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Loongson CPU that performs like 2020 Core i3 makes its way to Chinese mini PCs


Good enough

For them it will be good enough really, for tens of millions of office boxes, given enough RAM etc

OpenBSD 7.5 locks down with improved disk encryption support and syscall limitations


Re: UNIX Trademark

Yeah, for "kids" UNIX is this Linux-like thing .. :-/

Broadcom has willingly dug its VMware hole, says cloud CEO


Robbery in broadcom daylight

As expected, world becomes shittier place, with every passing day...

Chinese schools testing 10,000 locally made RISC-V-ish PCs


How convenient...

.. that GPL is not enforceable in China .

They can make closed source derivatives of Linux and laugh whole world in their face

Beijing issues list of approved CPUs – with no Intel or AMD



Go to a court there and try enforce GPL, good luck with that.You will surely be met with heartily laughter attack. "Those westerners and their attitudes"

Exposed: Chinese smartphone farms that run thousands of barebones mobes to do crime



Scam as a Service

Oh look, cracking down on Big Tech works. Brave, Firefox, Vivaldi surge on iOS


Contrarian view

I have it opposite, I run mostly everything in Firefox, which means it is open all the time (with UBO) .

When I fire up Edge it feels sloooow ..

No Chrome here.

IBM lifts lid on latest bid to halt mainframe skill slips


Start a blog !

After a while , you will get noticed. Let people know at. osnews.com for example.

You could contact a guy at oldvcr blog , perhaps ?


Re: "halt mainframe skill slips"

And "synergies" of "streamlining " !


Re: Encourage z/OS and z/VM on Hercules

Ha ha, in IBM world "soon" means five to ten years :-D

'We had to educate Oracle about our contract,' CIO says after Big Red audit


Re: Audit checks

..or "pray,we don't alter it further"

Supermium drags Google Chrome back in time to Windows XP, Vista, and 7



An elegant weapon for more civilized times ...

YouTube workers laid off mid-plea at city hall meeting


or AI more likely

Possibly they can tolerate some shittiness in its work , and the savings , oh man...


I will help you

It was "do know evil" or some such...

Lightweight Windows-like desktop LXQt makes leap to Qt 6 with version 2.0


Re: Can someone man'splain this to me?

I guess they have to be on top of wave so to speak, because Wayland, because better fractional scaling, because whole host of changes in contemporary Linux

Top five reasons to move from CentOS to RHEL (according to Red Hat)



I wonder if CERN will step up and continue to provide updates for Centos 7. They kind of did, for Centos 6 ..

Moving to Windows 11 is so easy! You just need to buy a PC that supports it!


Game changer..

Our previous menu was like chess. Now its more like candy crush soda, a real game changer!

The Post Office systems scandal demands a critical response


Re: Conscience?

You mean con science ? I'm familiar with it!

Why Google is waiving egress fees for disgruntled customers ditching GCP


Pot, Kettle,etc

Of course you can run Google Docs on Azure, right? Right?

What comes after open source? Bruce Perens is working on it


Re: Eclipse Versus Borland Delphi

You mean, IBM, I guess

From Joaquin Phoenix to Rowan Atkinson, we enjoyed your Musk movie casting calls


My pick would be

Idris Elba !

AlmaLinux project climbs down from being a one-to-one RHEL clone


Re: Decisions, decisions

Well, you can legally have a free install of RHEL, the real thing ( up to five of them, even ?)

In theory, should be more than enough for your testing needs ...

AWS puts latest homebrew Graviton3 Arm processor in production


Why not have a look at usual suspects' site



Fujitsu: Dumping older workers will wipe out quarter of forecast profit


You mean Telegram bags ... ?

Apple emits emergency fix for exploited-in-the-wild WebKit vulnerability


Re: Late Gate

But then, Apple admitted that it saw signs this flaw was being already exploited in the wild.

You didn't know about it, but "bad guys" already did ...

Open hardware smartphone PinePhone Pro starts to ship – to developers only, for now


Re: HK is CCP now

Aren't Pine a Singapore company now?

MySQL a 'pretty poor database' says departing Oracle engineer


It's Google !

He is now @ Google .

Google hates Oracle.

Oracle hates Google.

His new employers love his write up , I am sure !

( if not compelled him to write it .. )

Microsoft's UWP = Unwanted Windows Platform?


The writing was on the wall...

.. the moment, they killed Windows Phone OS.

What do you need "universal" for , when all you can target is desktop anyway ... better served with plain old win32

Microsoft sinks standalone Hyper-V Server, wants you using Azure Stack HCI for VM-wrangling


Re: Hyper-V role still available

+1 for Proxmox

AWS Free Tier, where's your spending limit? 'I thought I deleted everything but I have been charged $200'


Is that you , Jeff ?

Have some heart !

On the other hand , that student got valuable lesson what to expect from AWS.

Rover, wanderer, nomad, vagabond: Oracle launches rugged edge-of-network box for hostile environments


Re: What's old is new again.

You mean personal desktop cloud ?

Red Hat defends its CentOS decision, claims Stream version can cover '95% of current user workloads'


Re: Wow

Cloud Linux will supply free CentOS equivalent , soon .. ? Few months ?


They will do it ..

.. but it takes time . Cloud linux, Rocky linux , etc

Google Nest server outage leaves US, European smart homes acting dumb


Re: Space

Boeing on the other hand ...

Runaway Latvian drone found meditating in tree after shutting down nation's skies


Re: Great

.. or was it Latvian Special Division ?

China successfully launches its biggest-ever space truck to fire up its space station ambitions


China takes the crown in rocket development

um, pardon the pun

Borky shark: A deserted airport and a Raspberry Pi feeling poorly at baggage claim. Welcome to 2020


Best wishes

Best wishes of good health to this vulture and his/her offspring !

( and for the rest of the vultures , as well )

HMD Global pokes head out of quarantine to show off 3 new Nokia mobiles



Am I the only one to be appalled by use of ROM acronym meaning storage ?

When I was younger ROM stood for Read-Only Memory .

Did it change in the meantime ?

Take DOS, stir in some Netware, add a bit of Windows and... it's ALIIIIVE!



Bollox! NT4 could EASILY run on 8MB RAM ;-)

VMware warning, OpenBSD gimme-root hole again, telco hit with GDPR fine, Ring camera hijackings, and more



Samaritan is watching ... :-/

Disgraced ex-Kaspersky guy made me do it, says bloke in Russian court on hacking charges


Re: Kaspersky blackmailed hacker?

Please , don't let the facts ruin useful narrative


Nice gentlemen

I believe both od them

El Reg sits down to code with .NET for Linux and MySQL, hitting some bumps along the way


Re: Production .Net Core is pretty good

Thanks for valuable and informative comment !

Revealed: Milky Way's shocking cannibalistic dark past – it gobbled a whole dwarf eons ago


A s s h o l e !

;-) xd


Re: Why are there 3 dimensions?

Verily , you ARE a Mystic Megabyte !

Dear chip designers: It will no longer cost you an Arm and a leg to use these CPU cores (well, not at first, anyway...)



Also now MIPS architecture is completely free ..

Engineer found guilty of smuggling military-grade chips from the US to China


Re: Totally NOT spying!

self guided air-to-air microwave ovens ...

'I do not wish to surrender' Julian Assange tells court over US extradition bid


Re: The USA wants Assange for what he did

The difference between 'justice' and 'American Justice' is akin to the difference between 'chair' and 'electric chair' .. ?

MongoDB turns on, tunes in, drops ACID and goes mobile


Re: Don't need transactions?

They could call it a New Object-oriented Structured Query Language, to save face ...

Have to use SMB 1.0? Windows 10 April 2018 Update says NO


Re: So for a while now...

Yeah, because Linux' kernel panics are so much more useful than Windows BSODs , riiight ..

( perhaps at least are more bombastic than BSODs ? The ones I saw weren't though ..)