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Metaverse privacy maturity lags enthusiasm for new virtual worlds

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We are very happy to go on Google Maps and see if the road is clogged

And I'm very happy to not be cold - as long as I'm not on fire!

Alibaba exec accused of mishandling sexual assault case wants alleged victim to apologise

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Re: It's a response to victim blaming

Again, I agree but my early years were always don't steal, don't hurt people, don't assume you can have what you want without asking permission and ultimately don't take things that aren't yours or think you can make people do things they don't want.

I never had a 'Don't spike drinks'' or 'Don't take advantage' because that's just something you're not allowed to do to anyone as part of the above and lets be honest anyone willing to do that damn well knows it's not acceptable but is doing it anyway.

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I agree but..

To be honest, if I thought I was falsely accused I'd probably go all out to defend myself and as they say the best form of defence is a good offence - even though there's supposed to be a presumption of innocence I'd still be terrified of an accusation like this.

Cards on the table, I'm no oil painting and I've, unbelievably had a very drunk and quite (I really hate to say but haven't the wit to state a better term) desperate woman literally chase me down the street and I'm so glad I was clear headed enough at the time not to do what she was asking of me that I honestly don't know what to think on this.

Perhaps this is an example of where at the very least a legal conviction should be required before commenting or actioning? If it turns out he warrants censure then absolutely that must happen but I have to say this strikes me as something so important that we must be as close to surety as possible before saving/condemning someone?

UK gives military's frikkin' laser cannon project a second roll of the dice

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Re: Not interested...

My Grandad didn't die in two world wars, nor did he suffer working 29 hours a day on cups of sulphuric acid for anything less than the prospect of laser armed, high velocity whippets!

Farewell to notches and hole-punches? ZTE expected to announce mobe with under-display camera next month

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Re: So no-one's....

Bus stop screens, tourist information screens, ads in shopping centres - why would they need to hide a camera, you're probably on CCTV anyway?

As for blatantly illegal ones like 'that big widescreen TV in your hotel room' why would they need to hide it in the TV given the scores of minute spy cameras you can get nowadays - probably get better angles too.

In all of your scenarios this technology offers nothing a pinhole in a dark bezel that could be anywhere nearby wouldn't already do.

The girl with the dragnet tattoo: How a TV news clip, Insta snaps, a glimpse of a tat and a T-shirt sold on Etsy led FBI to alleged cop car arsonist

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Re: Oh my god!

Not for lack of trying I'm sure!

Goggles.. Check!

Oven gloves.. Check!

Cork.. Dammit!!

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Oh my god!

Are we to believe the police and investigatory services can function without unfettered access to everyone's chat, email, web browsing habits and most recent prostate exam?

Surely this cannot be!

HSBC now stands for Hapless Security, Became Compromised: Thousands of customer files snatched by crims

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"out of an abundance of caution"

They possibly decided to wait a month before notifying affected customers?

Would be interesting if any of the US customers turn out to be European.

Be The Packet. Take each hop it makes. Your network will repay you

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Re: Perhaps, and this is just a suggestion


Canadian utility makes blockchain upstarts bid for their ravenous rigs' electricity supply

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Re: Opportunity

I'm probably an antique so take this with the appropriate dose of salt but..

Shiny metal (possibly recycled) - useful and likely someone will buy somewhere (maybe at a lower price though)

Cryptocurrency - meh!

Facebook previews GDPR privacy tools and, yep, it's the same old BS

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Re: What’s that blue ‘f’ icon at the bottom of every article page on this site?

This, this, a thousand times this!!!

Sorry Reg, you're talking the talk but...

We put Huawei's P20 triple-lens snapper through its paces

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Am I that much of an antique..

That if I wanted high end photography I'd buy a sodding camera?

I love having Maps, Google, Wikipedia, the usual crap.. on the phone so I'm surely not that hard headed but seriously, if I need such an exceptional image I wouldn't expect a phone to pick up the slack.

I wonder if the Galaxy S10 will have a rocking chair function?

Europe dumps 300,000 UK-owned .EU domains into the Brexit bin

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Honest question

How much use do these domains get? I originally imagined it was primarily EU institutional organisations that would use that suffix and thought everyone else would be on .com/net/org or their country code but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Dolby sues Adobe for dodging license fees

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Am I a bad person...

just for wanting Adobe to sweat???

Timeout everyone. Y'all know that Musk's $500 'flamethrower' is literally a Boring blowtorch?

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Re: Very disappointed..

I see your Schwartz is as big as mine!

Trebles all round! Intel celebrates record sales of insecure processors

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Re: But surely...

Absolutely agree.

Joe public probably won't care, the IT crowd won't be listened to but I would wager the financial/legal bods don't just smell blood in the water - they're mixing it with Vodka, Tabasco and a dash or two of Henderson's (I'm from Sheffield).

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But surely...

If this all came out in the open in early 2018 then how can last quarter 2017 represent a triumph? Surely they've shrugged off something that didn't exist at the point the earnings call was made?

I would have thought with the way the world is now, the next 12 months will be the proof in the pudding for Krzanich.

Oracle sues its own star sales rep after she wins back $200k in pay fight

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Where even the employees have to check whether their payslip has a minus number before the final figure!


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After 8 pints and a vindaloo

... I have similar problems.

Boffins cram binary data into living cells' DNA

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I confidently predict...

640KB of genetic memory ought to be enough for anybody!