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Woman dumps ultra-rare $200,000 Apple 1 computer in the trash


Guy calls older woman friend and tells her when and where to be. Gets a cut.


Re: Stupid widow

Would be a good time to offer a service to widows for helping them "clean" house for a percentage of what you can get. Usually widows are older and have the stuff people are willing to pay for.

Apple, IBM jump into bed for health data love in


Re: And where...

We know you're used to that with an Android and other OS but Apple doesn't work that way, read the article

LUST for APPLE WATCH drove me to crime, says alleged meth dealer


He should have created a How to Avoid Getting Arrested app and bought his watch with the sales.

What a Mesa: Apple vows to re-use titsup GT sapphire glass plant


Re: Dreams...

Eww why would you want to have sex with a couple oh horned horses?

The last PC replacement cycle is about to start turning


This is why we need both. I really want a iPad Pro that runs OSX (no not a touch version) when placed in a keyboard docking station. I could run dual monitors from the dock. Then when I pull the iPad from the dock it changes to iOS for on the go. I could keep ALL my files on the iPad and have an identical docking station at home and work. Yes something similar is out there, but I want Apple to make mine.

Apple KILLS SUPER MARIO. And Zelda. And Sonic


Re: @AC

I have a feeling we might soon see the AppleTV/Mac mini all-in-one box showing up soon that will play games on the TV. You will be able to buy games from the ATV and use iPhones with controller housings to play them.

MAC BOTNET uses REDDIT comments for directions


Re: Bah!

Like taxes and death.


I felt like I was reading a scene out of Batman.

Let it go, Steve: Ballmer bans iPads from his LA Clippers b-ball team


Re: Embarassing

This even makes less sense since Microsoft has the next largest Mac development team to Apple. How are you going to know what's better as a company unless you use and compare both products?

These adults have made their choice, they left mommy and daddy a long time ago. What a dbag.

Apple 'Genius': iPhone 6? We've had NO COMPLAINTS about our BENDY iThing


Re: It's going to be Antennagate all over again

And let's not forget all the paid Samsung shills who go online to post negative remarks about competitors.


Re: Most people realise

This reminds me of the episode of the IT Crowd when the frizzy haired geek got his new smartphone and ran around bragging to everyone only to accidently flushing it down the toilet. That made me cry laughing.


Re: The REAL problem

I was wondering how someone putting that much pressure on a device would not feel it digging into them. I've watched the tech guy bend these phones and it takes a lot of pressure to do it.


Just watch one of the tech site videos of them bending an iPhone 6 and how much effort it takes to do it. White fingertips shaking hands and saying it hurts. I carry my phone in my front pocket sometimes and I cannot imagine how they could bend it.

We told you jailbreaking your iThing was dangerous


Re: Hilarious

I think some of the ads are deceitful. I often see a small "x" in the corner that looks like it would close an annoying add, but when clicked, instead goes to the site.

Apple tips Shiraz down all its techies' throats (that's the rumoured name for OS X 10.10)


Re: Worked great for Windows 8, right?

They've been moving to unify the look and feel of the two OS since Mac OS X 10.7



Lower the brightness, works wonders and increases battery life!


The ones who hate it the most are those who don't own an Apple device. I know dozens of iOS users and haven't heard these so called complaints. Those who wanted bolder text or less "movement" changed them in the Settings, problem solved.


The Shiraz / Syrah grape is called Syrah in the US, France and many countries. In Australia it is called Shiraz, where it is considered the finest red wine grown there. Shiraz is certainly the most widely planted red grape in Australia. Now that Shiraz has become well known and popular, some wineries in the US who are making an "Austrlian style wine" with this grape are calling their wines Shiraz as well.

iFixit boss: Apple has 'done everything it can to put repair guys out of business'


Re: plus ca change c'est la meme chose

Your brake comment just hit home with me. I had a car that's rear brakes always made a scratching sound when first applied after sitting for a while. A couple of pedal pushes and all was quiet. It only happened when they cooled down. A month ago the rear wheel ceased pulling out of my driveway. We took it apart and the pad on the shoe had come off and jammed up. I replaced the shoes on both sides with top line NAPA shoes and everything has been quiet since.

The noise always bothered and at times embarrassed me but the dealer could find nothing wrong and when they failed they still had plenty of pad. It must have been something in the design of the shoes.

Putin and pals dump Apple's iPads for Samsung slabs... over security concerns



Makes sense, Putin and Samsung both like to move into other's territory and take what they want. ;)

Apple flops out latest OS X Mavericks beta, hopes sound+graphics sorted


Re: New OSX' always breaks audio

Not just audio but anything "mission critical". I always had either two partitions or multiple hard drives that I would keep the new and previous OS on so I could test. As the new drive became "useable" for real work the old OS was left behind. When the next OS arrived I wiped that clean and repeat. It's so easy to manage two OS on a Mac it just makes sense.


Re: Non-story

It sounds like he needs to drink more water.


Re: Windows updates only take a few minutes?

Exactly on Windows it's like living with a nag who's always in your way.

Fanbois SQUEAL as DNS snafu knocks out iTunes website


Re: Oh come on

Well he was the fanboi who squealed when he read it.

Apple throws sueball at China's patent office over Siri clone


Apple NEVER claimed to be the first to put a fingerprint ID button on a phone. What they did do was see how lame the implementations were of the manufacturers who did do it were. So they bought the company who was considered ahead of the game, sunk millions more into R&D and came out with a phone that has the feature working as it should. This tech is not flawless but Apple now has the best record for doing it right. They do the same with a lot of technology, that's what they're know for.

Update your Mac NOW: Apple fixes OS X 'goto fail' SSL spying vuln


Re: This is funny

You should read the Appleinsider article on this whole sky is falling on Apple frenzy by the media. They just posted it a day or so ago and it mentions the drama headlines by the Register and many others who blindly follow. It's pathetic.

Apple badmouthing of court's monitor proves it NEEDS him - judge



You exaggerate almost as much as The Register and that vulture rag does a lot of exaggerating.

iPhone fanbois outsmart fandroids in totally reliable test of brain power


"If you see a can of baked beans for 50 pence and and same beans for 75 pence, you don't buy 75 pence beans because you can afford to!"

The key word here is "same" which implies identical in every way.

What if you can buy a can of beans for 50 cents and a better brand of bean for 75 cents, if you can afford to you might choose to buy the better quality beans.

Google and Apple in DRAG RACE: It's fanboi Mercs VS fandroid Audis


That's all we need fanboys jailbreaking self driving cars to ram the competition.

Get lost, fanbois: Nokia pulls HERE Maps from Apple's App Store


True to Nokia's word, we could still access HERE Maps using an iPhone web brower, although lazy fanbois would no doubt prefer to have a nice big button to click rather than a long old web address to type in.

This really shows how ignorant you are. You don't even know what a bookmark is. Also if you still do want a big button you could save it to the home screen as such.

Apple won't bag HUMUNGOUS 4G deal... 'cos China HATES plastic iPhone 5C – analyst


Re: Glad to hear...

Must have happened when they opened it up and saw Made In China inside it.

Samsung loses against Apple ... this time in SOUTH KOREA


Re: Both ways?

That imitation, convergent evolution thing sure seems to happen a lot to Apple.

iPad Air not very hot: Apple fanbois SHUN London fondleslab launch


Re: Eh?

Well apparently just about any old Apple product with an SATA connection can have an SSD. This is one of the biggest boost to speed along with more memory. I've added both these to an older MBP and it's like a new machine.


All Mac Pro models

• All PowerMac G5 models

• All MacBook Pro models

• All Mac mini 2006-Current (All Intel Models)

• iMac 2006-current (All Intel Models)

• iMac G5

• All MacBook models

• Xserve 2009

'With free Mavericks, we are turning the industry ON ITS EAR'



Wow only the haters could find something bad to say about Apple giving away something for free.

Apple handed Samsung-busting nuke after Steve Jobs patent U-turn


This is really GREAT news. It's nice to see justice actually happening for a change.

'200 million' fanbois using iOS 7 just a week after release - study


Which could also be one of the resons they also have a good resale value.


You forgot and get everything for free. Most Android users don't like to pay for things.

Samsung takes mobile net traffic crown from Apple


Re: Shamsung!

I like Samesong

Cold, dead hands of Steve Jobs slip from iPhones: The Cult of Ive is upon us


Re: Really?

Watch the last half of Monday's keynote posted on Apple's website. You will see how Apple actually implemented these new features and more.



Re: Not quite as pointless as I thought.

The cool thing about the control panel/menu on iOS 7 is that it will change according to what is being used.


Re: Problem solved?

Wow dude talk about the head in the sand. Go grab EVERY model of smartphone from the year 2007 and lay them out on a table. Bring in 5 people who have NEVER used a smartphone and ask them to examine all the phones without any input from you. I can guarantee they will be shocked at how game changing the iPhone was.

That's right you don't know about profit, so let me tell you something, that IS the number one reason a company is in business and why Apple became the wealthiest company in the world. It's not about marketshare, it's about profit and all other makers don't come close to what Apple rakes in.


Re: Does it do widgets?

I've been using widgets on my Macs for years. Hit the F12 key and the screen changes to show all my widgets. I too use to use them a lot more but now only have a few.

On my iPhone 5 I've set up folders as categories and organize all my apps into these on the home page. I keep games on page 2 and that's it. I love using folders and give them names in all caps for easy reading. I hated flipping through numerous pages of apps.

Apple slips Antennagate victims $15 each. The lawyers get $16m


Re: So. Jobs was wrong.

I think it existed but that it had to do with the strength of the network it is trying to use. I could watch the bars on my ATT version go up and down while holding and not holding our two iPhone 4 but it never seemed to cause any issues for us.


Re: So. Jobs was wrong.

My 4 worked fine also the whole time I used it until upgrading to a 5. My wife is still using her 4 and I gave my 4 to my grandson as an "iPod" wannabe with the SIM pulled.

Cook: iPad is a gateway drug which leads to harder Mac addiction


Re: funny enough...

Agreed, the hardware has gotten so fast that you can get an outstanding value by buying and entry level machine (ie mini, iMac) and max out the memory and upgrade the drive. I just picked up a used iMac mid 2011 and dropped in a OWC 32GB ram upgrade kit and this baby is snappy running FCP.


Re: More iPads equals

With the past couple of OS X versions the apps have begun to merge, even using the same names. They all share the cloud and work together so that may very well entice one to get a Mac. I've seen it happen many times. First they got the iPhone, then an iPad and now they are talking to me about a Mac.

More Brits ditch Apple tablets for Amazon, Google, Samsung kit


Re: Looking for more?

I understand what some are saying about the walled garden thing. I own all apple devices and love the iway they all work together. If you use the included apps then yes you may feel walled in because they are working together with iTunes and icloud. Try getting some new apps. I use Downcast for podcast, VDownload for videos, Dropbox for file storage and many more. Remember there's an app for that.


In the 70s growing up we wore the 501 Levi's which WERE skinny jeans. Then the "Super size it" eating merchandizing came along and everyone viewed gluttony as just normal. Because of this all the jeans started being offered in larger baggier styles. We eat so horribly today.

The ten SEXIEST computers of ALL TIME


20th Anniversary Mac

When the title mention Apple I thought for sure the 20th Anniversary Mac would have made the cut. While it wasn't the most powerful of the Mac line of the time the design was surely sexy. You could definitely see that machine sitting on any CEO's desk. It also had the Bose sound system.