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Philips 46PFL9706T 46in 3D smart TV

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Philips are a joke of a company, their customer service is shocking.

I bought a 47" Anbilight a few years ago, the set actually started smoking and i could see flames inside a fair bit of residue fell out of the bottom of the TV. Philllips were adamant that their TV's could not light due to a self extinguishing system within the TV itself. Philips came to my house to collect the TV so they could carry out some investigative work.

They left us without our main TV for the best part of 6 months without offering a replacement. The UK customer services was nothing but shocking and the manager responsible for the investigation was an ignorant moron at the best of times. They then gave us a second hand tv as a replacement, disgraceful

I would get more fun scooping my eyeballs out with a dessert spoon than considering buying shovelware from Philips ever again. A quick google search for broken Philips tv sets returns some shocking stories of which there are thousands.

Utter wan**rs