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BOFH: Attractive person is attractive. Um, why are your eyes bulging?


Re: Bad answers.

Most males I know shop like it was an SAS raid. Toss in the flashbang, rapid entry followed by equally rapid exit.

Scientists to IPCC: Yes, solar quiet spells like the one now looming can mean Ice Ages


Re: Energy

If you give people electricity, clean water and contraception.....guess what their populations go DOWN.

Yes good news! Lets work to give the developing world these advantages and population will decline.

Ask a German if you don't believe me.

All those hand wringing Malthusians should work to better the living conditions of their fellow humans instead of winging about the environment. If somebody needs to cook and they don't have coal, gas or electricity they cut down trees. This leads to environmental degradation on a massive scale.

Give 'em coal I say, even the trees will benefit!

China has another go at rare earth dominance


The Solution

There is a technology that will solve a large part of this. A major problem of rare earth mining is its contamination with thorium. A thorium reactor will not only allow the 'manufacture' of these rare earths such as neodymium but will 'burn' the thorium to make oodles of electrickery as well.

Brit global warming skeptics now outnumber believers


Re: The question should really be

once again climate 'scientists' 97 % ...real scientists 0%