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SAP user group: We want the same features on-prem that you put in the cloud


cloud first

happen many times to find features not enabled on purpose in the onprem installation, or even disabled onprem and still working in cloud

Learn the art of malicious compliance: doing exactly what you were asked, even when it's wrong


even for

under the italian military code you can argue an order with loyatly and collaboration.

just asking for confirmation feels like malicious

Google urges open source community to fuzz test code


glorification of the monkey test

"bang on the keyboard until the software crash"

One way Bitcoin miners can make money: Selling electricity back to Texas


how can you sell something not yet produced?

power facility managers are a little dumb.

We were promised integrated packages. Instead we got disintegrated apps


trend in business software

the trend is "small apps for a single task". but it is only an excuse to hide the reality: complex software built with javascript is a nightmare. and javasctipt is hot right now.

US car industry leads the world in production cuts over chip shortages


are they lyeing?

production cut with strong demand would drive prices to the roof. is this the case? in my opinion they are matching the real demand with the excuse of chip shortage.

My smartphone has wiped my microSD card again: Is it a conspiracy?


android bug

samsung tablet wipe out the sd "id" at every reboot. a windows pc with volumeid.exe restore it and the tablet is happy again. no data loss.

Taiwan prosecutors claim Chinese biz swiped IP and R&D team from Apple supplier


the target should be apple

....asking not buy from the offending company

Hive to pull the plug on smart home gadgets by 2025


a short law...

"after making a product inoperable you must release enough information to revive it"

Boris Johnson set to step down with tech legacy in tatters


a sentence

bj is going to be murdered as soon as he loose the present role protection by his russian friends

IBM's self-sailing Mayflower suffers another fault in Atlantic crossing bid


harry up. drug dealers are waiting

is there any other use for un unmanned boat?

Home-grown Euro chipmaker SiPearl signs deal with HPE, Nvidia


what about the arduino chips?

5v logic is still a thing

Cloud security unicorn cuts 20% of staff after raising $1.3b


8b$ for 1000 employees?

seems strange

Big Tech loves talking up privacy – while trying to kill privacy legislation


better then in china

personal data used to make money is better then personal data used to steal freedom

SEC probes Musk for not properly disclosing Twitter stake


my 10K€ bank account seems worthless now

how can i live with less then 1B$ per year?

SAP hits 50: Entrenched, spread out and fully middle-aged


sex come at cost

every customer ask for sexy apps until the bill come in. old fashion sap apps are ready to go in a snap compared to any other tecnology i've used before.

Skills shortage puts SAP projects on hold


Too many news

Too many new tools and too many update to the core tecnologies every 6 months. Impossible to keep up.

Three major browsers are about to hit version 100. Will websites cope?


dont drop leading zeroes

00001 is better then 1

France says Google Analytics breaches GDPR when it sends data to US


eu rules back in uk via usa

brexit will reach new levels

Google's DeepMind says its AI coding bot is 'competitive' with humans


i'm not able to solve the problem

but none of my customers is able to provide such a complex requirement.

GPU makers promise relief is at hand over chip shortages, prices expected to fall in second half of the year


the solution is always 6 months away

in the future

The inevitability of the Windows 11 UI: New Notepad enters the beta channel


ready for the 1gb np?

ram is cheap after all

India’s competition regulator launches probes into Apple over App Store fees and access


in the real world?

apps and phones are the real world

Europe completes first phase of silicon independence project


what about 74xx chips?

'70 chips are still in use. let's hope in some leftover wafer.

You loved running JavaScript in your web browser. Now, get ready for Python scripting


let's upgrade to i9 for the next great web experience

hope will be enough...

SAP's Embedded Steampunk little use to those on anything but the most recent system


AppGyver cool tool

you can build a simple frontend in minutes with a gentle learning curve, compared to the usual sap tool which are a wall compared to it

The return of the turbo button: New Intel hotness causes an old friend to reappear


scroll lock in use. dont mess it up please

used as keepalive to stop lock screen. please leave it alone

What a Mesh: Microsoft puts Office in the Loop, adds mixed reality tech to Teams


oh no, another clippy to warry about

now i feel my 16gb ram pc is going to really die.....

The pandemic improved the status of IT workers … forever


too many people to thank

as IT professional I don't feel that important. before the pandemic the week was already 2home/3office.

Yet again, Cream Finance skimmed by crooks: $130m in crypto assets stolen


how can these asset be sold?

traceability is at the base of these assets. so, how can they be stolen and sold anonymously?

In latest DMCA review, US Copyright Office eases rules on computer security research, right to repair


how many exceptions

maybe the initial rule is broken

Microsoft's UWP = Unwanted Windows Platform?


yet another runtime?

launch 2 or 3 apps based on different runtime and your 16gb pc become a stone.

Windows 11 Paint: Oh look – rounded corners. And it is prettier... but slightly worse


capture and paint

capture and paint are the only standard win app i use. please ms, remove everything else!

Apple warns sideloading iOS apps will ruin everything


iphone with sideload ok for me

good hw and good sw. i'm ready for a switch

How Windows NTFS finally made it into Linux


only 27000?

not much after all.

Intel's €80bn European chip plant investment plan not bound for UK because Brexit


even italy is not on the list

so don't be too sad

Google extends right-to-be-forgotten to app permissions on older Android devices


still unable to uninstall bloatware

why do they focus on problems no one care about but forgot perceived missing features?

Having trouble getting your mitts on that Raspberry Pi? You aren't alone


zero stock is zero from day zero

every time i check zero avail... it is not avail...

Breaking Bad or just a bad breakpoint? That feeling when your predecessor is BASIC


very common ...

done that many times. but without breakpoint.

Intel scoops out five flavours of Ice Lake Xeons for workstations


"faster then the previous model"

do they still relying on this promise? my work time isn't any shorter then 20 years ago.

Euro watchdog will try to extract $900m from Amazon for breaking data privacy laws


maybe they are not going to pay but...

...they will notify the users about their practices.

You MUST present your official ID (but only the one that's really easy to fake)


is still a thing to pretend to be someone else?

"you don't know who i am". smell very 1940 (pre-war) even in italy.

Brussels changes its mind AGAIN on .EU domains: Euro citizens in post-Brexit Britain can keep them after all


required to avoid extra fees during online shopping

right now it is pretty important for eu citizen to know the location of a seller to avoid extra fees

Microsoft adds cloud enablement to 1970s Altair 8800 tech


crack ms with altarir?

how cool whould be to crack-in ms network using altair emulator bugs?

As Europe hopes to double its share of global chip production, Intel comes along with $20bn, plans for fabs


30% is not that much

in europe the cost of many goods is much higher then in u.s.a. or china. 30% difference is unnoticeable.

Gov.UK vows to chop red tape in the digital sector. What could possibly go wrong?


any link to the new theregister.com url?

maybe there is a correlation...

Pentagon scraps $10bn JEDI winner-takes-all cloud contract


is the new wikileaks?

all us army documents in the cloud. what could go wrong???

Biden to sign exec order calling for right-to-repair rules for farmers, maybe rest of us


first row of the act should say:

"security of the device must not depend on software". because, you know, software is always buggy.

Mars race: China dreams of nuclear rockets, manned bases, and space elevators


a good idea to crash china

the wasted resources could pave the way to hell for china. it all seems a cheat from usa.

AWS Frankfurt experiences major breakdown that staff couldn’t fix for hours due to ‘environmental conditions’ on data centre floor


fart-in-a-jar martin works there

now his turn is over