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DevOps to DevOops: Docker Hub proves so secure that 430 Docker images out of 2,500 have no vulnerabilities


Hidden away containers

Unless the vulnerability is exploitable from outside any proxy or firewall a problem in a Docker container can be hidden. Most exploits only work if you're on the same OS instance as the container. If your container is accessible in such a way from outside you have much greater issues to worry about.

Europe mulls five year ban on facial recognition in public... with loopholes for security and research


Ban repressive governments, not technology

The EU should do more to crack down on repressive or racist or corrupt governments. Not faff around with technological distractions. Poland has been messing with it's judiciary. Bulgaria has racist fans. Please react to existent threats, rather than imagine news ones to distract the easily excited.

For real this time, get your butt off Python 2: No updates, no nothing after 1 January 2020



It's because these are useful powerful languages at the heart of an immense packaging ecosystem. The organisation of libraries has become more important than individual language features

I couldn't possibly tell you the computer's ID over the phone, I've been on A Course™


This is this bank

Back staff react surprised when I refuse to confirm my details with them when they call me unexpectedly. I tell them "You confirm my details first"

The in and outs of Microsoft's new Windows Terminal


In university the plebs had 2400/2400 baud terminals whilst the admins lorded over us with their powerful 4800 full duplex master terminals.

Customers furious over days-long outage as A2 Hosting scores a D- in Windows uptime


I have a site on a2 hosting due to the great pricing. They advertised as allowing shared hosted python applications, but the support for such was barely adequate. Just recently they admitted that they are unable to support python applications and I should buy a VPS. I think I'll just self host my hobby site instead. I think the cpanel sites are on linux, so my site should be ok. Just checked. It's dead.

Why are sat-nav walking directions always so hopeless?


Re: Tea with milk

I've just spent a month travelling through France and can confirm that the coffee is generally terrible. If you think otherwise then you don't understand what good coffee should taste like or have never been to a country, such as Australia or Italy, that knows how to make the blessed brew correctly.

What is money? A rabid free marketeer puts his foot in lots of notes


Surprisingly, Zimbabwe 100 Trillion Dollar notes are now worth much more than the paper and ink. See: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Zimbabwe-100-Trillion-Dollars-Banknotes-AA-2008-UNC-50-100-Trillion-Series-/281789318269?hash=item419bf3c47d , where the asking price is almost $25USD.

What's that? The Bureau of Stats has an API and nobody TOLD you?


Try it out

This weekends govHack in Australia will be a great try out for this outstanding innovation.

The secrets of spacetime revealed - on your workbench!


John Wheeler in 1955

The missing theoretical physicist is John Wheeler.

Canberra set to host solar farm


Cost over ten years don't make sense

To get a saving of 500,000 tonnes of carbon that must be over ten years when compared to coal. For 10 years that'd cost $47 mil over the same amount of coal power. To purchase the same amount of carbon credits on the markets would only cost $10mil. I'm suposing the $37mil difference is the value of smugness.

Oz has to go nuclear, says Adelaide U scientist


'... protecting against a Fukushima-style catastrophe'

What catastrophe? No-one seriously injured or even killed. More like a minor industrial accident than a Bhopal style catastrophe.