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BT to fibre up another 98 exchanges, puffs 'FTTP on demand' offer


Don't feel hard done by if you're not on the list....

Basingstoke always seems to pop up on these early access lists from OR.

Don't think that everyone in Doughnut-City is lapping up the big bandwidth. Our DSLAM 'touched down' nearly 13 months ago (I drove past them unloading it), it's still not got power due to a snafu of the power source being on private land and the leccy board yet to sort out wayleave. Adjacent PCP's have been more or less definitely been declared not-worth for FTTC u/g and now being covered by an independent broadband OTA solution (hi hiwifi.co.uk). These are all parts that were overlooked by Virgin in it's NTL/Telewest days (I'm told due to standoff between council and vendor) and CableYourStreet programme has replied with a big thumbs-down for a 3000+ household 'out-of-town-"village"'.

That's not to mention the many new-build estates from the last 2/3 years that have yet to have roads handed over from developer to council so OR can't even start DSLAM rollout.

I wouldn't dare to ask OR to provide FTTP to my house for fear of the contribution being towards getting power to the DSLAM in the first place.


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