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Intel touts tardy Broadwell Core CPUs for laptops, PCs

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Re: WOT Not Quad Core CPU?

my thought too. Might be a nice CPU to stick in a NUC or a laptop, but i want a quad for my desktop

Amazon DROPS next day delivery amid Cyber Monday MADNESS

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Just to add, another user here who's paid for prime and getting 3 day lead time. Customer service are very polite but shit.

Its borderline fraudulent that they're still trying to plug next day though.

Ford's B-Max: Fiesta-based runaround that goes THUNK

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Review without a price

Whats the point?

HP EliteBook 840G1: Sometimes it's an Ultrabook, sometimes it's not

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Ready to upgrade. But i'll wait for now

I'm sitting with my Aspire One 725 netbook. Perfectly good for browsing, banking and watching 720p. But cramped screen and crappy AMD CPU means i'm on the lookout for a grunty 13-14". But £1350 for 3hrs battery and a a HDD? Wow. Mugs game. I'll sit back and wait for the inevitable heavy discounting.

Samsung and HTC face Android 3D graphics test chart removal SHAME

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yeah they proritise the known IP addresses for the speed test servers. virgin confirmed they do this to me

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Naughty Naughty, Very naughty

Got any Salmon?

Amazon, Facebook, Google give Cisco's switches the COLD shoulder

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Re: lost opportunities for Juniper

meh, we quoted up on a few hundred EX4200x, a hundred EX4500's and 25 8500's. They were within 15-20% on cisco and i was disappointed. hardware was cheaper, service contracts weren't much at all

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lost opportunities for Juniper

I never understood why Juniper or Brocade weren't more aggressive in their pricing strategies. We trialled some of Juniper's kit a few years ago, and found them to be cisco in a blue coat. I was prepared for the higher fail rates and clunkier hardware that i got, but was really surprised when i saw the numbers we were paying. We ended up going back to Cisco.

There's a real demand for some proper competiton in this arena, and yet the other players just don't seem to step up.

Google's Nexus 5: Best smartphone bang for your buck. There, we said it

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you can't cook your dinner on one now

Having owned the N4 and now the N5, I can now confirm the new model does not kick out enough BTU's to fry an egg on anymore.

Thats a good thing in my book :D

Locked-up crims write prison software that puts squeeze on grub supplier

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do they get paid?

would they be entitled to a slice of the pie? assuming it is their code, can they licence it out?

Google RIPS aside curtain, exposes Nexus 5 phone, KitKat Android 4.4 coupling

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Re: Have they actually FIXED the wireless?

i have a wireless AC router so i'm looking forward to trying to use a gig speed on my Nexus 5 :)

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Re: Nice

they said the same for me, but i got a dispatch note this morning that says it has shipped and will be 1-3 business days, so could be 4th - 6th

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any confirmation on sim size yet?

i've ordered mine this morning but the site doesn't seem to specify the size of the sim. has anyone had it confirmed yet?

Virgin Media only puts limited limits on its Unlimited service

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Re: Why the hell...

it *IS* the service provider's fault. they inspect the packets and aggressively throttle torrents.

I downloaded the newest ISO of mint last night, got 1.1MB / second unencrypted. I then renewed by VPN sub and tried again, the same torrent i got 6MB / second.

i'm on VM 60meg service. i find it reasonable but the tivo box is piss poor. they say it has its own 10meg line, but anything on demand buffers between about 4pm and midnight.

HGST pops out 1TB ultraportable travelstar drive

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Not sure i understand the point in this? they have a 1tb 2.5" drive already. a new thinner slower one, where does that sit?

Any hardware that is desperate for 7mm thickness i.e. ultrabook / tablet is surely looking for either solid state drive or at last a faster spin than 5400rpm?

bog standard laptops / thin clients et al would have space for the older faster product.

Google's leaky ship spills new Nexus 5 photos, $349 price tags all over web

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probably going to buy one day one regardless. My nexus 4 has been excellent, but as per previous posts, the glass rear is a bit of a liability.

We all know there wont be otg or SD storage, its been the same for a while now. For the price, i can't really argue. not gonna spend £200 more just for an SD slot and a bastardised andriod ui.

still, i do wish Google would front up over spec and price. I don't understand the need for the last minute secrecy. we know its made, we know its pending.

Five SECRET products Apple won't show today

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Re: Next

Crappily Appley?

Review: Pure Jongo S3 multiroom speakers

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I bought a pure radio for the inlaws last year, and the "optional" battery back is a bit naff, its completely proprietary, you can't just stick some duracall in there. I always thought that was a bit of a con.

Typical Data Centre Power Requirements

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I can tell you I manage 2 data centres totalling 14,000 sq foot. first is 8k sqf and has 950kw, (completely utilised) and the second is 6k sq foot and has around 900kw (80% utilised).

I guess your figured are there or thereabouts.

This doesn't include cooling which is powered separately and managed by the host.

So i'g guess your figures are reasoably there or thereabouts. Worth noting that in our larger smaller DC, we have loads of power and no usable space, and in our bigger DC we have loads of usable space and no power.

its worth bearing in mind that although some devices are becoming more power efficient, the majority of kit is only ever utilised at 10% tops. so if all the kit was running full throttle, temperature might become an issue.

Alos, bear in mind that old, inefficent kit is still a bugger to remove when the unix guys love its reliability (i/m looking at you, RS/6000)

Gaming's favourite platters get another stir of the pot

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you including the Blizzard side, of Activision?

Review: Intel Next Unit of Computing barebones desktop PC

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Re: Why is the Intel NUC passively cooled?

it isn't passively cooled

"Yet the NUC’s CPU is actively cooled: there’s a small fan unit venting out to the back of the box"

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Re: Yet the NUC’s CPU is actively cooled

*IS* actively cooled. it has a fan. If only you hadn't stopped it would confirm:

"Yet the NUC’s CPU is actively cooled: there’s a small fan unit venting out to the back of the box"

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Re: lovely, until the price

Maybe your work has the celeron barebones version which seems to retail for around £130 a pop?

quick google and look on the main retailers suggests the pricing is pretty similar around the £240-£250 mark

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lovely, until the price

Decent size, reasonable spec. But whoa, the price man. £225 barebones? thats a big premium for a reasonably small box.

I had a PI running XMBC and now an ebay acer revo thin client doing the same thing (£40). Who would want to spent £300+ on this solely to stream media to the telly?

Nive to see some lower wattage gear becoming a bit more mainstream, but wheres the niche? teach a kid to code x86 on this, or get them an old celeron off ebay for a 10th of the price? its not going to replace a laptop, and isn't powerful enough to be my main rig.

I'm sure this has a place, i'm just not sure where. Shame as i like the idea.

STEC - sorry sTec - opens direct and channel sales with name change

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gOing bUst sOon

iPads in education: Not actually evil, but pretty close

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Kensington Lock?

Just realised, would be mighty handy if the tablet of choice could have a kensington lock slot.

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got my figures wrong on option 2

the ebook is even more expensive, forgot to add the ebook licences

would be £273,000 over 10 years, or £27,300 p/a

£183,000 over 6 years, or £30,500 p/a

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IT Angle

Re: Completely right on all accounts

There seems to be a few arguments here for using tablets / ereaders at textbook replacements. Seems a worthy idea in principle. As I child, I would much prefer walking a nexus to 5 textbooks a day a but I would love to know the figures on books costs vs ebook costs. The publishers make a *mint* on selling text books, often upwards of £30 a pop. University books even more of a killing. The print cost is bugger all of the sale price. I can’t see why they would cannibalise their own margins to sell ebooks cheaply. Its a pretty closed market too, not like another publisher has a volume of GCSE/ SATs accredited levels of study material.

Secondly, textbooks last ages. I’m sure we all remember getting a naff 20th hand textbook and looking in the front cover to see what student it was previously lent to. I started secondary school in 1994. I distinctly remember being given a text book that was printed in 1983, the year I was born. So that book lasted at least 11 years. That wasn’t unusual. You find me any tablet that’ll last typical kids usage for more than 2 years. I can’t see it. I‘m not arguing that we should never update teaching materials, but I’m not yet convinced an ebook is the answer to integrating tech into schools.

***The below numbers are estimates. If you know better, feel free to correct. I’d love to see some proper maths***

Lets say a small secondary school has 5 year groups, 2 classes per Year group (30 per class). Thats a total of 60 students per year, and 300 students in all. Each student needs 8 textbooks per year for a variety of subjects.

Working to the assumption that a text book costs £30 and an e version costs £20. (go on amazon, even chart retail books are usually barely discounted)

Also assuming the school avoids a £300 iPad and buys a £150 budget jobbie

*Option 1*

School buys old style text book. Each book lasts a decade.

School buys £30 text book x 8 per student x 300 students = £72,000

Total cost of Paper text books is £72000. Lifespans of 10 years, Thats £7,200 per year.

Lets say the books only last 6 years, thats £12,000 per year

*Option 2*

School buys cheap 10” tablet per student and 1e licence per student per subject. The e licence is permanent and therefore is transferrable to subsequent students.

Licence cost is £20 licence x 8 per student x 300 students = £48,000

Hardware cost is £150 per tablet x 300 students = £45000. Hardware lasts 2 years (MAX) so over a decade will need to buy 5 times = £225,000

Total cost of electronic text books is £225,000 over 10 years. Thats £22,500 per year.

Lets say the project lasts 6 years, Thats still £48000 in licences. Lets just argue they get a tablet to last 3 years, albeit unlikely. Thats 2 purchases = £90,000. So a total of £138,000 for a cost of £23,000 p/a

I’ve not even mentioned the cost of charging the devices. I agree it is unlikely to be huge, but equally, it is unlikely to be negligible. 300 tablets twice a week at £0.10 a time is still £3000+ a year. I guess its just the parents who will foot that.

Again, to add, I am happy to be corrected. I currently work in tech and have previously at a publisher of educational books though. A reasonable knowledge of the print industry.

I love tech, and it makes sense to integrate the next generation. I can’t help but get the feeling tablet tech is brought into schools for the kudos rather than any defined savings or advantages. Hubris.

Reliant on Dell for PCs? Start looking around, says Gartner ball-gazer

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Re: So True...

I'm a reasonably large enterprise customer and mine is in Ireland.

Samsung's new Galaxy S 4: iPhone assassin or Android also-ran?

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Re: Another in the long lone of real iPhone killers.

i really don't wanna do the whole "my android is better than your iphone/BB/Winpho" but i can't help but agree with the above statement.

Bought a 16 gig nexus for for £279, comfortably cheaper than every similar device out there. the UI is excellent even for an android virgin. If price is a factor in your purchasing decision, you seriously need to give throught to the Nexus 4. The battery easily lasts a whole day of moderate use (whereas my i4S was dead by 4-5pm). It is light, has an excellent screen and and excellent range of apps. Managed to sell my i4S too which covered 90% of the purchase price.

Thoroughly recommended.

Review: Supermicro FatTwin

Prof Denzil Dexter

well given you never got to play with the dell kit, here's my view.

I’m not sure what the C6220s is about. It is definitely better than the C6100 it replaced. They were a bitch to configure (10+ mins to boot to drac config mode drac per node = hours when you have 6 chassis to rig up) The C6100s i found poor MTBF issues as well, multiple motherboard swapouts particularly.

These (well the predecessor C6100) were designed by Dell at the behest of a rich client who wanted custom gear. The point being to squeeze as many nodes into a defined space as possible. I’ve never seen that these do that. You can get 16 blades into an M1000e encolosure, or 10u of space. I rack 3 chassis in a single 42u rack leaving 12u for airflow and patch panels. Thats a total of 48 servers in a single rack Cooling is never ever an issue on these, they have plenty of on board fans and even at the top of the rack they dont surpass about 30 degrees. However, the C6220s run much hotter. I had 10 of these in a dev rack recently (i.e. for a total of 40 nodes) , and the heat they were kicking out at the back of the reack was obscene. Alarming all over the shop, and anything above halfway up the rack was particularly bad. The only way we could get these running consistently was to place the kit in the first rack by the ACU so it gets more air than most racks.

Bear in mind as well that the Blade chassis includes (in my case) 4 ethernet switches and 2 San switches. Adding the equivalent switching in the rack is at least another 6-8u. Oh, and forgot to add there’s no sfp or san ports on the C6220s so they’re out of the question too.

obviously i cant compare on the Fat kit, but for our use, the 4nodes in a 2u space just doesn’t seem to do the job unless you have loads of cooling but not loads of space.

Prof Denzil Dexter

how do these compare against say the Dell C6220 which i guess would be the Dell equivalent?

Congratulations, copyright infringers: You are the five per cent

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Re: Lies, Damn LIes etc

you, sir, shall have an upvote.

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Speed up UK release schedules and avoid the exclusive licences and i’m a rehabilitated freetarder

I’ve been known to dabble. I must say generally I buy the dvd when its on offer, rip it and never open it again. However, some stuff the release schedules are awful.

Game of Thrones as an example, probably the best show (in my eyes) to come out of the US in a few years. Season 3 is a few weeks away from transmission, but Season 2 is only just out this week on DVD in the UK. HBO don’t licence to Netflix or Lovefilm so there was no other way to watch it.

I’d happily just got a netflix style subscription if only there was a greater range. It feels to me like i need netflix and lovefilm just to get about half the market.

Google takes Chromebook upmarket with touchy-feely Pixel

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it does mention battery life...

"Google is claiming a battery life of five hours for the unit."

that's pretty clear.

I look forward to seeing the review. seems pricey but the screen res is lovely. i guess i'll hold judgement for now.

Top Firefox OS bloke flames Opera for WebKit surrender

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chrome is a dirty word word

Chrome is a dirty word word - but i like it.

i feel like Max Moseley at a Nazi Spankathon.



Ubuntu? Fedora? Mint? Debian? We'll find you the right Linux to swallow

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Re: The Truth

This is really an article aimed at the slightly geeky looking to expand their knowledge but not really learn anything deep about linux

Thats probably me up there. Moving from the "geek by work" to "geek by choice". Would like to learn more about Linux. would happily learn something deep about linux, but would need to know my way around the environment first.

Don't feel any further enlightened after this article., Shame. i got excited when i read the title.

Nexus 4 - any idea when they gonna get some stock?

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been out of stock again, but checked today and they're showing in stock and 1-2 week turnaround.

Placed my order before they disappear again!

Good news! UK IT jobs up. Bad news? They're with a bunch of bankers

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Beware Finance industry figures!

As a contractor at a big bank, I would take the figures with a pinch of salt. My bank's IT is almost all outsourced, bar the desk monkeys. Every few years the bank decides that it has become over reliant on the contractors, hires a few middle men to "refresh the contractor pool" and manage these contractors. Inevitably the productivity halves overnight and then they have to take on a good few of the contractors they just got rid of.

So your advert for a Bank IT job might not be sector growth, so much as replacing staff (forced) turnover

Raspberry Pi grows an eye

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Eye Spy with My Raspberry Pi

how good a deal is $25? i'll probably get one anyway, but when the pi itself is £25, is this steep? (i've no idea)

What happened to the link to the Hardware site?

Prof Denzil Dexter

What happened to the link to the Hardware site?

Anyone notice the hardware link has disappeared? Up in the top right there's a link to Whitepapers and the Channel, Hardware also used to be there.

Can i assume the separate hardware page is being phased out? Recent articles like


i would usually expect to see on the hardware page.

Microsoft Dell deal would restore PC makers' confidence

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Dear Ballmer

you can fanny around with home user channel all you want, but please stay the Fuck away from my poweredge.

Axed staffers hijack HMV Twitter account: 'We're tweeting LIVE from HR'

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Have a sibling working at HMV, poor chap. Jokes aside, the threat of redundancy is horrid. Best of luck to anyone out jobhunting.

I do think there is a place for a Retail CD / DVD on the High street. I just think they need to review their range. Drop the T-Shirts / Posters / Crap bog Books. Increase the back catalogue range.

Any planned purchases I do are online. I think if HMV offer the same Online range and pricing as Amazon et al, i'd happily shop there. (clearly, the in store range won't be as big, but definitely has room for improvement). In store purchases tend to be a lot more impulsive. I'll wander in for a mooch, then remember they only sell Beats Audio 'phones and Tulisa Contoshaglots albums. Then i'll wander back out.

Chinese web company faked Microsoft patch to force download

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Stop Press!

Dodgy Chinese company acts just like a dodgy Chinese company.

Microsoft: Old Internet Explorer is terrible and 'we want to help'

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Re: Internet Exploder....

Porn on the internet? First I'd heard of it...

Netbooks were a GOOD thing and we threw them under a bus

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Re: Acer W510

Just googled, you're talking about £500+ for one of those. I'm sure it is very nice indeed, but £500 buys a lot of laptop.

Half the allure of a netbook is they were usually decent value for money in an industry that often isn't.

Prof Denzil Dexter

Come back Netbook

Couldn’t agree more with most of this.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a resurgence in Netbooks a few years down the line. Tablets are all well and good, they definitely have their place, but for so many applications, a keyboard and a few more ports is so mightily handy. Maybe a few years of people trying to do their accounts or proper photo editing on a tablet will remind them how handy a keyboard and trackpad can be. And I don’t need to worry about free disk space etc.

Just gotta hope my Acer Aspire does me until then.

Review: Intel 335 240GB SSD

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Re: no rating?

We all know ratings are relative.

We all accept if a C64 was given 95% in 1983 then the rating isn’t true today.

We all know that nothing scores below 60%

We all know that Apple always gets the Apple 15% bonus (cue fanbois...)

I just think the rating is a reasonable indicator of the reviewer’s experience of the product. At least class it into something more subjective like BUY/Recommended/Avoid.

Its also a good talking point on the forums as to whether the score is merited etc.

My own preference would be for Reg to use the full range of ratings though. If a product isn’t fit for purpose it should be scoring considerably less than 60%, and manufacturers are still pumping out pointless shite – hence the plethora of 1366*768 kit being churned out.

Prof Denzil Dexter

Re: no rating?

Appreciate that you've taken the time to read and respond.

On a personal note i must say that i strongly disagree with the decision though.

Prof Denzil Dexter

no rating?

Nice to see some actual hardware reviews again on the Hardware site. However, why the continuing trend for dropping The rating on the product. Its the go-to figure to see if you approve or not.

Is this for editorial reasons, or just to keep the manufacturers sweet? Or just to encourage us to click the amazon link even on crapware?