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Notorious Mexican drug kingpin nabbed thanks to drones and spyware


Re: DEA lent tactical support in the form of aerial drones

You beat me to a Breaking Bad line!

Windows 8.1 Start button SPOTTED in the wild


Its always been this simple.

Do you have a touch screen? Then up yours, Metro it is.

Do you (like 99% of PC users) have a normal screen? Then go to desktop, here is a proper start button so you don't feel lost.

If only Balmer and Co had done this life would have been much better.

EA Origin vuln puts players at risk


Re: Shame.

Nor me. If a game requires Origin I simply won't buy it as I value my privacy over a few hours on a game. Installing Origin is like putting an advert paper telling people your PIN and alarm codes.

Samsung's new Galaxy S 4: iPhone assassin or Android also-ran?


Re: What I'd like to see...

I would rather have a thicker phone with room for a bigger battery, this is essential for those of us addicted to Ingress! A fully charged battery in my Note only gives me about 3 hours of play. Ok, using GPS and the screen all the time is going to suck battery life and that's my choice if I want to play but I would love to be able to play without having to carry around a spare.

Although, I guess I should be thankful i can swap my battery. I would hate to have a phone that once its dead, it stays that way until you get home. If you can't swap the battery in a phone its not worth having.

Ten ten-inch tablets


Re: £399 for full Win8

But its STILL Windows 8, i.e. Pointless.

We have a HP Elitepad 9000 (with the wrap around dock) running W8 and its awful. If it stays in metro mode its not too bad but open M$ Lync or other apps chucks you into desktop mode. Its a very jarring, very schizophrenic feeling.

Windows 8 is like a toilet and sink in one; a single device could perform both roles but would you be happy to use it?

Oklahoma woman cuffed with loaded .22 in pork holster


I'm surprised no one has thought of calling the hiding place a


Or is that too rude?!

Seattle drinking den bans Google Glass geeks


When I go to a football match

I am really annoyed by the rozzers who use camcorders to film my son and I walking to the ground, so I deliberately conceal my face. I get stopped and questioned and the Police trot out the usual lines:

Its for my safety.

They are allowed to film me in law

And the classic - If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.

My response is always that I have nothing to hide, I have nothing to fear and I certainly do not need you filming me as person that has not committed a crime.

My fear with GG that it will be used for nefarious purposes and may soon be a requirement in law that we all have to wear tracking / recording devices with the exact same excuses coppers give me now.

Gone in 30 minutes: Chinese tweets purged by army of censors


China doesn't care we don't trust them

... But we had better care when they start developing their carriers, aircraft and drones to project their power overseas just as the British used to and the Americans do now. Then we'll all be having more than our tweets deleted!

Redmond slashing Win8, Office OEM rates for small devices


Cut the price as far as you want

My main PC is an IMac

My current tablet is an iPad

My next tablet will be Android

If I ever want a laptop I would buy a Macbook

For gaming I have a quad core W7 PC running Steam that should laste years.

I used to love Windows but the more they get into this unified interface metro cobblers the more I dislike it so no matter how cheap (and nasty) these devices are my wallet is staying closed.

Proto Steam box may feel your arousal, hints Valve daddy


Apart from Kerbal Space Program

Which is a great game BTW, I don't any PC game that isn't on Steam. If its no on Steam then I won't buy it no matter how much I might like it and this is especially true of EA titles and their Origin platform.

I am looking forward to the Valve box for the living room as I believe it will offer something more 'grown up' than we see from M$, Sony or Nintendo. As for the control interface, that sounds really cool and better than waving a sex toy lookalike around (PS Move) or hoping that the 360 camera eventually recognises someone wants to get its attention.

Twenty classic arcade games


Oh the memories

I wonder how much time and money I spent on all of these? Esp Star Wars as I played this so much I used to dream about it.

Although my absolute favourite was a vertical scrolling shooter called Flying Shark. Only 4 (very large) levels but eventually I could complete the whole thing twice on a single life. When they took the machine out of Shivers arcade in Leicester I was slightly miffed. Now arcades are full of fruit machines.

Pac Land. I loved that one too and can hear the music now!

Best Buy takes axe to touchy Windows 8 PCs - lops $100 off price


or finally ...

Buy a Mac. I have on the basis that i wanted a fast, reliable and easy to use OS, none of which can be said for W8!

New blow for Microsoft Surface: Touch Chromebooks 'on sale in 2013'


For the love of Beelzebub, when will tech companies understand that:

Tablets / Phones that are used in one hand - touch screens = Good.

Devices with keyboards that sit on a dek or table - touch screens = Bad

No body wants to reach across a working keyboard and track pad like a Zombie to wipe mucky fingers on a screen. Ever!

John Sweeney: Why Church of Scientology's gravest threat is the 'net


East Grinstead

I'd love to hear Mr Sweeney speak but unless I get help from some Thetans or even Xenu him/her/thing self, there is no way I'll get down there for 7.30.

Sony promises PC-based PlayStation 4 for Christmas


The Steam Console

Will be my choice. I already have a big catalog of games bought through Steam and some (although not FPS, playing a FPS with a joypad is as stupid as not finding out where your GF is before shooting through a door) will be great on a big screen.

My guess is that Valve will release something that plays better and looks visually better than either the M$ or Sony offerings.

Dish boss on ad-skipping service: 'I don’t want to kill ads'



It's very, very rare I watch an advert now, using a DVR makes the pesky things a minor PITA that can be skipped at will.

Still-living, unincarcerated Ted Nugent invited to Barack Obama gig


Re: Ted Nugent.

Oh how I miss the days of loud concerts. Saxon circa 1983 at DeMontfort Hall in Leicester. The speaker stacks at each side of the stage had crash barriers in front. Behind the band were even more. I swear my ears were ringing for a week. Nowadays going to concerts, even Motorhead, is a tame experience. As the great Lemmy wrote:

Only way to FEEL the noies it when its way up loud.

As for gun totin Ted, lets hope he has a cleaning accident while polishing his weapons.

Only way to stop the iPad: Flash-disk mutant SPEED FREAKS


You can put Fusion on one side

... Especially ss its the OS that's handling the storage but its still bloody quick. I have a Samsung 830 in a quad core gaming PC with Windows 7. If I turn both this and my Fusion equipped iMac on at the same time, the Apple can be logged in full use before I'm able to enter the password on the PC. Using a Fusion equipped Mac makes every other PC feel slow.

Adobe muzzles TWO zero-day wild things with emergency Flash patches


Wasted 2 days!

I've just package and deployed v146 to the companies estate to fix the last "critical flaws". Oh well, keeps me busy!

About to outsource your IT? Read this first


In charge of an outsourcing decision?

Then the chances of this person reading something on a website written by and for the type of technical, hard working and experienced staff you want to replace with someone from overseas, are few limited.

200 million office workers gagging for a... Microsoft Surface?


Sccm, packaging and deployment on a tablet?

No thanks!

Just give me bigger bloody had drives for all the VMs I have to run!

Only tablet I want for work is labled Valium.

Review: Living with Microsoft's new Surface Pro


I still don't get the touch screen fascination.

On phones? Yes.

On tablets? Yes.

On a productive device with a keyboard? No.

Using a touch on any device with a keyboard attached is bat crap bonkers. You lean forward with out stretched arms to wipe greasy fingers on a screen, hoping not to look like a zombie whilst doing it. With a phone or tablet you hold it in one hand whilst manipulating the screen with the other, it makes sense but on any device with a keyboard is stupid.

Microsoft have seen the success of the iPad and gone touch mad. Its not the fact that the iPad had a touch screen that made it successful, its just a good, desirable consumer friendly device. If touch screens are so great, so must have then why having Apple incorporated it into machines running OSX? Because if Apple cant see a way to get touch screens to work on laptops and desktops then its probably because it doesn't work.In

And if anyone, anyone gets so much as s finger print on my 27in IMac. .. You'd better start running. Look but don't touch!

Microsoft Dell deal would restore PC makers' confidence


The times they are a changin'

4 years ago, after a decade of building, upgrading and over clocking my own machines, I decided to buy a PC that 'just worked' and one that I couldn't XXXX up by messing with the BIOS etc. The XPS 420 I bought fit the bill perfectly but was improved with the upgrade from Vista to W7. Dell and Microsoft, a great combination.

Now, the old Dell is getting long in throwaway tooth and I needed a replacement. After trying W8 I decided I would rather use a flame thrower to clean my teeth. I could have bought another Dell ss I've been really happy with the old one but buying one would have meant either getting W8 preinetsalled or downgrading (at extra cost) to W7.

In the end I decided I wanted something again that 'just worked' so sitting on my office desk is a new 27in iMac. It has cost me over £2k bit it more than just works, its a beautiful, fast and well made machine that is a pleasure to use.

So Dell and Microsoft have lost my custom this time around and to be honest, if I ever need a laptop then my experience of using the iMac and OS X would point me towards a Macbook or Air. I would think there are other PC users that feel the same way as buying the next version of Windows is not the same no brainer decision it used to be.

How to destroy a brand-new Samsung laptop: Boot Linux on it



As i found to my cost UEFI also stops a Windows 8 machine being backed up by WHS2011, a Microsoft oversight.

But bricking a machine? Thats a new low!

Zuck on it, Google: 'Public' Facebook events are dead to you



El Reg may as well post knitting patterns if they're going to post stuff like this. I don't use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other social media and I certainly don't care about what others post on there, whether they want it public or not.

Netflix shares jump as outfit adds 10 million subscribers in 2012


I've cut the cord

In October last year I cancelled by VM TV contract but have kept the broadband and landline. As I was on an XL contract this has saved me a hefty chunk of cash each month. Yes, I miss the sport, my sons miss all the Discovery / Nat Geo channels and my daughter the music but you soon get used to Freeview and running Netflix through a PS3.

Admittedly, there is an awful lot of rubbish on there but there is more than enough quality to justify £6 a month for great quality streaming. However, I'd be happy to pay more for extra / more up to date content. I know its early days but the days of watching shows to a set schedule is coming to an end. Being able to legally stream what you want, when you want at a reasonable price is the future.

Disney World slaps pay-by-bonk stalker cuffs on grown-ups


I've lucky enough to visit WDW 4 times. ...

But I wouldn't wear any sort lf tag, ever. What I do I, what I ride, what shops I visit and where I spend my money is my business and not for tracking purposes. All you have to do is make an effort to get to these parks early, get in quick, do what you want and get out ASAP. Either that or wait until the parades are on and get to ride while people watch floats you can see on You Tube clips.

If I am ever fortunate enough to go again, although never Epcot, that place is more boring than a team meeting, I wouldn't wear any RFID equipment.

'Not even Santa could save Microsoft's Windows 8'


Re: Want to know how much I hate Windows 8?

Nope, I wish I could though and it would have been nice if that worked. AFAIK, backups coulde be done with older versions of OSX but it's no longer possible so it's Time Machine to an external USB 3.0 HDD for now. WHS2011 on a HP Microserver is great for the rest of the Windows machines in the house, backing them up and holding media for streaming around the house.


Want to know how much I hate Windows 8?

I hate Windows 8 to the tune of just over £2,000 as that's what I've just dropped on a 27in iMac.

Now before anyone takes the Michael (as if you lot would?!) at spending much money on a PC, I've admired the iMac range for a long time, I've saved up the money and it'll probably be my last ever computer so I wanted it to be a good one and one that could be used (or at least worth something) after I don't need it.

Windows 8 annoys the he'll out of me and the final straw was when my wife needed a new laptop and decided to get a W8 one from HP. She was prepared to give it a try but when I tried to connect Microsoft's latest OS to my Windows Home Server 2011 guess what? It can't be backed up! W8 is installed using a EFI / GPT disk partition that WHS2011 cannot handle.

So yes, I maybe mad for spending so much of my own money on an iMac but its one of the things I wanted to do before I depart this earth!

Red-faced, sweating and still in your chair: Welcome to eSports

Thumb Up

Best thing I've read this Christmas!

Thanks for the read, especially this:

"The camaraderie built within video gaming communities is no different than that of more traditional sports. Your writers met at a LAN party - several in sequence, over the years - and forged a lasting friendship as a result."

I went to some of the Mutliplay i-Series events at the turn of the millennium but kids / work got in the way. 3 years ago a friend asked if I'd like to attend an Epic.LAN event. I was highly dubious, thought I'd be bored and didn't think I'd do it more than once. Yet I sit here as a 45yr old married father of 3 with 7 LAN event wristbands on and looking forward to the next one in February. The quote above from article struck a chord as I have made friends from LAN and I have more of an affinity with them than I do with the people I work with every day.

Going to one of these LAN events is a pure release from the pressures of work and family life; it's three days of enjoyment with good, not, great people where we can drink, talk, eat junk and oh yeah, play the occasional game. A LAN event is my pressure release, my therapy and if I didn't have one to look forward to I'd be a lot grumpier than I usually am!

Review: Apple iMac 21.5in late 2012

Paris Hilton

Gaming! All I wanna know is if you can game on this thing!

There are loads of unboxing videos on You Tube. Loads of written reviews. Yet no one goes into any detail to say if the new iMac range can be used for occassional gaming. I get the feeling that because no one talks about it or shows it on a video it doesn't work as a gaming machine.

Paris. As she like the occasional game of TF2 or F1 2011 racing too.

Microsoft notices Xbox gamers actually slack-jawed TV fans, adds 43 new apps


Its taken this long for MS to look at XBMC?!

I modded an original Xbox not to play games but to run XBMC. When the 360 came out and it wasn't as easy to do this (and Windows Media Centre is so poor and the 360 is so Damn NOISY!) I carried on using the old Xbox until I bought an Acer Revo and installed XBMC on top of W7- and haven't looked back, its a great solution for streaming TV and media.

I don't understand why anyone would want to use a noisy, clunky, unreliable console and pay for the privilege of accessing other subscription services. Acer Revo + XBMC wins!

'UK DNA database by stealth' proposed in £100m NHS project


As in Space Balls

its all about the merchandising!

Create a database of everyone DNA and then sell this to insurance companies who will ramp up the cost of policies to anyone with an 'undesirable' genetic trait. They could also use it to deny a payout after years of paying premiums.

Its not like they insurance industry and Government don't have a track record on this. Many young drivers can't get car insurance now without having a spy in the car reporting their location, time, speed etc for (so we are told) safety. Yet the real reason is the more that have this the easier it will be to introduce road pricing and bill drivers for their time in a car.

DNA database, car tracking and peoples blind acceptable of Facebook, Amazon and Google tracking / profiling is leading our society into something worse than Orwell dared imagine.

Wherever a govt or company says a new system or procedure is for the benefit and safety if the public, you have to look at the bigger picture and realise how much money those in power can make.

'Build us a Death Star, President Obama' demand thousands


didn't they try this. ...

a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away?

Motörheadphönes Motörizer rock 'phones review



That's about half what I paid for my Motorhead tattoo :)

Do I want these phones? Hell yes!

As the lyrics to Overkill say: Only way to feel the noise when its good and loud!

Microsoft said to be building Apple TV adversary


Based on Windows 8

So to make this semi user friendly I'm going to have to sell my current TV and buy a touch screen version so I can walk across the room to swipe fingers on a screen?

And lets not forget that Windows Media Centre routinely refuses to play many forms of media whereas XBMC just (not allowed to swear) works.

Acer Revo + XBMC +Steam for Monkey Island FTW!

Ten four-bay NAS boxes


HP Proliant Micrpserver

At a fraction of a cost of these NAS boxes and with more flexibility, I'm glad I've opted for 2 of these instead of a NAS.

Windows boss Steve Sinofsky exits Microsoft

IT Angle

I wonder if he

... took the subway formerly known as Metro when he left the building?

BBC in secret trial to see if you care about thing you plainly don't


Radio 5 should be on FM

It always amazes me that BBC Radio4, and even more so, Radio 3, are broadcast on so many of the BBC's FM channels yet 5 Live with it's superb news and sports coverage is demoted to MW and is almost impossible to listen to at night.

BBC Radio needs to be on FM now!

Firm-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's tax dodge profit shift? Totally legit


Never bought. ...

...anything from one of these fancy coffee shops and i never will. Why anyone wants to pay £3+ for a hot drink is beyond comprehension and as we're meant to be in recession, it makes me wonder where people get the money to waste on such rubbish!

Virgin close to releasing long-delayed TiVo app


Just cut the cord

We have.

Our VM bill was £86 a month for XL TV, 100mb net and calls. When we looked at what we actually watched we (the paying adults) realised that most of it was on Freeview anyway or available online via iPlayer or 4OD etc. Our kids watched and recorded all manner of rubbish. So, both VM boxes have gone and the bill for net and phones is now under £50. We can either watch a show when it goes out or online later, the kids have Freeview in their rooms and as Im keen to point out, when I was a lad we only had 3 channels!

Ok, we are missing the convenience of an all singing,all dancing STB experience but I feel better now that I'm not paying for channels that were never watched.

'Dated and cheesy' Aero ripped from Windows 8


Hello McBalmer! Wake UP!

Balmer & Co need to wake up and actually look at who buys and uses their software, in particular, businesses. My company has 12,000 desktops in the UK and 40,000+ in Europe of which 95% still run XP. Why? because it's stable. Yes, we should have gone to Windows 7 much earlier but political infighting and waiting to outsource IT put paid to that. The Windows 7 rollout is going to start later this year if they think that companies like mine (and I suspect, many others in the same boat) are going to jump to Windows 8 when it's so massively different, is ridiculous. It's simply not going to happen!

Why would businesses jump to Windows 8 when we're all using mice, keyboards and ordinary monitors - NOT TABLETS! Tablets are consumption devices, they are NOT productive devices. The Metro front end is a joke from a business point of view and even getting rid of this the loss of the start button had my tech colleagues and I going WTF?!

When W7 came out I jumped on the pre-order bandwagon and got 3 copies for £45 each from PC World but I'm avoiding W8 like the proverbial plague. W7 ain't perfect but it works, the kids like it, my wife has got used to it - so it's staying!


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