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What is your greatest weakness? The definitive list of the many kinds of interviewer you will meet in Hell


Oh yeah…

Two particularly memorable interviews this brings back to me.

One about a decade ago, the company had me come over from Scandinavia to the UK for an interview where they told me the job was on hold and therefore they couldn’t pay any of my expenses after all as the job didn’t exist, but they wanted to interview me anyway to see what they would have potentially got and put it in a filing cabinet. No doubt with signs saying “beware of the leopard”.

Another just recently, where after 3 Zoom interviews and 1 physical interview, I saw what a mess things were by the government openly badmouthing the company’s whole contract and threatening the whole multi billion dollar contract with termination that I decided to say nah to a 5th interview, no matter how fun and interesting it sounded.

RIP Dyn Dynamic DNS :'( Oracle to end Dyn-asty by axing freshly gobbled services, shoving customers into its cloud


Expiry Date Never

Some of us are old enough to have paid for lifetime service over 20 years ago. On the one hand, I'm still alive, but on the other hand 20+ years isn't a bad return on investment. Funnily enough my account still says "Expiration Date: Never"

IPv6 growth is slowing and no one knows why. Let's see if El Reg can address what's going on


Unintentional benefits

I'm in the lucky position where my ISP has rolled out IPV6 providing

a) You don't use their modem

b) You set up access using a method they don't support or document on their website, and support don't know about

c) You happen to be connected to a recently updated RIM that has a very specific piece of hardware and configuration

If you do that, you can happily use IPV6 and derive the benefits of using the IPV6 routes that no one else is using because it's become "first slaughter the right number of chickens", and suddenly find yourself with next to no congestion.

Telstra hauls in Cisco, Ericsson, Juniper to explain TITSUPs


And don't forget cable internet

A pretty much Adelaide wide cable internet outage is now in its 5th day with no sign of a fix. Routing for everything except their speed test is going via Perth and back to Adelaide again. Their service status admits their fault and it's their fault, but morons on non-support refuse to admit any problem even though Telstra have already admitted it...

Get an Apple Watch or die warns Tim Cook


Very widely reported when it was actually news... In September.


Footballer named and even a photo of the chap. Poor effort.

Australia to run first robo-car trials in sleepy Adelaide


Safe place to test?

Flip! Have you ever been here? It may be quieter but the road users are some of the worst I've ever seen anywhere in the world, and I've been to mad places in Africa and the Middle East on a regular basis. The poor things will be forever avoiding dozy drivers.

Apple to devs: Watch out, don't make the Watch into a, well, a watch


Er, yes. It comes as standard.

Man buys iPHONE 6 and DROPS IT to SMASH on PURPOSE


Er... what sapphire screen?

Safety authorities to hold hearings into Boeing 787's battery woes


A tenth of that?

"Boeing reported to the NTSB that the likelihood of its batteries failing was once every 10 million flight hours, but in this and a second case the batteries caused problems in less than a tenth of this time"

Er, yes. 1 million flight hours would still be 41,000 + days of flights, or 114 years. I think the Boeing has been 787 has been flying a little less than that!

Traceroute reveals Star Wars Episode IV 'crawl' text



Can I just vaguely remember reading something about us running out of IPV4 addresses? I mean, doing this with a spare /24 in those circumstances would be a waste, wouldn't it?

Apple retail stores most productive in US – by far

Thumb Down

Still beaten by Richer Sounds...

Yeah, $6,050 a square foot is fine, but Richer Sounds is still around 5,500 GBP per square foot... And 17,000 GBP per square foot for the London Bridge store.

Apple seeks cooling fan patent for iPhone, iPad


Think competitors

Maybe the idea isn't to use it themselves, but to beat those overheating Intel powered phones when they come out? Charge them a $1 or $2 licencing fee per unit?

AIIA takes the ‘Australian’ out of price-gouge concerns


Yeah, but have you tasted the limes here compared to the ones off the shelves in the UK or Scandinavia? I'm more than happy to pay the price for food that tastes *this* good!

TiVo plunges into Swedes after penetrating Virgin Media


We don't have it in Ozland, either. You're not alone ;)


Re: Strange...

Can't say I'm surprised, really. The set top boxes for Canal Digital are bloody awful! How they were ever going to deliver on that platform I did wonder.

Bit of a moot point for me, though, now. Have left the country and now got TiVo again :) I think that makes it a near 12 year unbroken run as a customer now.



Canal Digital already had an exclusive deal with TiVo for Scandinavia. So that's an exclusive with ComHem and a deal with Canal Digital?