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VMs were a fad fit for the Great Recession. Containers’ time has finally come

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Re: Hmmmmm

And remember ALL containers will use the same kernel. Want a different kernel? You'll have to fire up a different VM (OS).

But if the kernel gives you all you need for all the apps you want to run then containers are the way to go.

Windows 11: Meet the new OS, same as the old OS (or close enough)

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Re: What is an OS for?

There's always Linux.

Luckily I haven't used (M$) Windows since 2008. I can still watch movies, play games, use Office tools -- all at zero cost.

And I get Bash too. That makes me so many times more productive than anything I ever did on Windows.

Who uses Windows again?

Roger Waters tells Facebook CEO to Zuck off after 'huge' song rights request

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Magic money

So he takes $1.3m in the first month. Come the second month, assuming he starts with $310m and a growth of 5% I notice:

(310 - 1.5)*0.05/12 = 1.285

That is, the money left has just earned 1.3m again. When your money just keeps getting bigger you can tell anyone to fuck off.

I would just be happy with half a million quid, so he must be much happier than Larry. :-)

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Yep. Wonderful -- because he knows it! What power! :-)

Debian's Cinnamon desktop maintainer quits because he thinks KDE is better now

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Chromebook -- awful tool. Unless you are happy with ALL your data going to Google, then it's fine.

Gov.UK taskforce publishes post-Brexit wish-list: 'TIGRR' pounces on GDPR, metric measures

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Brexit bollocks

GDPR put the fear of god into all the global multinationals. 'Mandatory' training was imposed to make sure employees knew what was about. 4% fines on global revenue made them stand up and take notice. The EU matters and is a global force in the world.

Yes cookie banners are a bit annoying, but GDPR is much more than this. It's about a legal backstop if you fuck up with people's data. And IDS is just an ignorant pillock. Why make people use only imperial? It's nearly dead, as are most of its proponents. It's just childish Brexit posturing to say look what we can do now.

It's just for fucking headlines. Brexit is only headlines -- there is no substance. Other than svrnty. :-(

6 oz of ham. Who the fuck under 45 understands that now? Oz, is that part of the wonderful Australian deal we have apparently agreed? And if you go to a market stall (the presumed target of this change) that only offers things in imperial and ask for 200g of ham, what then? Are they going to refuse to serve you? That'll be a smart business.

The sooner this brexit bullshit blows through, the better. The current 'do not agree to anything with the EU' -- a la the Northern Ireland Protocol for example, where the unthinking standard response of (unelected) Lord Frost is the EU need to compromise, when we have gone through that, got to a deal, and now WE (the UK, NOT the EU) needs to step up to the commitments it agreed to when the blond twat signed the deal -- is childish, but chimes strongly with the brexiters.

Still, the morons think it's going swimmingly, because lots of old, white racists keep voting for them, despite the fact that the other side of the coin, everyone OUTSIDE the UK think they are a bunch of cunts. It looks like Coyote is still defying gravity after running off the end of the cliff. But nothing lasts forever -- and these scum are slowly dying off. Coyote cannot remain in thin air for ever.

Like I say, it's all bollocks.

Systemd 249 release candidate includes better support for immutable OSes and provisioning images

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Re: Thinks I like about systemd

No no. /tmp is for users, that's why they invented the sticky bit. IMHO /var/tmp should be where the system does its stuff. /tmp was designed for users. Only later did someone come along and say reboots mean clearouts. That's wrong.

I store stuff that is temporary in /tmp. I don't know how long I'll need it. Maybe I'll not want it again, or maybe the PDF is very interesting, and I want to read it again over the next few months. Temporary is my decision, NOT the OSes.

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Re: Thinks I like about systemd

Alas systemd is a trigger-word:

Fuck off. It's a pile of shite. I yet again had something to moan about: systemd-tmpfiles. Please, please, please let ME manage my machine. I DO NOT WANT /tmp emptied on a reboot. I had changed that in my current OS but an upgrade has uncommented the /tmp line in /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/tmp.conf

I use /tmp and only want to delete things when I AM READY. Not after a reboot. Cunts.

Fuck off, fuck off, fuck off...

Sorry. :-(

Canadian province's supreme court orders Dell to pay nearly $500,000 to sales rep fired in his twilight years

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Re: 64 years old, $390K retirement package

I am curious as to why it might matter whether he was actively and continuously looking for work after being sacked.

That was to feed into a Daily Mail story about the lazy unemployed, or the incompetent rich, or ... :-)

Of all the analytics firms in the world, why is Palantir getting its claws into UK health data?

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Re: Matt Hancock

They all seem to have learned that whatever they say, Tories will come running in droves to vote for them.

Sad. Very sad.

Perseverance Mars rover sets off on its first mission, to boldly drill and return samples as no rover has drilled before

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Re: Inspirational stuff

ESA = Gaia.

Wow, wow, wow!

Blue passports, French service provider: Atos bags £21m UK Passport Office deal

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Re: "become completely digital"

22% of the UK don't have access to a landline so it more exclusionary to offer a phone number to do things

Yeah, but how many just have a mobile?

UK government bows to pressure, agrees to delay NHS Digital grabbing the data of England's GP patients

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Re: 1st July, 1st September

Yep, opted out. But it was a real pain.

I had to find the opt-out form.

Download it.

Find someone to print it.

Work out how to complete it -- in the end I put a big tick next to 'opt out'. What a shit form.

I then had to send it to my GP. So bung it in an envelope, pay for a stamp and go and find a post box.

The fucking NHS is geared to the old, computer illiterate numpties (who probably voted for brexit). You know the sort. They only use cheques, and think direct debit is a dangerous evil. Or is that just my parents?

Some of us don't need to use a telephone, and know what a computer is and how email works. It'd be nice if I could use email to talk to my surgery rather than only being able to use it for some shitty admin queries about their website.

FFS we are in the 21st century. The sooner the old die off the better it will be for us all.

European Parliament's data adequacy objection: Doubts cast on UK's commitment to privacy protection

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Re: Consequences?

Well doh! If it's got 'Europe' in the name it MUST be bad. Everyone knows that.

Tsh. Some folk...

Firefox 89: Can this redesign stem browser's decline?

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Re: We need Firefox to keep going

Indeed. Firefox + Adblocker + No script.

Not invincible -- but getting there.


America to get world's 'most powerful' AI supercomputer to create the most detailed 3D map of the universe yet

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Re: Long after we are dead and buried.

And Lisp.

Who gave dusty Soviet-era spacecraft that unwanted lick of paint? It was an idiot, with a spraycan, in Baikonur

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Re: Soviet tech..

Like the UK you mean.

Seeking an escape from the UK? Regulations aimed at rocket and satellite launches from 2022 have arrived

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Re: "we want to be the first country to launch into orbit from Europe"

= we want a brexit-signalling headline at how well we're doing.

We’ve found them! Govt reinstates records previously missing from the Police National Computer

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Re: Well, the data was recovered

That's where my pendrive went.

Apple is happy to diss the desktop – it knows who's got the most to lose

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Re: "Apple is, after all, the professional’s platform"

My condolences.

Here's how we got persistent shell access on a Boeing 747 – Pen Test Partners

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Yep. Otherwise there would be a horrible smell of kerosene in the cabin.

Lessons have not been learned: Microsoft's Modern Comments leave users reaching for the rollback button

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Then don't use Word

I have never understood why you need to use Word. There are so many other free word processors out there, why Word?

Always save your docs in the open standard, a format that even Microsoft's software understands. Or is it that some people are just too thick? 'Well, my customer sent me the doc in Word format, so I HAVE to send it back in that format,' sort of morons.

If you all suck up to Microsoft then I have no sympathy. Bleat on.

Beyond video to interactive, personalised content: BBC is experimenting with rebuilding its iPlayer in WebAssembly

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Re: Fuck the BBC - fuck iPlayer

Woo hoo! Good for you. Just ignore those fucking stupid letters they send every month saying you need a TV licence. My dad's old house still gets them, even though there is no one living there.

They are fun to read -- the most recent one gave me '10 days' grace before...

What? You're going to send someone out to tell me off? I don't think so.

Even the BBC's Internet site is now shit and really predictable.

I player is so shite. No thumbnails when you fast forward or rewind. And I still have my Samsung TV -- that gets slower and slower when you try to run the iplayer. I will NOT upgrade my TV, so I just avoid the iplayer as it becomes more and more impossible to use.

Avoid the BBC and you will learn a whole lot more about the world.

US Treasury wants to treat cryptocurrencies like cash – as in you need to report $10k+ transactions

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Crypto is not owned by a government

And that's seen as a problem -- by governments. Just like the so-called 'human cloud' -- where someone can work for a company from anywhere in the world and can avoid paying local taxes -- so crypto gives much more control to an individual.

Governments don't like this, because they have no control. So expect to see much more of this navel gazing as they try to work out how to stop being screwed by their citizens and citizens from the rest of the world.

'Biggest data grab' in NHS history stuffs GP records in a central store for 'research' – and the time to opt out is now

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Re: Why opt out ?

Yes GDPR is, but it came from the Council of Europe's convention on human rights.

As has been said, the British view of justice and proper dealing, aimed in part to reduce executions after the war -- no one would be killed by the state ever again across Europe was the goal. And it's succeeded! Well done Europe.

But the numptie brexiters only see 'Europe', and are to a man convinced of the benefits of capital punishment, so they complain.

Numpties. Learn some history.

Another week, another issue: Virgin Galactic mulls test flight restart as VSS Unity fixed – but VMS Eve might be borked

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Re: originally planned to fly

But he's trying. And he clearly makes far more money than he needs for this project.

I for one wish him well.

Salesforce fell over so hard today, it took out its own server status page

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Re: Business-speak I’ve missed?

"Now, as you all know, I’m not here..."


43 years and 14 billion miles later, Voyager 1 still crunching data to reveal secrets of the interstellar medium

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Re: Sky is closing

Indeed. That and the Gaia data (from the ESA probe) are already dramatically changing the view of our local galactic system.The understanding of this view is fascinating and growing. The Oort Cloud, for example, is conjectured to be a sphere of debris that exists at very large distances (200,000 au or so off the top of my head) so a long way out.

As a boy growing up in the 70s we knew nowt about this area of space. But we are growing our knowledge nicely. All very interesting. Well done all.

US declares emergency after ransomware shuts oil pipeline that pumps 100 million gallons a day

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Re: Presumably the fuckwits in charge ...

... the internet is really a mass of interconnected networks.

They should call it an inter-network of networks, each linking at its gateway.

Perhaps 'internet' is a suitable name! Whatdayathink?

Oh ok, 'information superhighway?' Ok then. :-)

'A massive middle finger': Open-source audio fans up in arms after Audacity opts to add telemetry capture

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Re: Democracy?

PR then to balance things out.

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Just block out the analytics links

$ grep google /etc/hosts google-analytics.com googletagmanager.com www.google-analytics.com www.googletagmanager.com


Bitcoin is ‘disgusting and contrary to the interests of civilization’ says famed investor Charlie Munger

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Re: Insert meme here

A bit like gold then. The Gold Standard was always deflationary, because as the economy grew everything had to total up to the same value -- the value of gold held in deposits, and that was constant.

Fiat currencies allow for fractional banking, where a bank gets money from its customers, and then lends it multiple times, hoping not every customer will want their money back at the same time. It also means that, at then end of the loans, the bank has MORE money to lend, and so the economy has grown, ie there is more fiat currency available.

The problem the establishment have with crypto is that THEY don't control it. And that's bad. (Well, they think that's bad, which might not be the same thing. :-)

NYPD puts down $94k robot canine contract after outcry

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Re: "I'll be back"

Basic marketing: Always make hard-to-prove but enticing promises

... or brexit.

Vivaldi update unleashes the 'Cookie Crumbler' to simply block any services asking for consent (sites may break)

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Bob on. Just accept all then later delete them all or close the browser to delete them all (of course set that first).

I delete all my cookies multiple times a day. So I may have to log in again. So what? I know those third parties are going to get somewhat confused. This works on Chrome[1] too. Just watch with Chrome, if you say delete them all on closing, and close the browser it's funny that always just one cookie may still be there -- and it's ALWAYS a google one. So delete that when you open the browser again, close it again, and you're good to go.

Google -- cunts. NEVER EVER EVER use Chrome. EVER. Only the browser can see between tabs. Oh look, the google spyware can see between tabs. Fuck off google. NO CHROME.

[1] Spit.

UK government gives Automated Lane Keeping Systems the green light for use on motorways

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Re: Idiocy

No, that's not why, although it may help.

The reason is down to it being far cheaper and easier to add an extra lane of traffic by throwing up a few gantries, rather than building another lane, and being forced to widen roads and demolish houses and bridges. Apart from that being expensive, it also risks pissing off a lot of voters.

Doing the right thing is always tempered by annoying the fewest people. The only Venn diagram that fits is the one with gantries in the middle.

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Re: 37MPH

37MPH = 60kmph?

I thought we'd left Europe.


Shadow over Fedora 34 as maintainer of Java packages quits with some choice words for Red Hat and Eclipse

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Re: Rethinking of the desktop experience

* No top bar.

* No hot corners.

* No auto-maximise.

* No stupid thing on the side.

* No buttons in the window menu bar.

* No removing perfectly good menus with stupid random buttons everywhere (see: gedit).


* Make the slide-bar wider.

* Put the small arrows back on the slide-bar (have you tried viewing a 30,000 line terminal output with these stupid slide-bars?).


Do I need to go on? Why, when something has worked perfectly well for 20 years does some smart arse choose to fuck it up?

China launches first module of new, crewed, Tiangong-3 space station

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Maybe they will use it to send those pesky Uighurs who currently live in the way of the belt part of the Belt and Road Initiative (the Road bit is in the sea!).

Ok, ok, I'll get my coat.

48 ways you can avoid file-scrambling, data-stealing miscreants – or so says the Ransomware Task Force

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Re: Read-only NFS?

BTW, directory not folder. Never folder -- that was a Microsoft attempt in the 1990s to try to steal Unix's language. I have never given in!

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Read-only NFS?

I don't know if this would help me, but I have an NFS server on my home network, and I used to be able to move files to and from it at will, as it just appeared as another directory on my filesystem. I've now changed it so I have to use scp to get files to it -- I can still read them. My logic was if they try to encrypt my machine, then they would not be able to rewrite the files on the NFS server.

I don't know how secure this is, but as it makes my life that little bit harder, it would for them too. And hopefully I would only have to rebuild my laptop, with my backups (that run every week) safely stored on my NFS server. Of course, because I use a key to access the NFS server maybe they would too, so I maybe no better off.

But this sort of thing is definitely a worry.

Michael Collins, once the world's 'loneliest man,' is dead. If that name means little or nothing to you, read this

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Re: Well...

Indeed, and he got to look out of the window to see the whole of the moon, front and back, oh so so near to him. It must have been absolutely spell-binding. And then it had to stop because the other two came back... ;-)

I remember vividly the excitement over those few years. Patrick Moore and the great James Burke explaining it all to me, a kid who hadn't yet turned 10. Like everyone I was captivated.

Rest in peace!

Singapore goes Cray-cray in the best way, picks HPE for new 10 PFLOPS super 'puter

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Re: I'll get me coat ....

No, it's been built to run Autonomy so they can use its results to get their money back.

UK government resists pressure to hold statutory inquiry into Post Office Horizon scandal

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Re: ... why a body would persecute people for the hell of it.

I wonder if god knows. I presume he put in a good word for them to appoint the vicar of Dibley's sister into the top job. I wonder what skill set a vicar brings.

Terror of the adtech industry iOS 14.5 has landed, and Siri can answer your calls ... though she/he can't hang up

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JavaScript developers left in the dark after DroidScript software shut down by Google over ad fraud allegations

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Re: The computer says no ...

Ah Maplin. In their later years (when they had stores everywhere) you'd go in to buy something and all their sales droids would try to up-sell you something. Oh, I see you are buying solder, for a few pence more you can have this -- wouldn't you like that instead? And then this goes well with it (sort of what Amazon does now but via a bot).

Then, at the till, they'd demand to know you're postcode. Living in Manchester I'd invariably give them a Scottish one. :-)

Ah Maplin -- I miss them (not).

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What! You use an App?

Well more fool you. So now you are fully in the hands of Google. Serves you right!

Just use the browser[1]. Create your web interface and use that. Then you keep control. If you have to use Google's services[2] then be aware that Google can pull the plug on YOU at any time. If you don't use anything run by Google they can't fuck you over.

The less you touch Google the better your life will be. But it seems a lot of people still have to learn this. Hey ho.

[1] Lesson one: Not Chrome. NEVER CHROME! Note to all users: log into Google's play store and download Firefox. Then never ever go back to the play store. (Why can't Mozilla offer Firefox for Android outside of the play store?)

[2] Do you really have to use Google's services? Jquery, for example, exists outside of Google.

Words to strike fear into admins' hearts: One in five workers consider themselves 'digital experts' these days

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Re: Experts from the Dunning Kruger Institute of Technology

Fucking hoi polloi.

Traffic lights, who needs 'em? Lucky Kentucky residents up in arms over first roundabout

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Re: Er ...

Yes that's right (not):


Now if you'd said Poland or Hungary, you may have had a point.

NASA’s getting really good at this flying a helicopter on Mars thing

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Think about what we as a species have achieved since the invention of the integrated circuit...


Sucks to be you, any aliens living anywhere near Proxima Centauri's record-smashing solar flare

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Wow! Oh be a fine girl kiss me right now sweetie!



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