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LOHAN slips into tight rubber outfit

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How about passing the wires behind the motor where the ends are joined using wax to hold them together that 'instantly' melts/burns away to separate the two ends. Obviously the thickness would need to be rated to avoid resistive heating within the wire avoiding premature separation.

Why British TV drama is crap – and why this matters to tech firms

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On the whole a seemingly balanced article for a Change, up until the Google comment, you just couldn't resist!

As usual missing the point like the rest of BIG MEDIA, Google is simply a tool, it helps to connect consumers of content with new content quicky and easily! It even tries to make it easier for BIG media by providing You Tube through which tasters can be posted and which helps consumers identify similar content they might enjoy (that might be your content). But NO BIG media and their cronies see Google as the enemy, get some glasses and see the truth, wake up and smell the coffee!

Create good content and USE Google as a tool to connect you with new consumers (those that might not know or care about your site at the moment) and you will benefit, stop trying to fight Google, accept that yes they may make some money by placing an add beside the signpost they provide to your content, they need to have some return for providing the service unless of course you wish to pay them a commision for hosting the signpost?

MPs wrestle slippery bureaucrats in intellectual property Jell-O

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Is the real problem with a lot of the creative industries explained in Andrews final words in the third paragraph when talking about those same creative industries: 'whose existence relies on copyright law and enforcement'

And there was me thinking that they should rely on creativity, producing Fantastic content we all want to consume and involve ourselves with.

Most people will not argue with the fact that people should be recognised for their work, however many of us object to the retrospective changing of laws in favour of big companies and a few individuals who will earn more in a year than we will in a life time. The artist created the work under the old laws, if they wer good enough then why are they not good enough now?

Us mere mortals have to scrimp and save and put away for our retirement and to provide for our children.

I would love to be paid for life plus more for the work I did yesterday. Just think the house I am renovating, all the creaetive effort I have put in to the design of the extension and the careful detailing of the work, In the future whenever the house is sold on, I get a kickback each time as the 'artist' that created that product.

Where is the incentive to create more fantastic works if you don't need to do so to keep the money rolling in?


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