissions were responsible for climate disruption...problem with coal plant emissions is with the release of SULFUR DIOXIDE which precipitates out as acid rain... love to see scrubbers on coal plants for SULFUR DIOXIDE... CO2 doesn't do squat...

British boffin tells Obama's science advisor: You're wrong on climate change


Re: Boffins disagreeing with each other?

i'm a lowland hillbilly who married my cousin... but I understand well chemistry enough to understand it's sulfur dioxide in coal plant emissions that wrecks havoc with the environment , not CO2... can't the Obamites come up with a plausible "Tax & Spend" scheme... bty I'm all for scrubbing heavy metals & sulfur dioxide from coal plant emissions... love to fish for brook trout ... acid rain & mercury are doing them in... :(

OkCupid falls out of love with 'anti-gay' Firefox, tells people to see other browsers


Re: Product != CEO

if it weren't for the perverts in media the -1% of the population practicing a queer-lifestyle would go unnoticed...

Google, Foxconn team to build ROBOT ARMY


Re: Endless pursuit of low/no wages

Google has planned Utopia for the entire human race! No work... All play... all the time... why do I have this feeling of doom ?

Boffins: Antarctic glacier in irreversible decline, will raise sea levels by 1cm


are these the same fools who's ship was trapped in ice down there ?

Google Earth SHOCK: ZERO point ZERO ZERO SIX of world forests disappear each year


Re: And then...

Forrest surrounding the Chesapeake Bay here in Maryland continue to shrink... mass immigration is more important to Governor O'Malley than the health of the bay... Go Gang Green!... morons... :(


Re: Impressive detail

Human overpopulation is the #1 ecological problem facing the planet today... & if you say one word about it the Politically Correct Police will label you a Racist... all is lost... Gang Green Members suck!

#Facebook: Now all your hashtags ARE BELONG TO US, Twitter

Black Helicopters

Facebook = Myspace I haven't logged into Facebook for the past 6 months & never will again... it just plain sucks... Suckelbuger bite's the Big1...

Japan Airlines to serve KFC on Christmas flights

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Archaeologists uncover 'Unicorn's lair'


Commies will say anything to get a laugh... Ah-hahahahahahahaha :P

Belgian finds missus was born a MAN after 19 YEARS of marriage


Poor kids had to live through this vile creatures deceit...

US trounces UK in climate scepticism jibber-jabber


Re: Climate change a ruse to introduce new taxes

Main cause of Climate change is being censored...3rd world planet eaters breeding out of control...


Re: They are only less balanced

Dorko-U need to STFU URself... Climate Change,no sh*t Sherlock ,climit changes here about every 3 months & right now I'm freezing my ass off...

Foxconn: Worker who lost half his brain in accident must leave hospital


Re: Sounds like

U.S. illegal workers get full Social Security benefits as soon as they cross the border... Free food ,free housing,free medical, bonus for having hordes of children .& all @ the expense of the chinese...(thats where the monies come from to cover the free-loaders in the U.S.A....)... If the chinese workers only knew that they were paying the freight for the Mexicans in the U.S. they would nuke Mexico... lol :P

Who queues for an iPhone 5? Protesters, hipsters and the jobless



Not as sad as the poor Chinese ... Apple = Greed beyond need... How many more billions do these scumbags need? 1 billion = 1000 million... trillion = 1000 billion where will it stop ? France might have a guillotine or two gathering dust...

Climate sceptic? You're probably a 'Birther', don't vaccinate your kids


Global Warming??? Sure buckwheat any thing you say...If someone dares to disagree just slap them with Racist,Tin-Foil Hat, Birther, moniker... PC = Pacified Chimps...Sheeple,Libtard,is what we call adherents to Climate Change & Big Al Gore the Pervert is their lordgodprophet ...

Neil Gaiman’s saucy pop wife agrees to pay her musicians in money



Have any of you watched the crap this twit is calling music... garbage is more like it... wouldn't send her a red cent...

Apple 'hasn't really run out of iPhone 5s AT ALL'


Re: I feel used...

you Maroons remind me of kid's in the 60's addicted to transistor radios... Like apple need's another billion to add to their stack of billions... stop buying that overpriced bullsh*t... put that cash into your own pocket & go out & buy the cheapest net-10 you can find.Apple & friend's will cut prices to the bone if you dis them for a year or two...

Greens wage war on clean low-carbon renewable energy


Re: Puritans

Gang-Greenies aretoo Politically Correct to conserve resources of any type.If the Gang-Greenies were they would be going after the breeding habits of 3rd worlders...


Re: Geo exporting

Why not convert the geo-energy to laser energy for transport...

Scrunched Street View spymobile spied in India

Black Helicopters

Re: Was this one of their...

& dumb-bunny Google-Shills that infiltrate blogs...

Cockfighting Reg hack cursed with cancer


8 week's & counting for Deer Season to begin here in Maryland... Shake & bake those Bambi steaks ...

Brit global warming skeptics now outnumber believers


Re: The question should really be

Seem's to me if climate change is human caused than the Over-Breeding 3rd World Planet Eaters should be held responsible for most of it & not given a "Free Pass". Oh my the Politicaly Correct halfwit's will be after me now!


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