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Wireless charging on the Galaxy S4: Samsung goes VHS not Betamax

Simon Aspland

Re: Hedging

They are using an existing 'standard' for wireless charging, which means that other devices will be able to use the same charger when they also implement wireless charging (assuming it becomes popular).

Except for Apple devices, as they have already said they are going to use their own, incompatible system.

You'll be on a list 3 hrs after you start downloading from pirates - study

Simon Aspland
Black Helicopters

Re: You're missing the point slightly

And a lot of game update engines use bittorrent under the hood to download their patches (World of Warcraft is one).

The bittorrent protocol itself is a very good way to distribute large popular files quickly, safely and without using too much of your own bandwidth.

It's not very good at hiding who is downloading a file, and this makes it no good for piracy.

But it's use for piracy has made the name 'torrent' synonymous with pirate, so the legitimate users have to hide the use of the protocol so they don't get associated with piracy.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Simon Aspland

Re: Exploits already in use

I was hoping they would been dealing with exploits in this games as it's 'new'

It's not fun playing on a CS:S server with a player who keeps getting multiple headshots and tracks other players through walls (watching them as a spectator), then claim they are just better players when you call them on it.

Disable Gadgets NOW says Redmond

Simon Aspland

Re: Kill off the crap

It's not about converging platforms, it's about selling Windows Phone and Surface devices.

By getting users 'used' to Metro on their desktop PC, the Phone/Tablet with the Metro interface becomes the natural choice for them to choose when they buy one.

This all falls down of course when the users hate Metro on their desktop so much that they refuse to by a phone with it... that's my hope at least :)

Can neighbours grab your sensitive package, asks Post Office

Simon Aspland

Re: Ugh...

One problem with that...

If you "Click and collect" with Tesco direct, at my local 24hr Tesco you have to collect by 6pm, as they then close the desk that handles collections.

Got there at 5:50pm one day, and they'd already closed and vacated that area of the store.

Simon Aspland

Re: You think that's accidental?

Well, thanks to El-Reg, they've got one more "No this is not acceptable" response.

.... Anyone know where the key for this filing cabinet is? ... "The Leopard ate it!!??"

Simon Aspland

From the PDF...

"Ofcom strongly prefers to receive responses using the online web form at


I take it they don't want any responses then, as they've spelled stakeholders wrong in the URL.

Door creaks and girl farts: computing in the real world

Simon Aspland

Re: CD-R/DVD-R Still have a place...

So you'd be happy for someone to come into your office, attach a USB stick to your PC and copy files onto your desktop when you're not there?

It's not a very 'polite' thing to do, and opens her up for 'what did you do to my PC?' questions etc...

Simon Aspland

CD-R/DVD-R Still have a place...

Until the price of USB sticks come down to 'throw away' levels, there is still a place for CD-R/DVD-Rs.

In the example described, the girl with the CD full of files, yes she could have brought them on a USB stick, but if she needed to leave the files there with a post it note 'cause the bloke who wanted them wasn't in the office, would she rather leave a £5-£20 memory stick? or a 15p CD?

Samsung S3 finally catches up with the Palm Pre - if modified

Simon Aspland

Re: wireless misnomer

The difference is, Instead of come home, find end of USB cable, try plugging it into phone, turn the usb connector around and try again (why do USB connectors not have an easy to see orientation? just a slight variation in the shape), you just come home and put phone on the stand/mat. No fiddling around with the USB cable.

It's not a big difference, but it's enough to make it a desirable feature.


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