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3CX Phone System takes on the corporate mobiles


Re: Mobile SIP Clients

that works as well. done same with 3CX but the asterisk setup work just as well just little more work

How I went from Unix engineering to flogging Google apps


I am not completely sure about this... predicting the future is hard

I can see the importance of the cloud and SaaS but maybe I not so optimistic about how quickly adaption will take place. I am still not totally sold on the IPad though a lot of people been buying them but I am not always sure about their usefulness in every given situation. I think there was always space for a touch screen mobile device but some of the many solution sound a lot like snake oil. i think the post PC are is bit premature and people who can live on a tablet nevwer needed a PC in the first place. Lets not bolt the road too quickly yet unitl we see some clear applications for the tablet in the enterprise