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Netflix to crack down on account sharing, offer ad-laden cheaper options


Not so sure. In the UK right now 70% of the ads are directed at 3% of the population.

CityFibre scores extra £1bn+ of funding to plumb in up to 8 million British homes by 2025



Vodafone promised Gigafast (City Fibre) for our area in 2019

They dug up the main street some time ago and that was that.

Vodafone tell us to contact City fibre, they tell us to contact Vodafone.


Even if it does happen I can't be arsed giving them the business to be honest.

Apple is about to start scanning iPhone users' devices for banned content, professor warns


Re: re: this seems like a sensible middle ground.

Oh shit, Sturgeon's stazi will be knocing on my door soon then.

On eve of national industrial ballot, BT, EE, Openreach agree to temporarily suspend compulsory redundancies



Maybe theiryearly compulsory 3.9% plus CPI increase will pay to keep the staff on?

Microsoft's Surface Laptop 4 now includes AMD options for biz customers, boasts up to 19 hours of battery life


19 hours battery life

My Lenovo Yoga C940 has a big advert on the front page of the website advertising 18 hours battery life .....

At best it gets 3-1/2 .... and it even runs down with the laptop completely switched off so if you've not used it in a week you have to charge it again.

Large pinch of salt and all that.

Oh, and no thunderbolt 3. Really ...

Communication Workers Union to hold national ballot for members at BT, Openreach and EE over strike action



Are a horrible horrible company. Poor customer service and constant price increases. My mate works at EE and has been treated very unfairly lately.

For example in April, if you have a new EE contract the increase will be RPI plus 3.9%. How the hell is this justified?

I stipped using BT a few years ago and would never ever go back (although I guess my broadband provider is still using their infrastructure unfortunatey)

Samsung rolls out new Galaxy S21 range, including extra-lux Ultra


Re: Yet again ....

But it has the Exynos 990 which is absolutely terrible for battery life. Probably around a third less than the Note 10 plus. Another Samsung own goal.


Yet again ....

No SD card support. It's one thing that keeps people coming back to Samsung.

They tried this before and got a shitload of negative feedback so why go down the same route again ...... Oh because apple get away with ripping people off on fixed storage and Samsung want another stab at it.

Oh and no charger either.

No chance.

Sent from my Nokia N91

UK on track to miss even its slashed full-fibre gigabit coverage goals, warn MPs



We were promised City Fibre Gigafast late last year, and a year on..... nothing.

They dug up the main road about 6 months ago but have done nothing since.

Vodafone can't give an answer, City Fibre can't give an answer and the spotty 16 year old clowns in the Gigafast tent in town are equally clueless.

The Nord N10 is OnePlus's cheapest 5G handset and, boy, does it show


Oh dear

They're turning in to Samsung. A new phone literally every other week. Quantity over quality. Bad move.

Apple opens pre-orders of iPhone 12 Mini and Pro Max models, the cheapest and most expensive in the lineup


I am buying three iPhone Pro Maxes

Me too, the Pro max version, 512gb. Shame there's not a 2tb version for a grand more.

I mean everyone has well over a thousand pounds to throw on something they know costs around $400 to make.

Need to tell all my friends so they can order them too.

Oh! What a lovely lockdown: Lenovo enjoys soaraway sales for Q3 2020 as PC shipments jump – Dell, not so much


Really .....

I've had nothing but problems with Lenovo. Terrible customer support, even worse on-site service and machines that are super buggy but never ever fixed.

I'm sure others will be happy but I would never buy from them ever again.

Samsung slows smartphone upgrade treadmill with promise to support three Android generations on Galaxies



It looks like Huawei are having any form of update pulled because of Trump and his idiotic US centric policies.

The industry is a mess.

Downwardly mobile? Well, things aren't looking up for Dixons Carphone's phone biz


DSG are their own worst enemy

Ordered a PC through their eBay page. 48 hour courier supposedly. Took 5 days to despatch and during that time it was impossible to contact them. They really shouldn't be in business.

75 million smartphone sales up in smoke in Q1: Let's drill down into which brands took the most pain


Not a surprise

The Galaxy S was £400. All Samsung have done is shove £50 to £100 on each year for no real reason. The price has gone up far more than inflation.

Apple might get away with it but others won't. Samsung have taken many wrong turns against what their customers wanted and its catching up with them.

O2 be a fly on the wall during BT and Vodafone's video calls: Telefónica's UK biz, Virgin Media officially merge


Ha ha

Two shit companies get together to create an even more shit one.

Virgin lying about speeds, terrible customer service. O2 with a network that's way behind anyone else and expensive too.

As much as I'm not Vodafone's biggest fan the network is very good, especially for data and the issues we've had with broadband (caused by BT cutting through a cable) we're dealt with reasonably well.

Samsung's Q1 forecast defies coronavirus downward trends but it's unlikely to continue



It's too expensive.

Why have three models when one at a reasonable price would do.

Apart from that the Ultra is huge and not getting that good reviews.

Why they have to keep adding £50 to £100 each year is beyond me, but greed will get them in the end.

Same with their tellies, 65" model starts off at around £3500 and within 6 months it can be had for less than 2 grand.

Expect a fire sale soon folks!

OPPO Find X2: Top-tier cam and 5G, so who needs a fold?


Re: cameras that are among the best available on a smartphone

P30 Pro. It's absolutely brilliant.

Now that's what I call a sticky situation: Repairability fiends open up Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, find the remains of Shergar


It matters not one jot

To me anyway.

£1200 for a phone is insane, and especially for one that has camera bugs and a fast draining battery when used as advertised.

P30 Pro is far cheaper and probably has a better camera overall if photography is your thing. The battery life on it is amazing.

Brits may still be struck by Lightning, but EU lawmakers vote for bloc-wide common charging rules


Yet the same Apple

Discontinued the 30 pin connector at their own will making car interfaces, docking speakers and everything else obsolete at the drop of a hat. They also before that changed the charging pin locations so that made older devices still using the same connector obsolete as well.

Pot kettle black?

Samsung taking its sweet time delivering Galaxy watches from phone bundle bungle


Still not as bad

As the Vodafone broadband tech gift promotion. That was beyond awful.

Vodafone takes €1.9bn punch to wallet thanks to India's decision on airwave licence fees


Re: "an onerous tax regime"

I lost it with Vodafone when their broadband "technical" support asked if I had a fish pot next to my router.

Despite all the promises they are as bad as ever and charge too much for the privilege.

I really have no idea where all the revenue goes....

Vodafone UK links arms with Openreach to build out its full-fibre network


Re: Hmmm

We're in a solid granite house with 2 foot thick walls. Nothing at all gets through that!



We were supposed to be getting Cityfibre this year but it's not looking good. I asked Vodafone about it and they had no info about a go live date (quelle surprise). Given the streets aren't getting dug up I think this year is looking slim.

We are currently on Vodafone fibre through BT. At 3am we get 75mbps and at peak times (like yesterday evening) it's down to around 4mbps and totally unusable.

I really despair with the state of UK broadband. Plenty talk from all sides but little action.

Microsoft has made a Surface slab that mere mortals can dismantle


Oh dear

Just read a few reviews and it seems to be rubbish basically.

Why couldn't they have dedicated the time to the Surface Pro instead and gave it smaller bezels and a couple of more ports. At least it sells in decent numbers and badly needs a refresh.

Who makes the decision to make these products and why does nobody actually test them before release?

Helen Fospero makes yet another Brit telly presenter to win IR35 case against taxman


This is going to hurt Britain

I work in the oil industry, currently on a 6 month project which is running a bit behind .... but it is a one off project and not a staff position.

The oil industry in Aberdeen has hundreds of Limited Co people working in it ... and many of them have been with the same company in the same role for years. I agree these people should not be using PSCs as they are staff by another name.

I had a chat with HR yesterday, and it seems that after 1st April they will not be taking on any Ltd Co contractors whether short term or not.

How do they complete short term specialist projects with the staff they have, what happens to the 50% of people working there that have done for years after 1st April and how will that affect business?

Answers on a postcard

No one would be so scummy as to scam a charity, right? UK orgs find out the hard way


Charities are a fraud

Many "employees" paid over 100k a year, training courses in 5 star hotels, first class travel, etc.

Haven't donated in years. Just corporate businesses that don't pay tax and expect any work done for them to be discounted or free whilst the money gets scammed off at the top.

Microsoft has made an Android phone. Repeat, Microsoft has made an Android phone. A dual-screen foldable mobe not due until late 2020


Acer 6120 iconia

All over again. Sigh.

In the bag: Serco 'delighted' to grab £450m ferry and freight deal between Scotland and Northern Isles


Is this...

The same Serco who are making a complete balls up of the Scottish sleeper service?

Outsourcing to these vultures just doesn't work for the public, but it does for shareholders and officials who get brown envelopes....

Top 5 greatest anime crossovers: Samsung deploys Microsoft at Note 10 hootenanny


Just like Apple

Higher prices >£50 every year

Removing things

No innovation

I have the Huawei P30 Pro (replacement for the Note 8). The battery life is stellar, build quality is great and the 5x optical zoom is immense. Granted it doesn't have a headphone jack but either a HTC or Hidisz USB C DAC dongle makes it sound amazing with wired cans.

I also don't understand why the smaller Note 10 has no SD support but only 256gb fixed storage, where the larger one already has 512gb and SD support on top ??????

I really expected Samsung to compete with Huawei on the camera front but yet again it's the same old stuff rolled out with tiny improvements for the 3rd year now.

Sorry Samsung, you're falling behind and taking the piss now.

Not-so-paltry towers: Vodafone gears up to flog off massive masts business


Oh dear

Selling the family silver (aka asset stripping) is never good in the long term. Temporary fix for being in the shit due to bad management decisions in the past.

But hey, what do we know......

If at first you don't succeed, Fold? Nope. Samsung redesigns bendy screen for fresh launch in September


Re: Another solution...

Did anyone really want curved TVs?

Another Samsung failure they tried to ram down our throats.

A bunch of also-RAN: Vodafone and O2 cosy up to share '5G-active' gear


It's a strange world

When serious competitors get together. Like Virgin and Stagecoach sharing rail franchises.

Shows there is no "real" competition as such when companies get together like this.

Just big business colluding to cut costs, increase profit and keep the monopoly going.

Brit consumers still holding off on buying new PCs until that Brexit thing is over and done with



Nothing currently meets my specifications.

I have a 5 year old Yoga 2 Pro as my main DJ machine and it's brilliant. i7 is quick, screen is bright and parts can be replaced in it very easily.

New machines are just not as good. Terrible dull screens (to advertise better battery life) glued in components and less ports (no HDMI specifically as I'm a video DJ)

I have money sitting but it seems nobody wants it. The Surface seems good until you realise it is expensive (plus pen plus keyboard), it's glued together, only has a one year warranty and virtually no ports.

Its not Brexit, its lack of innovation and not giving the customer what they want.

As HMRC's quarterly deadline for online VAT filing looms, biz dogged by 'technical difficulties'


Could see this coming

I asked for a lower contract rate in my current assignment to keep me under the 85k threshold. This has all the makings of yet another Government It fuck up and I really couldn't be done with all the hassle of registering for Vat.

Japan on track to start testing Alfa-X, fastest train in the world with top speed of 400kph


Re: Well....

It was the APT

Absolutely pathetic tilting ..... apparently

Lots of money down the shitter. Obviously the people pioneering HS2 have very short memories



Re: Well....

The SNP will run out of money soon.... mind you they now have control over income tax so maybe not.

Modern day Robin Hood on the way.



Scotrail are in the process of giving us "brand new" upgraded HSTs from the mid 70s. Refurbishment is years behind because they're all rotten with rust from serving on coastal routes for many years.

Even when fully in place they'll only be able to go max 75mph on our line because the tracks are shit.

3rd world Britain strikes again

This move by Dropbox will reduce users' files to tiers: Rarely, regularly accessed data now kept separate


They probably

have a shitload more space because of all the people who have left in the past month.

Another company with a suicidal policy change.

Apple, Samsung feel the pain as smartphone market slumps to lowest shipments in 5 YEARS


Re: Xiaomi is missing a bet, I think

128gb max in Europe with no expansion of storage. Meh.

Now here's a Galaxy far, far away: Samsung stalls Fold rollout after fold-able screens break in hands of reviewers


Re: Who Wants It In The First Place?

To people in the middle east who like to show off it's about the same price as a packet of sweets.

Surprising absolutely no one at all, Samsung's folding-screen phones knackered within days


Re: Pretty well Inevitable for an Alpha Version

I'm no engineering genius but even I could see it wasn't going to last.

Another product made for absolutely no reason.

Remember those ads about Samsung quality control after the Note 7 debacle. Pfffftt.

Surely they must have tested these with real people before releasing to the journalists?

Loose Women woman's IR35 win deals another high-profile blow to UK taxman's grip on rules



In this country is fucked.

If private companies can do so well and run like clockwork, what does that tell us about our civil service and the people in charge of government?

A total joke.

IT meltdown outfit TSB to refund all customers that fall victim to fraud in 'UK banking first'


Or in other words

We've lost shit loads of customers and we're frantically trying to come up with ideas about how to get some back.

Make America buy phones again! Smartphone doom 'n' gloom crosses Atlantic to cast shadow stateside



Galaxy S was £400 when it came out. As the article says manufacturers have got greedy and copied Apple.

Simple as that.

Brit broadband giants slammed as folk whinge about crap connections, underwhelming speeds



When Bangalore Telecom charge something like £6 per month to keep your old email address after leaving.

Just get a gmail address and it blocks all the spam too unlike some of the ISP ones.

We currently get 70mbps plus during quiet times with Vodafone, and City fibre will be with us soon laying cables for Gigabit which is also cheaper than what we have just now.

Happy days :)

Apple's revamped iPad beams a workhorse in from Planet Ludicrous


Re: Pencil

And if you don't use the pencil it drains power because you can't turn it off.

Next time you go to use it the thing is dead.

Someone at Product design should get a boot in the balls for that.

Carphone Warehouse thwacked by UK Advertising watchdog for a Cyber Monday wobble


This is intentional

We had EXACTLY the same issue with a discounted Galaxy S7 Edge a couple of years ago. System showed it as in stock, placed the order then heard nothing.

After repeated emails and calls they admitted the system couldn't handle all the orders and would we like something else?

Took 10 days to get a refund.

Now the cynic in me adds up all the interest from the orders placed but not fulfilled and that's a lot of money. Not to mention all the premium rate calls on their "special" number for customer service.

If it was a genuine system fault it should be well fixed by now.


Apple bestows first hardware upgrades in years upon neglected iPad Mini and Air lines


Re: Issues

And compatibility.

I subscribe to a legal music video download service which provides videos in mp4 format. They play on multiple PCs with various software, phones, tablets, in fact everything except ..... the ipad.

Itunes won't even transfer the files at all.

Their genius says I have to install a 3rd party player then transfer the files within that to get them to play.

Ermmmmm No. £409 refund please.

I guess Apple don't want people playing movies that haven't been bought from their store in their specific codec then.

Blighty's most trusted brand? Yeah, you wish, judge tells Post Office in Horizon IT system ruling


This is a disgrace

No wonder there was a rush to sell the business off because this scandal was always going to come back and bite them in the arse at some point.

Over 500 people who went trough stress, convictions, loss of business and in some cases homes because of this.

I hope they sue for everything.

Another classic case of business calls all the shorts and doesn't listen.