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Drinking to forget? OK. But first, eat a curry... QUICK!

Paris Hilton

What causes the runs?

One or two people have commented that they find curry gives them the runs. I've not found that myself, but it seems to be common.

Given that some of the other conditions people are finding curcurmin useful for treating are inflammatory bowel disorders like IBS, IBD and so on, it can't be the turmeric that is causing the diarrhoea.

So what is it?

Facebook privacy policy change leaves Dutch stomping feet


Re: nothing to do with the UN. or the EU.

Could you? Or do you actually mean you *couldn't* give a frig?

Human DNA 'will be found on moon' – Brian Cox


Re: Rockstar boffin Brian Cox?

He spent a LOT more time as a member of Dare though, and they were indeed a rock band. And very good too. People are way too obsessed with D:Ream.

Can we loose the annoying "auto expanding" ads?


Hear Hear

Yes, I agree. I don't mind most adverts, some are even useful, but these new auto expanding ones are a complete pain. Surely an annoying advert is more likely to put people off buying whatever it is advertising, rather than make you want the thing?

Currant Bun erects £2 paywall: Wraps digi-paper around free footie



Why do so many people (mainly in the media admittedly) think that "sport" is a synonym for "football"?

Satanic Renault takes hapless French bloke on 200km/h joyride

Thumb Down

Re: Assume it was an auto box.

Actually, you are quite wrong here - I had a friend who was quadraplegic and drove an adapted car very successfully. I know quite a few people with severe cerebral palsy who also drive (there is no such thing as "acute" cerebral palsy).

My own vehicle has a fairly standard "paraplegic" set up, but I have seen a lot of different modifications over the years on a lot of quite unusual vehicles. People with a very wide variety of disabilities can drive, nobody should make assumptions about what is possible without knowing the individual case in detail (which here we definitely do not.)

Lancashire man JAILED over April Jones Facebook posts


This is not any sort of "State" - we don't have the same laws in the UK as the US. It amazes me that some people think everywhere in the world is the same as where they happen to live.

BYOD cheers up staff, boosts productivity - and IT bosses hate it


Re: Another Reg article banging on about BYOD

In my experience there is nothing you can do - you just have to try to explain the potential problems and then go ahead and do as you are asked. I suppose in the end it is the high-up people who will have to take the flack when/if data goes missing, so perhaps they feel it's worth the risk.

Hurry up, EU: CERN boffins need clouds to hunt Higgs boson


Re: There must be


They do!


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