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Windows XP activation algorithm cracked, keygen now works on Linux


Re: DO NOT go on the Internet with XP

No and no and I agree.

Ferrari in a spin as crims steal a car-load of customer data


I'm gonna take a wild guess and say it's probably worse


Cancer patient sues hospital after ransomware gang leaks her nude medical photos


Re: Flippin' heck!

>I though there was some general agreement amongst data thieves and ransomware users that medical facilities were off limits.

Where in the hell have you been?

Chinese surveillance balloon over US causes fearful gasbagging


Re: Yet again - more proof that China needs to be obliterated in a nuclear armageddon

Pentagon: It's just a balloon, don't worry about it.


No more free API access, says Twitter: You pay for that data


Re: Well that *IS* his aim,

Wow, one payment!

Security needs to learn from the aviation biz to avoid crashing


Re: Preaching to the chior

"What if I took all of your computers and tossed them into the dumpster out back, and replaced them with mechanical typewriters? How productive would your office be?"

Well they were still using Wordperfect, so...


Until someone has to go to jail for doing it wrong?

I haven't watched the video yet, but I hope this little go to jail tidbit is taken out of context. Or something, because not sending people to jail for mistakes is a huge reason the aviation industry is as safe as it is today (that and the crew resource thing). The ASRS database being hosted by NASA.

Threats of being fired or going to jail cause more coverups, not more safety. This is common knowledge level stuff at this point.

Waterfox: A Firefox fork that could teach Mozilla a lesson


Re: Technically-minded typical geek

"For too many of these damn 'geeks', a change to the Windows Start menu is reasons for war, how dare you change because you CAN!! I'll have to relearn a BRAND NEW LOOK!"

You can't seriously be advocating change for the sake of change. Check out our new model SUV, it has the brake on the right and the accelerator on the left! Because CHANGE! Don't complain like a geek, just be cool and get used to it like me.

Killing the start button was really, really expensive for business and the return on investment was a big fat zero.

First, stunning whistleblower leaks. Now a shareholder lawsuit lands on Zuckerberg's desk


how long would it take to spend a billion bucks....

Give me a week.

Boeing 737 Max chief technical pilot charged with deceiving US aviation regulators over MCAS


Re: Some extra info

80 grand extra is hardly a barrier when msrp is 150 million.


>I think He and Boeing Execs should unknowingly fly on a 737-Max before the improvements.

After development ended he took a job with Southwest doing exactly that. Makes you think.


Re: Hmmm....

to transfer non-defense spending to defense companies in the districts of politicians on the funding committee?

Districts like Russia you mean? Either way, NASA's annual budget is a rounding error compared to defense.


Re: This is not the pilot retraining you are looking for

what are we watching for (once Forkner starts plea-bargaining)?


Re: Some extra info

Sensor that could only be swapped manually?

Swapped manually, like every other sensor sticking out of every other airplane ever, you mean.

"adding a new feature breaks your regulatory approval (change in operating instructions)"

Regulatory approval is not based on the instruction manual.


Re: Some extra info

Or will he bring in the Boeing 737-7/-8 System Differences Manual (Jan 2017) and open it to page 748?

Look after him? They already threw him under the bus.


Re: Some extra info

He was not chief test pilot, he was chief technical pilot. One flies airplanes, one flies simulators.

And if he thought it was unsafe, he probably wouldn't have taken a job flying one for Southwest after max development ended.

Ransomware crim: Yeah, what I do is bad. No, I don't care. Yes, infosec bods are all mouth and no trousers


Russian state's tacit condoning of ransomware attackers in their territories

Instead of trying to find these guys, wouldn't it be easier to just make it look like they are targeting the organizations they aren't supposed to be targeting?

Microsoft Exchange Autodiscover protocol found leaking hundreds of thousands of credentials


Because this issue can be mitigated by proper configuration

Great, now if you don't mind sharing how I'm supposed to properly configure the entire internet I'll be good to go.

Report details how Airbus pilots saved the day when all three flight computers failed on landing


Re: "Seems the pilots did a good job,"

" but no mention was made of the new systems"

Not that it matters to you guys, but it was in the System Differences Manual on page 748.


Re: "Seems the pilots did a good job,"

There was much unjustified criticism?

You are full of shit. They couldn't manually trim because they were going too fast. They were going too fast because they didn't throttle back.

Can we talk about Kevin McCarthy promising revenge if Big Tech aids probe into January insurrection?


As a US citizen, I find democrats and republicans to be disgusting and the alternatives which I can't even name to be irrelevant jokes. We are so screwed.

Fired credit union employee admits: I wiped 21GB of files from company's shared drive in retaliation


Re: Court documents indicate that the credit union had "some" of the data backed up

I can't understand why you think they weren't using it. Our deleter had admin.


Re: Rather moronic

They should fire their IT person. Er, wait.

A man spent a year in jail on a murder charge involving disputed AI evidence. Now the case has been dropped


Re: Really?

You would hear the CRACCCKKK regardless of propellant type, er unless the round was subsonic anyway.


Re: Really?

in the US, someone pulling out a gun in the middle of the street is likely to cause a flurry of calls to 911.....

Not so much in Chicago.

Pakistan's tax office services go dark after migration project goes awry


am I missing something?

"A Hyper-V attack is certainly a plausible explanation for the incident, as CVE-2021-28476 can crash hosts"

Unless Pakistan's Federal Board of Revenue allows citizens to spin up VM's on government servers, CVE-2021-28476 probably ain't the problem. To crash a host you have to compromise a guest... and the guest has to be Ubuntu Focal. Plus it's kind of tough to steal data from a blue screened server.

Doggy DNA database adopted by Gloucestershire cops to bring crims to heel


Re: Pramagtically

Those dogs did you a favor. Most would just take a dump on the carpet then sit back and watch the (shit) show.

John McAfee dead: Antivirus tycoon killed himself in prison after court OK'd extradition, says lawyer



If only he had won you meant to say.

Playmobil crosses the final frontier with enormous, metre-long Enterprise playset


A mint condition Supra for $100,000.00?

Roger Waters tells Facebook CEO to Zuck off after 'huge' song rights request



Waters activism is telling Zuck to fuck off, Gilmour's is auctioning his guitars for 128 million and donating it all to charity.

Looks like Gilmour is better at this, too.


No shit. There are others stuck in places like Russia who are a lot more deserving than Assange ever was.


Re: Money...

A few years? I'm pretty sure it was a few more years ago than that, since I can now only vaguely remember going to a free show with 750 other people.

Say helloSystem: Mac-like FreeBSD project emits 0.5 release


Re: All security is good security

Re: Windows Defender, can you help me find the off button?


Re: More than enough

>That's more than enough to not even have a look at this OS....


Anyway, yeah, because having "web security" baked into your OS is so great.

Now if you'll excuse me I have an airgapped mac nagging for a password again, probably icloud.

SolarWinds: Hey, only as many as 18,000 customers installed backdoored software linked to US govt hacks


Re: 36 days left

Who's he going to pick a fight with? Dictators and despots are his friends.

Proposed US fix for Boeing 737 Max software woes does not address Ethiopian crash scenario, UK pilot union warns


Re: Fundamentals

"Anyone have information on the fact that there were upgrade options for MCAS (which had to be paid for) which would have mittigated this issue ?"

I do. There is no upgrade option for MCAS. The option the "safety should be free" crowd is usually chirping about is the "aoa indicator". There are two things they always fail to mention. First, the actual price: an "option" that costs 85 grand on a 100 million dollar airplane is not a barrier, period. It's also not making anyone at Boeing rich, so calm down I make my kid wear a helmet in the bathtub types. And second, an aoa indicator is not a primary parameter like air speed, attitude, altitude, vertical speed, etc. In an emergency, more is not better. Some groups of pilots prefer them (like military), and some don't. Some parts of the world like them, some don't.

I don't know about you, but I would prefer the airline I'm flying on have the choice that fits their pilots and their situation best, rather than have something they don't need or want stuffed down their throat by a manufacturer or a politician.


Re: Fundamentals i.e. fundamentally wrong

JT8D's? Well why don't they just go with Merlin's?


Re: Fundamentals

Sadly, you're also incorrect because the CG is different from one flight to the next depending on load.

Besides, how much do you really think moving the engines 7 inches (and moving the center of thrust zero inches) can change the flight characteristics of a 130 foot airliner? I'll tell you how much. None whatsoever inside the normal flight envelope, and not much more than that outside.

HPE fixes another SAS SSD death bug: This time, drives will conk out after 40,000 hours of operation


I've always said

it's best to build arrays with non-matching drives. And by always I mean never.

Apple fires legal salvo at Corellium claiming the virtual iPhone flinger is infringing copyright


They had to see this coming.

World recoils in horror as smartphone maker accused of helping government snoops read encrypted texts, track device whereabouts


Re: Just one problem with this article...

Americans like Trump can't read. duh.


Re: RE: sarcasm meter

My trusty sarcasm meter humped my leg then burnt my house down. My insurance agent is going to love this.

Let's see what the sweet, kind, new Microsoft that everyone loves is up to. Ah yes, forcing more Office home users into annual subscriptions


Re: Shameless RIP OFF!!! 32x price hike

And who says that the $49 subscription fee is cast in stone for the next 10 years...

The only question is, will It go up before they start charging us monthly rent to use Windows, or at the same time.

Microsoft middlemen rebel against removal of free software licences


Re: Subsidised & free MS Licenses?

You say that like there's no pain involved.

Time for a cracker joke: What's got one ball and buttons in the wrong place?


Re: Power to the people

The bad caps thing has been over for a long time, but that doesn't mean the caps still aren't the first to go.

Surface Book 2 afflicted by mystery Blue Screen Of Death errors


Re: Windows 7 to the rescue!

I hate to discourage the positive thinking, but that ain't gonna just work

'Frontline workers' of the world, unite! And grab yourselves a Surface Go White Van Man edition


These are the most unfixable devices on the planet. Want to replace a bad battery after a couple years? You have to remove 52 screws to get there, but none of the screws are on the outside. They used roofing tar or some such nightmare adhesive to put the two halves together. Oh, once you get to the battery, it's still glued to the freaking back of the case.

I was going to say think bic lighter, but the lighter would be far easier to fix so never mind. How about those ink tags they put on clothes as a theft deterrent.. it's like fixing one of those.

Which? That smart home camera? The one with the vulns? Really?



One extra? question mark makes a sentence more difficult to read than an exclamation point following every word.

You! learn! something! new! every! day!

Lawyers for Marcus Hutchins: His 'I made malware' jail phone call isn't proper evidence


He then pretended to be the hero that saved the day by "discovering" the kill switch?

Stop being a jerk. First, he tried to remain anonymous until somebody outed him. Second, if you're going to set yourself to be the nerd hero, you don't code a kill switch that any jerk with a godaddy account and a hex editor can activate. He fully admits he stumbled into it.

But hey, if you need to dump on him to make you feel better about yourself, I guess that's what you're gonna do.