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RIM shares bounce on BlackBerry 10 optimism

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Re: RIM hardware is usually good ...

I've had my BB for over a year now (8520), and despite dropping it in the toilet, works very well. My only grievance is its overall speed and it's very slow boot time. But I love the keyboard, and is great for email.

I'm gonna hold out until next year, and hope RIM deliver the goods. Otherwise, Android :-)

Strong ARM: The Acorn Archimedes is 25

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Happy Birthday

Nicely written article, highlighting an anniversary I had completely forgotten. I remember however, using these machines at secondary school, we had about 15 of them, all running Clares' Artisan art software. Some rather natty artwork was put together by the kids, sometimes there were tears when that nasty 'Filecore in Use' or 'Address Exception' error plastered itself on your artwork, hanging the machine.

Fortunately, I was able to look beyond such trifles, and learned to appreciate the Arc. I later got an A3000 then a few years later, a RISC PC, spending many lost hours playing E-type, Chocks Away, Zarch, and many more. Even did some programming on it, before using it for desktop publishing and some initial first steps onto the internet.

Happy Birthday Archie!


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