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Kentucky spies stricken: Ban on web snaps of horror accidents mulled

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Not my country...

But as an idea, I agree with it.

Nano-NAS market dives into the cloud

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With the MS One drive price hike, the other cloudy people are sure to follow suit. That would hopefully turn things around for home NAS makers. I'm more than happy with mine!

Don't start reading the last rites for monolithic storage just yet

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I'm not as enthusiastic as I was in my youth and so I'm not all swept up in the 'now'. One thing I am certain of though, is when the wheel turns full circle and companies are busy consolidating all the dedicated storage arrays into, what I'm sure will be termed as "simplified, converged" systems, they'll look a lot like the old monolithic arrays that will still be ticking along at the back of the DC.

IT is the hokey cokey. We go round in circles put things in, then out again. What ever isn't the in thing get a make over, wash and brush up and pushed out again by vendors and salesmen with greasy smiles.

How do you really know if a storage array will perform for you?

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Stopped reading 1/3 of the way through, as it's just a big ad.

You're outta here! Baseball star strikes out sleazy trolls who targeted teen daughter

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Good on 'im

That is all.

Oh Big Blue, can't you think of anything new for your product line?

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I'm amazed

I actually agree with storagebod for change.... I'm off for a lay down.

Traditional enterprise workloads on an all-flash array? WHY WOULD I BOTHER?

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Buy an AFA

Migrate your old spinning rust array into it. Visualize the old array behind it, enable tiering. Get the performance boost you want whilst re-purposing old kit. Keeps everyone from the accountant to the tech happy.

How's your F-ITCH-bit? Surge gizmo sparks rash of complaints, watchdog's attention

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I wear my surge almost 24/7

and have no problems with it. The strap is slightly elasticated and I have in the past tightened it a little too much. I'm guessing that's the cause of these problems.

Balls of destruction CRUSH your fancy new storage systems ... better get used to it

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Anyone who accepts

Disruptive or destructive storage upgrades as "par the course" want their head read.

TorrentLocker unpicked: Crypto coding shocker defeats extortionists

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Is it me?

Or does the end of the article look like an advert for malware?

Don't believe the hyper-converged hype: Why are we spending stupid amounts on hardware?

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No clue what this article is about, so...

I love bacon.

British visa website goes TITSUP... just before XMAS HOLIDAYS

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Same people that brought you phones4U?

No one ever got fired for buying enterprise storage, right?

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Thumb Down

I'll put my trust in a proprietary piece of hardware from a major vendor that's been tested to destruction, backed up with a decent 4 hour on site call out support contract, over a collection of cobbled together second hand bits of server farm found rusting in the back of a store room with a generic storage app running on it. Thanks...

Feds use Instagram pic of delicious steak dinner to nab ID thieves

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or the steak never happend!

Wealthy London NIMBYs grit teeth, welcome 'ugly' fibre cabinets

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Brocade's fat pipes a-singin' the Fibre Channel song

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Having used cisco and brocade. I'd go for Brocade any day. It's not perfect, but the software is way better than cisco's.

All hard drive arrays will mutate into flashy faster hybrids

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May I offer my own cutting edge piece of information

That water is wet. It's about as a cutting edge insight as the article.

NHS IT blunder biz CSC wilts as profit bleeds, costs staunched

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No sympathy

I'm glad the UK gov is starting to put clauses in contracts to make 3rd parties liable when they default.

Vodafone and pals can't kick the habit of cheap mobe prices

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I really don't care

I've had 3 handsets in 11 years. So I really don't care if the phone is subsidised or not.

As long as I get the phone I want at a price I'm willing to accept, I'm not interested in the overall cost.

Hitchhiker shot while researching 'Kindness of America'

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Re: A personal view

"The trouble is that pretty much anywhere in the Uk is going to fare favourably in the friendliness stakes when compared to London these days. Not saying it isn't friendly oop norf of course because it is, just as long as you don't move there and take their jobs/wives etc. :P"

Yep, I have friends in London I visit regularly. I love them, hate the city. Trying to use the tube with a suit case is a nightmare. I've missed more stops because people were more interested in getting my seat than getting out of the way.

@ Nigel 11

“It was very scary. The fact that the cops were armed quite definitely did not make me feel safer.”

I once lived round the corner from an ex-minister for Ireland (In Barnsley), who had a permanent armed police presence and patrolled our block when they got bored. I was surprised how quickly I got used to them wandering around with MP5’s and side arms and got to be surprised by other people’s reaction to armed coppers. Didn’t reduce the number of break ins though pffft...

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A personal view

Every American I've met has been very polite, friendly and a joy to talk to.

To most Brits, the portrayal of America in the media is of a mad, scary, war mongering and unpredictable populace that seem to shoot each other at the drop of a hat. This is mostly due to the TV shows aired over here and new items that show hyper US military personnel shouting and screaming like Joe from Family guy, I guess.

It seems to me the guy in this story was just unlucky. If they bloke driving the truck didn't have a gun, but still wanted to cause harm, as said before, would just run the guy down.

I personally have no real view of American gun control. It's up to them, nothing to do with me (until I turn up on your shores again of course. I've only felt unsafe once when we walked from the strip down to Fremont Street in Vegas, but that could have happened in any major city, anywhere in the world).

Two other points.

1) I absolutely loved blasting away with handguns, rifles and the SAW at 'The Gun Store' in Vegas, was a real treat for me having never even handled anything more than a 12 gauge before.

2) Being a proud Yorkshireman, I'm glad Dana W enjoyed her time in Barnsley (I'm hoping she's talking about the Yorkshire town) . :)

Facebook changes data-use policy despite 87% poll opposition

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FB can push as many ads at me as they like..

I can't remember the last one I saw. I look to the left of the screen not the crap on the right.

Sheer weight of Brits' interest knackers new tax tool

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I would suspect it comes under "other".

Steve Jobs was top of the flops, says Apple's Tim Cook

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Every time I ask ...

Siri to do something more complicated than play a song, it informs me it can't because I'm not in the US. Turned what could have been a good feature into a pointless toy.


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