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What is this bullsh*t, Google? Nexus phones starved of security fixes after just three years


Could it be that security fix requires hardware that is younger than three years old


Google doesn’t care who makes Android phones. Or who it pisses off


Google Certainly Could Enforce Security Updates

Nonsense that Google wishes to reinstate Microsoft's OEM practices and bring back exclusive contracts for monopoly gain don't make sense.

Schmidt was brought in to get Google through its early years when infanticide by Microsoft was attempted and failed. Schmidt's experience with Microsoft's competitive practices in earlier decades led to Google's survival even though both Microsoft and Apple joined forces to Scroogle Google.

Why has Microsoft stopped being beastly to Google?


Re: Because they are dying and know it.

Cloud companies are entering the age of the user keyholder. Reciprocal respect for user preferences requires reciprocal respect and open APzIs among operators.

Google reveals own security regime policy trusts no network, anywhere, ever


Complaints about legacy systems and Android are moot.

If you skate to where Googles hockey puck will be in two years, legacy programs will be treated like viruses and Android will enforce Google's concept of security rather than Yelp's.

Google vendor security review tool goes open source


Saving the EU Comission time and effort as it gets up to speed data security


Austinites outraged as Google Fiber tears up Texas capital


Public spirited home owner fails to unplug nearest storm drain


American cable giants go bananas after FCC slams broadband rollout


Fiber bundles to all county seats

And High speed WiFi towers in every town. That's about 25 towers per county, with one near every public school.

IBM bets POWER8 processor farm on hardware acceleration


Optimization Can Be Open Sourced

A recent peer reviewed Applied Math paper describes a unified theory of optimization. Several fields of statistical/big data problem solving have been unified. Google has used its expertise in optimization coding to supply TensorFlow code to all those who might need code to derive benefits from the unified theory of optimization. Even proprietary unicorns will eventually realize that the idea of seeking AI help with big-data research is to big not to share.

OFFICIAL: Zuck's BIG in-your-face Facebook Messenger SHOVE finally pays off


More shoes will drop as eight legged spiders get individualized App privacy keys.


Web giants gang up to take on MPEG LA, HEVC Advance with royalty-free streaming codec


Pity the poor video trolls. Big companies are ganging up on them. Quick call in the SOPS vampires (the undead seeking blue ray forever).

Google watchers react furiously to ad flinger’s competition case defence


Adding billable hours. That's the only thing Vinje is doing furiously.

Expect to hear a Yelp from his clients when they get the bill.

Google: Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am – stuck in the middle of EU


Re: Pro (DUH!) Right you are

I doubt there is a farmer left in upstate New York still making shoes with the industrial strength sewing machine sold to him by my grandfather and made in my great grandfathers machine shop in Manhattan.

That was the definition of cottage industry in New York, however, cottage industry is alive and well in Frankfurt, protected by the illusion of German law.

Google Images: EU Commish opens new front against Chocolate Factory


Re: This case is dragging on so long

And there will be no fine unless like Microsoft, Google fails to assign an intern to check on EU compliance at design reviews an report back to Page.


Problem solved already

Google snippets are at most 1080 p. Indexing and categorizing all the objects in an image is a transform ative use, that copyrights were meant to encourage.

People forget that time-limited exclusive rights to published/patented info are intended to support the public good through widely sharing information

You Musk be joking: Tesla's zero to 60MPH in 2.8 SECONDS is literally 'ludicrous'


Re: My car is still faster... but my batteries won't stop blackouts.

One of the complaints against battery packs in high voltage substations is that they can't cope with rapid changes. Now they can.

Say every high power appliance in your home used the internet to conspire against you and time their combined power surge to the nearest microsecond, an upgraded Tesla home battery pack could cope.

Yahoo! displaces Ask in Oracle's Java update crapware parade


A Good way to hasten the end of JAVA

Switching people off their defaults is a way to aggravate people to switch away from those employing the 'my way or the highway' tactic. Linux anyone?

Google Google GOOGLE! Cloud cloud CLOUD! These prices are insane!


Re: Preemptible Batch Jobs..70% off this year 91% off next year

If you don't get smarter about competitive behavior this year you might not be in business next year. Servers optimized for analysing huge data files needed to position products will be useless to those not organised to gain knowledge.

Google App Engine Java sandbox is leaking, say researchers


And the good news is?

As security tightens even complex paths to insert malware become trackable. Is this an ant-trap or a cockroach box? Only Google knows whether it wants to poison malefactors back in their nests or trap them for observation

Californians get first chance to be run over by a Google robot


I hope that autonomous cars are used to measure good driving

Small city down town or midtown NYC as few as 3% of the cars on the street could measure 99% of all driving behavior. Instruments for measuring and recording thousands of objects on city streets and sidewalks thousands of times a second in a thousand cars will not swamp Google's big data recording and analysis capabilities. Far from it. A thousand autonomous vehicles in a three mile radius of Grand Central Station might bring order to the streets and sidewalks of New York.

PEAK PC: 'Most' Google web searches 'come from mobiles' in US


Commissions are for closers

This can only help Google profits. Sales will be scored when and where they belong...at closing.

Name the last time you closed a greater than thousand dollar a deal without checking your smart phone. Search on your phone rules out baffle them with Bear Scat. Real Estate and Auto Dealers are watching a lot of walk out the door activity if their web ad does not square with what the smart phone using the Knowledge Graph says most closely approaches the truth.

You! GOOGLE! HAND OVER the special SAUCE, says Senate (of France)


Google Critics and Spies Everywhere Will Abhor Google's Next Move

Mobile Friendly will be supplemented with Spy Unfriendly. The Chinese Army and its Great Cannon will go poof. Actually privacy will be enforced. Inserting fake websites into the middle of private transactions won't work. Nevertheless, wordsmiths will persist in trying to find the right words to admonish Google to do the math.

Google research bods hope to lick battery life limits – report


Google Systems Combine Seven Factors of Two

To get two orders of magnitude improvement six or seven multiplicatively applied factors combine. To get any one factor maybe four or five process improvements must be applied in the right order by domain experts.

Countless dead ends and wasted engineering hours are prevented by tasking the best minds to focus on what they know best.

US Senate to probe the Obama-Google love-in


Vaudeville is alive and well in the Senate

Today, GIFs would be the preferred medium for standup comedy. As Will Rogers could have said, he gets the same feeling when Congress is in session as watching a baby opening a can of wuppass.

Too bad the Senator can't tell it's his.

RAGING Google SLAPS naughty Chinese root cert kingpins CNNIC


Re: Ah, I see Google is still pissed off..

Google just took most of the value of the internet away from Chinese business. China net can now mosty talk to itself. That's what they want.problem is how to steal IP and resell it just got 100x more difficult for ChinaNet. RussiaNet is coming soon.


Re: Will this have any effect on Windows?

Yes this will affect Windows and the whole bogus SSL trust system. Technical means are available to stop the charade of trust and replace it with a technically enforceable system. If Google were raging, as the headline suggests the scramble to replace SSL would take weeks, not months.

Google gives spit n' polish to world's most expensive Chromebook


Price is not an issue for field grade officers

or staff supporting flag grade officers. Company commanders and platoon leaders get Chromebooks not Pixels, sergeants and corporals get phablets. If you don't like the price for doing grunt work then see if you can do better with a proprietary tablet.

UK.gov in pre-election 'Google tax' blitz against internet firms


Re: 25% of nothing is still nothing

If government knew anything about internal cost accounting it would fix its 5x worse than corporate accounting procedures. Governments pretending to assign costs to localities for political reasons are laughably incompetent at their own jobs.

AT&T suddenly finds demand for 1Gbps fiber in Kansas City – just after Google arrived


Re: I wonder if Google would allow you to opt out for $29?

There is no end to the snarky PR that ATT is willing to put out. There is no way that ATT really expects to to be able to invade privacy like Samsung.

IBM boffins stuff 16 million-neuron chips into binary 'frog' brain


Sensor Subsystems Autonomously Smart Enough to Not Join the IoT

Enough AI at home, in car, or in fieldwork to: 1) Recognise new and exceptional conditions 2) send an encrypted situation assessment to owner of subsystem that shuts out Google and less capable entities (like the Chinese Army) from your business.

Comcast, Time Warner boost net speeds in Google Fiber city – COINCIDENCE?


Cities conceded that they could and should do a better job

Among the concessions offered by cities that agree to the Google Fiber Checklist: 1) accurately map where underground gas lines, etc. exist 2) let Google pull cable through city owned fiber conduit 3) make building permits fast and easy to get (and the opportunity for holdups or graft non existent) 4) get telephone poles on city easements to accept fiber lines from multiple companies.

British Lords: Euro 'right to be forgotten' ruling 'unreasonable and unworkable'


Re: This was always kind of obvious, no? National Court Order Needed

CJEU without coordinating with 28 nations' court systems the threw a huge burden on those systems. Without understanding what it was doing, a court without law-clerks botched the word-smithing and chose to remain ignorant of technological constraints. Like an ignoramus playing with a guillotine the CJEU cut its hand off and put its own head in the guillotine. Still calling for Google's head the dolt in charge is about guillotine herself while shrieking 'off with their heads'.

Google to feed machines with evidence of human physical weaknesses – and that's a good thing


Health Is a Journey, Not a State

175 people have volunteered to have many measurements of many of their bodily and cellular functions taken over time (a lifetime). Some of those measurements may be taken at the rate EKGs are currently recorded (many times a second). Some of the states along their paths through life may approach "health" and those path segments that approach "health" most closely will be "baselined". Along the way, new measurement devices and data recording and analysis systems will be proven useful for medical science.

Think of your health on your PC. As your eyes, ears and touch become weaker you need accessibiliy options provided by your computer. Hopefully as a result of this and following studies , you will get options for accessibility to "health". A server farm is just a bigger computer.

French authorities take lead in grilling Google on 'Right to be Forgotten'


Re: I wonder.... Another Hammer Aimed a the Heads of EU Tax Loopholes

Banks, Oil Companies, Hedge Funds, and the European Tax Avoidance Industry are all in the crosshairs of the sniper scope attached to the shotgun politicians think is aimed at Google.


Two Problems with National Guidelines

1) Unless French is the national language, guidelines will have different connotations in every country

2) Settled law in every country will differ from settled law in France

Google rival BLASTS Almunia 'n' pals for settlement proposals


Name a more transparent EU process

Three times Almunia "market tested" Google proposed code changes; each time Google improved the solution. Foundem proposes to destroy Google. That is transparent.

Mr Almunia, how many more times can Google rewrite Euro search 'dominance' settlement?


Re: Isn't that the reverse?

Almunia's problem is managing EU politics. Stooges of the French and German political left have hands on throttle of the EU train-wreck in the making. Either they get the rest of the EU aboard or the EU will dissolve in chaos.

Harassing Google is popular with Hollande's supporters and a German/French version of the Intra-EU net would suit them. Let them build it on their own. After Google encrypts everything, gives users the encryption keys to their data on an App by App basis, un-bundles Apps with APIs suitable for any App with suitable data security/privacy options, the French/German intranet consortium will float a $300B IPO for their taxpayers to pick up. In the mean time Internet 2.0, made in America will not accept Atari-internet Apps made by the Fair Play Consortium because of the Swiss Chesey data security.

Climate: 'An excuse for tax hikes', scientists 'don't know what they're talking about'


Federal Emergency Manufacturing

Due to local level bungling of zoning, building codes and roads, national governments see the need to bail out the existing owners of property that is literally below water of foreseeable storms. Transfer payments from all of us to the fools owning unbuildable lots will be mismanaged with high national-government overhead. If possible national plutoliticians will use disaster photo ops to cry on TV while they MANAGE to put people back in harms way.

iPad? More like iFAD: We reveal why Apple fell into IBM's arms


iPad's iFad niche has gone

Apple never knew how to do personal assistance and Now that Google's voice recognition, collaboration, security, productivity, Maps, Search, Browser, Social .... Apps are better, along comes Intel with efficient chips that don't burn your lap, don't make you plug in your laptop for a full day and don't make you attempt to type on a kluged up keyboard, Apple's laptops, Samsung's laptops, Google's Chromebooks, Lenovo's PC's, HP's PC's will all outsell iPads.

Once Intel started building chips that do not offend user sensibilities iPad's niche was gone. Moreover, iThings were crippled by their lack of personal context, AI/big-data context, and plays-well-with-others cloud-features. IBM can supply those features, so can MS, Google and other's who have building an open, thin-client heaven, while Apple's ecology has been taking Candy from babies.

FORGOTTEN Bing responds to search index ECJ ruling: Hello? Remember us?


EU is getting worse than CA (except for lawyers)

EUJ has given crackpots with lawyers the right to sue 28 countries in order to be forgotten.

Laughably the EUJ thought it was giving people the right to harass Google. As Maxwell Smart would say, "Missed it by that much".

Elon Musk GIVES UP ON SEX: He'll make do with a 'cheap' Tesla III instead


Try driving from LA to SF without a pit stop

Maybe there is a hi tech bedpan for the Tesla. If not adding charge every 150-200 miles would work just fine.

Microsoft's new 'Adam' AI trounces Google ... and beats HUMANS


Baiting Google into comparing facial recognition technology?

There is a reluctance at Google to compare faces, or other body parts with Microsoft engineers. Glass is enough PR hot water for the moment. That said, Google can probably do in the lab, what MS is doing scarily well.

When PR backfires: Google 'forgets' BBC TV man's banker blog post


Re: and so, ad infinitum Did the Cretin who said All Cretins are liars" lie?

Undecidable propositions make bad law.


Re: What?

Yes! a national court must decide each and every case that is not taken down upon request of an unnamed 'unforgotten'. It turns out that that anyone wishing to pick an old wound can publicly embarrass whomever they are feuding with. Unintended consequences? Good thing the EU shifted the court costs to nations that need more Lawyer National Product.

Microsoft thumbs nose at NSA, hardens crypto for Outlook, OneDrive


Making it cost 1000 times more

For NSA to do what they were doing is not without effect. NSA does not have the resources to decrypt everything, provided Google, Microsoft, and their ilk encrypt everything.

Street View Wi-Fi slurp nightmare: US Supremes snub Google's appeal


Supremes to Google

Sit in the corner wearing a dunce cap until the Lower Court says it thinks you learned a lesson.

Google's Quickoffice taken behind shed ... 'Oh, what's the gun for?'


Re: When's the anti-trust inquiry due?

Google bought Quickoffice because it had broken the proprietary MS/Office code that kept me from updating my stuff (*docx,*.xlsx,*pptx) on my Google Drive. Adding the ability to edit my stuff on my drive breaks the MS/Office monopoly on my stuff.

About a year ago Google said 90% of users only want/need Apps that can edit MS proprietary formats; they don't need the integrated fru-fru sold as enterprise solutions.

I/O: New Google design language will RULE OVER 'DROIDS


Nice thought. There are no sales sticks to beat users with

There were the cudgel's leftover from MS's business machine monopoly. MS threatened business buyers with unemployment, while selling business machines to bosses. Old boy sales organization-men enjoyed the hijinks while disparaging competitors business machines, and laughing at Scroogled jokes.

Those days are gone: 5B users are now seen to be more important than 50M bosses.

Old non business users were forced to adapt to Windows, or die out of touch with their kids and grandkids, so they bought PCs and learned to Skype. All in all, users were not delighted by Windows/Office's the ease of use.

Google Glass gets 2GB of RAM. Think about this. Two gigs of RAM


Take up the fight against Polaroid. It's greener than re-enacting Gettysburg

It's never too late to reenact the the last war. Fifteen years from now (like Star Trek lovers), bar owners and others will hold Glasshole reenactments in dark places: saving electricity and protecting their quaint point of view from public exposure.

Google starts selling Glass to Brits – for £1,000 a pop


By now, Moore's Law says the ugly and conspicous parts of Glass can shrink

by a factor of two in every dimension. I'd like to see a reporter ask. Why not make bars, and obnoxious people totally unaware of the enhanced peripheral awareness Glass provides. Why not clunk the mugger first when you see him coming up from the rear. Why not clock the jerk trying to blind side you. Why not have court ready chain of evidence assured files ready at the DA milliseconds before assault turns into assault and battery?

Microsoft ups OneDrive storage, slashes prices to match Google Drive


Tbit of free cloud storage. So what?

Google free users 1M-up,5M-down could use a Tbit of cloud storage. 1Mbps upload can fill a Tbit in 12 days and download a 3 day Tbit-binge of HDTV viewing by the end of a weekend.