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Drinking games: Tapper 1983, this Bud's for you...


Tapper is a great game. I have the arcade machine in my garage. It's been sitting there in the dark for the last 10 years. When I got it it would work without sound, coming up with an "Interface Sound Board error" when it booted. Then the monitor died and that's where it has sat ever since!

Running the Gauntlet: Atari's classic ... now and then


I have owned 5 Gauntlet arcade cabinets over the years. I had a Gauntlet and Gauntlet II which I had kept over the years but I finally sold them a friend a couple of years ago. Really want them back right now after reading this :(

Nokia Lumia 1020: It's an imaging BEAST... and it makes calls too


Uploading to Skydrive is optional guys

and you can choose the resolution you want to upload, and whether to wait till the phone connects to wifi first before uploading to save on your data plans.


Re: :-)

It's optional - you can turn it off. You can also tell it to be lossless, and say whether you want it to go over 3G/4G (your data network) or wait till it finds wifi before uploading.

Microsoft shoehorns Skype into Outlook.com - we quickly kick the tyres


Re: "one has to wonder"

There are many Lync certified SIP trunk providers, and Lync can do external calling to the PSTN. It can also call Skype users if you enable Skype Federation.

Where are you getting your information from?

How to build a perfect private cloud with Windows Server 2012

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Re: Windows is the wrong tool for the job

That isn't true,

Windows isn't for small businesses. Love it or hate it there are multi-site Active Directorys with hundreds of servers and tens of thousands of users all with Exchange mailboxes, and infrastructure with SQL and other MS stack dependancies.

That isn't small business, and saying such shows you have a very narrow grasp of multi flavour IT.


Re: Windows is the wrong tool for the job

A professional solution architect will look at what the business can support and indeed already use before going off on the journey you just did. Jesus.

85% of Windows 8 users wield the desktop on day one


Re: Learning it's ways without frustration...

the gestures worked fine for me and apart from the initial 'wtf' are really intuitive.

Nokia Lumia 820 WinPho 8 review


I've heard WP7.8 is out tomorrow

It's a rumour but i've heard it from an MS employee today.

BlackBerry 10: AWESOME. If the hardware matches it, RIM jobs are safe


Windows Phones can flag messages?

I'm running 7.5 - I can flag a message? wtf?

Xbox SmartGlass hits Android ahead of schedule


The article is kind of wrong. The app has been released for Windows Phone 7 too - it's not a WP8 exclusive, it's already out for existing WP7 users.

Pre-ordered a Microsoft Surface? So SORRY it's late, have a voucher


Mine arrived at lunch

I have no shipping confirmation, it just turned up at lunch today. It was supposed to be here on the Friday.

Still I have a £50 voucher to use which is valid until October 2013 and it only arrived one working day late. I can live with that and so far i'm thoroughly impressed with it!!

*off to play Angry Birds*

Microsoft Surface priced up for Blighty


Pre-ordered mine last night - got 7.57% cashback using TopCashBack too!

Can't wait! Roll on the end of the month!

Microsoft installs new Win8 evangelism boss – weeks before launch


I've been using the RTM code for 3 weeks now. I love it. I had complaints about the preview release as I thought the Metro interface was half baked. However it has been improved.

So far I am really loving Windows 8.

Microsoft takes on tablets with keyboard-equipped Surface

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Re: "Microsoft has worked hard to up the hype this launch"

Not going to mention all that's been said so far to the benefits of the device, but..

I'm pretty sure the PRO version will also support Hyper-V 3.0 meaning any number of other OS's (not Apple) can be run like Ubuntu, Redhat etc, as well as Windows XP,7 and Server versions.

If the PRO is the full Windows 8 version that is promised, this also means you will be able to do live over the air wireless migrations of the vm's from your home lab to your Microsoft Surface.

I mean that's gotta be cool huh?

Nokia's Great Software Cleansing scrubs off everything since the '90s


My God this is like reading the comments from some teenage xbox versus ps3 pointless argument.

Why is it when it comes to technology everyone is suddenly an Apple / Google / Microsoft Internet warrior? Why do people cry foul for Symbian when it's been fucking shit for at least 4 years. I know I had phones running on it. Loved it at first - then started to get a little dissapointed with it when I was on my 4th new contract and phone and the shit looked the same.

It appears there are far to many internet armchair CEO wannabes that think they know better than some of the Corporate masterminds that run these evil corps - yes, Google, Apple and Microsoft. In fact out of those 3 i'd say in the last 2-3 years Microsoft is actually the one that appears less evil than the other two. Microsoft actually donates more money to charity and good causes than Google and Apple combined.

If you want to change the world and believe your comments on here are gospel get out of your IT job and become someone that can make a difference? Just remember that there's people out there that may have a different opinion than you and may just like another tablet/phone/OS than the one you salivate over.

Why we act like this over fucking phone/tablet tech yet don't over cars, tv sets sets, boats, CPU and GPU tech I have absolutely no fucking idea.

Grow the fuck up.


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