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Europe may ask Herr Google: Would you, er, snap off your search engine? Pretty please


Re: Euro Jealousy

If people don't know there is an alternative to Google that is their failing not Google's. There is a reason there is one dominate search engine, because Google is the best. And it was better long before most of the major money making services got started. Niche engines are the only viable place to compete now and that is likely how it should be.

US space programme in shock metric conversion


Not likely.

It is fine for NASA, or the private sector, to use metric. Likewise, if it was once, seemingly required that the American or British people had to learn it, that is no longer the case. Computers do the math. Double labels and such are common and easy for consumer purposes. Any progress in moving people to use metric terms in common speech will be entirely incidental, not intentional.


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