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Since it's the only way to differentiate in a Chromium-dominated market, Vivaldi 4.1 introduces 'Accordion' tabs


Vivaldi is great because it gives you the feeling that you're in charge of your browser and it's working for you, and not a source of constant frustration and UI niggles.

Download it and spend 15 minutes going through every option and learning what it does and tweaking it to your liking, it's not perfect but for power users like Reg readers it's so far ahead of the rest it's hard to see a day when I'll ever use anything else.

BT to phase out 3G in UK by 2023 for EE, Plusnet, BT Mobile subscribers


Getting shot of 3G I can just about understand, but getting shot of 2G with its comprehensive network, superior coverage and compatibility with every handset seems to be a bad idea, and seems to me to be the industry putting all their eggs in one basket.


I think (but I'm happy to be corrected) that smart meters run on the Vodafone network.

Last chance to grab an iPhone Mini as savvy analyst reckons Apple will scrap it next year


I maintain that there is a market for small smartphones, most notably in the <£100 category (i.e. not iPhone price).

It's really advantageous to be able to use a phone with one hand, and, everything else being equal, smaller phones are less fragile, take up less pocket space and are lighter. You could have a well-specced phone - nice camera, fast processor, high DPI display, large memory - without a massive screen.

Could you imagine going back twenty years and telling people that in the future you'd need two hands to operate a mobile phone? They'd think you were mad!

Not everyone wants watch Netflix on their phone, personally I couldn't think of anything worse. The only video I watch on my phone is the odd Twitter clip and even then I take little pleasure in it.

What the FLoC? Browser makers queue up to decry Google's latest ad-targeting initiative as invasive tracking


Re: It's time to flush the toilet

Say hello to Vivaldi, it's a breath of fresh air.

I haven't bought new pants for years, why do I have to keep buying new PCs?


Re: "But I hardly use it."

It turns my stomach to think how much electricity has been wasted by people over the years which could have been saved with the use of Sleep or Hibernate modes.

Could have saved plenty of time watching OSs boot also.

Copper broadband phaseout will leave UK customers with higher bills and less choice, says comparison site


This makes the huge assumption that pricing will stay as it is, over the coming years, in a rapidly changing market.

My FTTP ISP has an entry level 50Mbps/50Mbps product for £20/month which is only a little more than the cheapest ADSL offering. I don't see why Openreach won't follow suit especially as they are supposedly overbuilding existing FTTP networks and need to stay competitive, given that Virgin covers 50%+ of the population and have their own gigabit offering.

Intel sues former staffer for allegedly stealing Xeon cloud secrets in USB drives and exploiting info at Microsoft


MS have confirmed that he used one of their drives on one of their systems. If the reason for the alleged data theft is to benefit the new employer (MS) then why are they co-operating with the Intel investigation, or am I missing something obvious?

Tab minimalists look away: Vivaldi introduces two-level tab stacks


Re: Looks good

The inbuilt Task Manager (Shift + Esc) on Chromium based browsers lets you sort tabs by CPU usage.

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Re: Looks good

@John Robson you can do the latter with Vivaldi, it's brilliant.

Signal boost: Secure chat app is wobbly at the moment. Not surprising after gaining 30m+ users in a week, though


I can't stand Signal. It's riddled with problems:

- clunky app

- can't set different alert tone for personal messages and group messages

- rubbish desktop client, can only leave groups or mute people via mobile app

- messages sometime fail for no reason, especially in large groups

- more that I can't think of off-hand

Obviously the Signal protocol is solid because WhatsApp are able to implement it really nicely.

Telegram has the best feature set in my mind and the UX is SILKY smooth, plus doesn't have irritating group size limits like WhatsApp.

The Signal changelogs are witty, though!

That's it. It's over. It's really over. From today, Adobe Flash Player no longer works. We're free. We can just leave


K6-2s were utter junk so I'm amazed you were able to play it at all.

UK competition watchdog fast-tracks investigation into mega-merger of O2 and Virgin Media


Re: Viring media Positioning for 5G

Because you want a reliable, unlimited connection?'

Wireless screen in estate agent window just begging for someone to fill it with mischief


Re: A Life Of Grime

I'll never forget the joy he derived from his musical lighter.

Ad banned for suggesting London black cabs have properties that prevent the spread of coronavirus



Surely the problem is aerosols from one passenger still being present in the air in the back of the cab - it's a sealed box, after all - ready to be inhaled by the next occupant?

Who among you can resist an eight-core, 2.9GHz mini-PC or thin client that drives four displays?


NUC killer?

Anyone that can make a good quality, off-the-shelf, passively cooled (silent) mini PC out of one of these is going to absolutely rake it in. A far better solution for your average home user than a fragile and expensive laptop with no upgrade capability.

Like a good defragging? The latest Dev Channel Windows 10 might be for you


"a sudden splash of brightness turning them to dust"

Journalism for our times!

UK state of the Internet report: Virgin Media 'fast', BT's PlusNet last


And people will be using wi-fi connections that are acting as the bottleneck.

Excel Hell: It's not just blame for pandemic pandemonium being spread between the sheets

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Re: upvoted

Upvote for you purely for "dynamic duo" to describe a Swiss army knife and a pair of mole grips.

Help! My printer won't print no matter how much I shout at it!


Something like a Panasonic KX-P6100?

I had a similar model but it died having had very little use, unfortunately.

I now have a Dell 1100 (rebadged Samsung ML-1610) which I somehow manage to keep going. The output path (? as the paper leaves the printer, after going through the fuser) used to chew up everything that I printed so I took some bolt croppers to the rollers and leave the fuser cover open with a screw wedged between the cover and the switch to fool it into thinking the cover is closed. Works fine!

Another week, another dual-screen phone, this time a T-shaped LG thingamy


Two screens?

One screen is bad enough!

Samsung slows smartphone upgrade treadmill with promise to support three Android generations on Galaxies


I'm still waiting for a reasonably specced phone that you can use comfortably with one hand.

'I wrote Task Manager': Ex-Microsoft programmer Dave Plummer spills the beans


Space Cadet pinball

Debuted in Windows 95, I believe.

Google Chrome to block file downloads – from .exe to .txt – over HTTP by default this year. And we're OK with this


Could have renamed to something common like .jpg or .pdf and asked the recipient to rename it back to .exe?


Will this nitpicking bleed into other Chromium browsers like (my favourite) Opera?

This is one of the most stupid ideas Google have ever come up with, and that's saying something.

It's 2018 so, of course, climate.news is sold to climate change deniers


ISTR it wasn't all that long ago that El Reg was posting climate change denial nonsense. Happy to see it's turned a corner.

UK mobile operator Three launches Superdrug Mobile MVNO


And you get WHAT, exactly, for your £10/month?

A smartphone recession is coming and animated poo emojis can't stop it


They're just too big and too fragile!

UK watchdog Ofcom tells broadband firms: '30 days to sort your speeds'


What is with this fetish for faster broadband speeds? May I kindly suggest that if 34.6Mbit/s is not fast enough for you then you need to get a life? Yes, a small number of people have lousy speeds and high latency, but most people are just fine.

Virgin Media skulks in disused public toilets


"reverse-Bazalgettian mission"

Very good - you deserve a drink for that!


What makes you think they care about physical security? VM street cabinet doors are often found wide open or hanging off. The amount of damage that could be done in a short period of time with basic tools is breathtaking.

We need to talk about mathematical backdoors in encryption algorithms


We need to talk about...

We need to talk about news articles with the heading beginning "We need to talk about..."

Leicestershire teen admits attempting to hack director of the CIA

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Guntree v Gumtree: Nominet orders gun ads site must lose domain


I think this is a tad unfair - anyone with any experience with dealing on Gumtree knows how useful a gun would be.

123-Reg customers outraged at automatic .UK domain registration

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The most galling bit for me was the subject title:

Important - We have taken action to protect your business' .uk domain name

Needless to say, I told them where to shove their "free" domain name.

Scottish pensioners rage at Virgin cabinet blocking their view


They should just be glad they're still alive and haven't broken their necks tripping over one of VM's signature bodge job coax installations which line every single cabled street.

You don't call, you don't text: SIM-flinger Gemalto warns of 9% sales drop


Anyone got an idea of the wholesale cost of a SIM? Must be pennies!

Reborn Nokia phones biz loses its head


Still waiting for a decent smartphone that you can actually hold and use with one hand.... I know Apple released the iPhone SE but that's Apple so doesn't count. I fear for the day my LG L40 packs up, but it would appear to be indestructible.

2 kool 4 komputing: Teens' interest in GCSE course totally bombs


90% of jobs might require "digital skills" but how many of those will be exclusively using proprietary systems that a GCSE won't teach them?

Ever wonder why those Apple iPhone updates take so damn long?


Re: no no no no no no no, Apple

Au contraire. It clearly is the Apple way.

Marissa! Mayer! out! as! Yahoo!-Verizon! closes!


Will! Miss! Tired! Register! Meme!

Ofcom pressuring BT to slash wholesale prices for superfast broadband


Re: Fibre?

Indeed, it would be a lot fairer if they reduced the cost of ADSL2+ lines instead of fibre.

PS4 Pro woes: Random display blackouts caught on camera


Obvious answer

He's holding it wrong

Angry user demands three site visits to fix email address typos



What is fax?

'My REPLACEMENT Samsung Galaxy Note 7 blew up on plane'


Holding it wrong

Ofcom punts network-sniffing Android app


Are they joking?

How will this be of any decent accuracy without totally caning battery power?

On my road there are a couple of small blackspots. Unless the GPS is constantly activated the app won't detect them.

Got to dash out for some rubber johnnies? Amazon has a button for that


If this is the culmination of the knowledge of the human race

...then I want out!

Virgin Media goes TITSUP* in South London due to painful piles


Re: loved the sample tweets

The mail is not unaddressed. It has the full address and is addressed to "The Householder" (or words to that effect, I usually don't get that far!).

Govt: Citizens, we know you want 10Mbps. This is the last broadband scheme for that


I have a little sympathy for BT: in the early/middle twentieth century when the infrastructure was being built and the lines being laid they weren't exactly weighing up the pros and cons of G.Fast vs. FTTP, were they?

That said, they do need to improve on things for those with truly poor speeds. I don't know if a government subsidy is the answer, but a good connection does at least need to available to those who want/need it. Otherwise rural communities will suffer, and we should be reversing the influx of people into cities in order to take the heat out of the housing market and ensure food supplies (says he, a city dweller).


Re: All well and good but....

In Rotherhithe (zone 2, in the shadows of Canary Wharf) you get 1.5 megabit/sec if you're lucky.



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