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NASA's free research trove may have broken arms trafficking rules


Re: NASA: past its sell-by date

A modern copy of Rocket Propulsion Elements has all of that. The problem isn't that its illegal to print, its that doorstops are what consumers buy.

Sony sued for dropping Linux from PS3


@re: the suit has no legs

Courts have held, repeatedly, that EULAs aren't valid.

Other courts have held the opposite of course.

Apple to acquire music streamer Lala?

Jobs Horns


I'll need a new music store soon I suppose, since I'll be getting a please install itunes page instead of a functioning website.

Apple voids warranties over cigarette smoke, users say



not honoring the warranty because they ruined the computer with smoke is one thing, but biohazard?

Animal lovers say no to radioactive NASA monkeys



These are cage raised animals, not wild ones. Why on earth would you go all the way to South America and 'kidnap' monkeys instead of getting them from a breeder?

Punked US Chamber sues faux press release pranksters


The takedown was wrong regardless of Yes Men's actions.

Even if the fake falls under trade dress or some sort of defamation tort (which it might), its still a violation of the DMCA to use a DMCA takedown notice for a purpose not related to copyright.

Gay man offered lesbian neighbours slug pellet curry



Its relevant that the women were lesbians because this would be considered from a hate crime angle normally, its relevant that the man was gay because it reduces the chance that it was a hate crime.

Packing heat gets you shot, say profs



Try the FBI statistics. They tend to lack details like these, but there's much less spin.

DoJ urges court to reject (unedited) Googlebooks pact


This does not give Google any copyrights.

Anybody can take any book Google puts up and reprint it in any way they want without fear of action by Google.

As for people who don't want Google reprinting their stuff, fine, come forward, Google will *pay* you to tell them to stop using your stuff under this deal. Probably a lot more money than anything considered an orphaned work is worth too.

EchoStar ordered to pay TiVo (another) $200m


It's about time.

Hopefully Dish will have to shut its DVRs down this time, and explain why.

Nothing will get the American people moving at this point except stealing their TVs.

Snow Leopard arrives with meow, not a roar


vista BSOD

Vista likes to hide its BSODs, but they happen. Watch for random shutdowns, or going to a black screen and locking up. Thats usually a BSOD, and Vista is hiding it to make itself look better (you can usually find the code in the event log to confirm if its an actual BSOD or not).

Getting as many as the kid describes though... He probably didn't install any updated drivers. Or his hardware is just crappy quality.

Google Book Search - Is it The Last Library?



Those copyright owners who haven't come forward will be free to do so under the settlement. Google has agreed to establish a registry for them to file claims with. Not only that, Google has agreed to *pay* them for each work they claim.

There might be a number of things in there that don't represent real orphaned works, but under the terms of the settlement, that won't last.

Mechwarrior maker claims Microsoft 'destroyed' studio's culture



The mechwarrior games, post MS buyout, were some of the best in the franchise. I wouldn't be bragging about the culture that developed the crappy nearly unplayable interface of mechwarrior 2.

Internet junkie detox center claims US first



"Symptoms include... carpal tunnel syndrome."

If you use a computer you're addicted to the net, even if that computer has no internet.

"The American Psychiatric Association currently does not recognize internet addiction as an actual disorder"

And I don't recognize the APA as being able to tell the difference between their head and the stick up their ass.

"addicted to browsing the internet, gaming, or even text messaging."

These people can't tell the difference between an Internet and gaming dependency. Which means they didn't even read the research in question.

"discovery quest," "life quest," vocational skills, "reflection group," a "mindfulness" session

These will not help with dependency. These will make the patient hate your guts, and resist any future attempts at treatment.

"12 step program"

Not useful without weekly treatment, this is pretty much begging for a relapse in a treat and release setting like this one.

Google turns up nose at ebook monopoly claims


Starting a new project.

There is no need to start your own project to scan books, just swipe all of Google's hard work (they have no copyright themselves). Google has actually *lowered* the cost of entry to its competitors.

And while competition is certainly better, are you people seriously so paranoid about Google that you'd rather not have the service exist at all?

Want Gmail? Best have your mobile handy



I'm usually the first to defend Google, but this is out of line.

Hackintosher aims 'blazin' guns' at Apple


@In a word "support"

Few companies support the OS beyond 'here's a re-imaging tool' and you certainley don't get free support from MS anymore.

If it bugs you then pay more for the support.

Feds suffer from 'serious' IT security talent shortage



There are 50 million people out of work in this country. How hard can it be?

Oh wait, spending money on training is unacceptable, right.

Barnes & Noble chases Amazon with ebook second coming


@J 3

Since Amazon doesn't allow non Amazon DRM to run on the kindle 2, that would be the implication (and necessity) of selling to Amazon customers.

EU calls hearing over Google 'orphan' treatment


Scanning books

Nothing keeps anyone from taking google's scans and republishing them, so Google actually lowers the barrier to entry.

Not only that, but Google has done the work of finding out which books people claim copyright over *for* you.

Microsoft promises no patent prosecution of open-source .NET


uh huh

Can I get a legally binding document on that?

Tory plan for MS, Google, others to hold NHS records floated


This would be a horrible horrible idea...

except the alternative is letting the British government handle it.

Gamer embezzles virtual cash to settle real debts


@Richard Drysdall

Its not run by the admins, its run by the players.

@Laissez-faire or double standards?

If you flood the ingame time card market the price of time cards will drop dramatically, preventing it from being leveraged as heavily as you describe.

Boston dorm computer raid ruled illegal


@Not only sue

The cops in question were following a Judge's order.

The judge apparently being too stupid to realize that libel/slander (the only thing there was any probable cause for) doesn't warrant a criminal investigation.

Amazon joins with TuneCore for on-demand CD pressing


So does this mean...

So does this mean that independent artists can expect to be cut off soon if they don't use Amazon's service the way author's were when Amazon got a Print on Demand setup?

One third of workers open to bribes for data theft


The other 2/3rds are lying.

Also, Amanfrommars is getting way to coherent.

Olympic champ's mom sues Google for dead blogger's post


@The Internet does not belong to the USA

This is a US citizen suing a US company over a post made by another US citizen. In what way is this not a US matter?

I have to agree with both sides here, if the post is defamatory, the plaintiff has no choice but to go after Google in the absence of the blogger.

Google shouldn't be taking things down without a court order either though.

Google digital book 'monopoly' feels heat



While I agree the orphaned works protection Google is getting should apply to everyone, how the hell is that Google's problem? Or in the scope of this case?

Microsoft cries netbook victory against Linux


Up 400%

Linux gained 400% of its previous marketshare... And MS had to cut profits, reducing their warchest in the future. This is victory, just not a big one.

Asus unfolds dual-screen laptop/e-book reader


Asus is starting to piss me off

They need to stop showcasing things I'm not allowed to buy yet.

Microsoft sues GPS maker TomTom

Thumb Up

@Gene Cash

Linux definitely infringes according to this filing. The FAT file-system pieces MS is claiming violates its patents are in the Linux software tom tom uses.

On top of that, this looks to have been launched by a new VP. We'll see how well the OIN thing works I guess. TomTom losing would be very bad for Linux though.

Judge strips MS 'Vista Capable' lawsuit of class action status


Mixed feelings

I'm disappointed that Microsoft won't have to bankrupt itself paying people off for the Vista Capable debacle. But personal feelings aside, I'm forced to admit the judge is right. The majority of people who got vista capable notebooks probably don't *want* Vista. And some of the ones who do are probably OK with Vista Basic (its cheaper after all) So a class action suit isn't really appropriate.

Saving ISPs and the music biz: Is it even worth it?


@Richard Kay

Fuck you. Anybody who tries to use my money to pay an industry whose products I hate will find me more than happy to spend a lot more of my money hiring people to mug them.

City of Heroes fingered in MMO patent lawsuit


Wait what?

They have a way to generate 3d images with HTML?

I'm impressed. I don't think City of Heroes works that way though.

Enormous HP box spotted from space



The articles are *always* written while drunk.

Microsoft issues emergency patch warning for IE


Broken to fixed in...

8 days right?

Not too bad.

Lego terrorist threatens democracy


Yet another laugh

According to the info page, this whole dangerous operation is one guy plus his family helping him out.

Is it *really* necessary to bitch about the activities of random people on the internet? Not to mention the whole fad of trying to pretend certain things never happen(ed).

McCain campaign sells unwiped Blackberry for $20


McCain's physical ability

McCain is perfectly capable of using a computer (physically) or was in the past, he could have crippling arthritis now or something. He was a pilot after getting out of the POW camp (eventually, he spent a long time learning to walk again), and held a desk job that would have required using a typewriter. The only lasting injury is that he can't lift his arms above his head. Which sucks, but won't keep you from using a computer (I know a sys admin with the same problem).

Harvard prof slams US nut allergy hysteria


What happened to avoidance?

While obviously you need a non nut alternative for anything as common as nut allergies... why the hell can't the kids just not eat nuts?

It only ever took me one bad reaction to learn to avoid certain things as a kid, or has hystaria grown so bad that they're afraid kids will suddenly develop a fatal allergy even though they've been eating them for years?

While we're at it, ban tomatoes in the schools, I can't eat them, and everyone else should have to suffer with me.

Microsoft updates Mac Office 2008


RTF hole

Wasn't that bug patched way back in the summer? I didn't pay attention to the MS fixes, but I know it was in my update alerts for Debian...

6 months is a bad turnaround time, even for Microsoft.

'Faith-based' investment firm fingers holiday's most sinful games


Great shopping guide

It even tells me which games work for which systems, so I know just the right one to get for my brother in order to piss my mom off.

US gun lobby blogs Thanksgiving gun 'facts'


Bad reporting.

Not the reg, the hunter's propaganda thing.. The CDC report shows lead levels .4 micrograms higher than the average populace for those eating wild game. Its only those that eat wild game, but hadn't done so for at least a month, that lead levels dropped. The study didn't ask participants if lead was used or something else to kill the animals.

The lead levels in all study participants were not dangerous, and were significant in only 1% of cases.

On second thought, it is bad form on the Reg for not reading the CDC report.

(Real estate) developer sues Apple over Jesus Phone browser



It is standard patent trolling to sue over a similar but not actually applicable patent. And in east Texas, its unlikely that the judge will care, or understand.

McCain begs for YouTube DMCA takedown immunity


Screw you McCain

You voted for these laws, suffer with the rest of us.

Labour minister says 14 year olds should get ID cards



Is Britain just struggling to finds ways to make it less attractive to live in than the US?

NASA mulls nuclear Moon reactor


Harder then it sounds...

No atmosphere and a lack of easily renewable water is going to make cooling this thing very very difficult. And the moons has some pretty wild temperature swings, which will mess with any kind of heat engines output pretty badly.

I guess you could supplement with solar in the daytime when a nuke plant would be less efficient though.

America's CTO: We have a winner


A Man From Mars

Because he makes more sense than most politicians.

Mystery web attack hijacks your clipboard


Vulnerable systems

I don't know any browser/OS combination that would be immune, except for one without flash, though this only directs to a malware page, Linux/OSX* will almost certainly be immune to the .exe file even if its successfully pushed hrough firefox/opera/safari.

*Not necessarily from conventional security, but because these people will go for the biggest target.

Bear prints found on Georgian cyber-attacks


Strategic versus tactical

Cyber attacks won't disrupt military communications, but without civilian backing a military's supply lines will quickly dwindle. Screwing up civilian communications would be invaluable in a drawn out war (though it didn't turn out that way), and is also a low impact way of getting civilians to rally against fighting. It's easy, politically, to keep troops in the thick of things forever if there are no consequences to anyone not in uniform on your side.

Also, as far as the timing goes, there must have been a delay between Georgia invading South Ossetia and Russia mobilizing, if Russia didn't actually have troops in the region (which I don't think they did.) the cyber attacks probably started early because the military wasn't ready yet.

Dell thinks young and colorful with business notebook refresh


@EEE competitor?

Dell already announced an EEE competitor.