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It's a crime to use Google Analytics, watchdog tells Italian website

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Re: "a country without an adequate level of data protection,"

Well I don't know about the US, but I can tell you I live in a Brexshithole country. Full of pig-ignorant uneducated pensioners and with a second class 'leader' who cares not a jot for the country he leads.

And, just for the record, that makes me angry.

To cut off all nearby phones with these Chinese chips, this is the bug to exploit

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Re: This is nice and all

How many more times...


(we always have Proseco at work dos; just move on, we have)

IBM ends funding for employee retirement clubs

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Re: Fowler Play


Thanks. I never knew that.

Mozilla opens testing for Manifest v3 extensions in Firefox

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Re: Good news then

About once or twice a month I'll run across a page that doesn't seem to work right in Firefox, and be forced to fire up Chrome and just move on.


Lonestar plans to put datacenters in the Moon's lava tubes

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Re: WTF?

This has to be the most ridiculous moon proposal since Jules Verne's cannon to shoot people there.

Or spinlaunch.

Mars Ingenuity helicopter and Perseverance are talking again

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Its most recent flight resulted in Ingenuity travelling approximately 1,371 feet 421.8m horizontally at a maximum altitude of around 33 feet 10.2m.

We don't want to encourage the brexiters. Way to go, tech team! Do you think it will fly? Maybe. Bloddy hell, it's been up a year! Have a beer (0.5l obviously). :-)

Auctioneer puts Space Shuttle CPUs under the hammer

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Re: CuriousMarc's next project?

But who'd want to use Chrome? Excluding those who've been lobotomised of course.

Heaps of tweaks and improvements incoming with GNOME 42

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Re: "Do one thing and do it well"

Can gedit have its menu back please? For nearly thirty years I've used Alt-F-S to save a file.

Oh, and when my mouse goes outside the window can I click on the window behind it please?

Oh, and can I have the little ticks on the windows slide bar back? And can you please make it wider? And can you please stop it disappearing when I move away? Oh, and ...

Never mind. :-(

Brit techie shows us life in Ukraine amid Russian invasion

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Careful, there now. If we do lots for the refugees we may be forced to help the homeless as well.

And before you know it the whole Tory policy of keeping house prices high may come tumbling down.

Afraid of the big bad Linux desktop? Zorin 16.1 is here

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you will need to pay up if you want access to desktop interfaces styled on Windows and macOS

Isn't that why people use Linux? Because it's not Windows?

Having said that I wish Gnome would stop doing its stupid things like still keeping a window in focus when you've *outside* it. That's bloody irritating.It also has lots of other irritations, but the best thing is it isn't Windows. :-)

Cryptocurrency ATMs illegal right now in UK

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Quite. We can't have a monetary system that isn't controlled by the powers that be. Crypto was created expressly to ensure you could buy the things you wanted (weed, mainly) without the encumbrance of the state telling you that it's just not on, being able to do what YOU want to do.

Oh no. We have to have controls somewhere, you know. I mean, what would happen if this were to catch on and everyone could do this? We'd have holes in the wall.

Oh wait...

Reg reader rages over Virgin Media's email password policy

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Re: Re-enabling paste

Wonderful! Thanks. I love Firefox. :-)

OneWeb drops launches from Russia's Baikonur spaceport

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Well the Bearded One wants to bring his 747 rocket launcher to the South West. Here's something he could launch.

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Re: Hilarious!

Or brexit would be a disaster...

UK internet pioneer Cliff Stanford has died

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Thanks for the link to the Claridges article. I never knew the guy, but from that article he sounded fun:

Predictably, the 1,200-word account of champagne-fueled romps with two table dancers in Claridges, in his Rolls-Royce and his private jet confirmed he had the 'demon touch'.

'Cliff doesn't have any inhibitions,' nude dancer Natalie said, breathlessly. 'Let me tell you - his bank balance isn't the only impressive thing about him. That man certainly has breathtaking assets.'

RIP and enjoy a beer. :-)

No help for IT contractors on IR35 tax errors

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More or Less link: The prime minister in statistical bother

Our parliament is the best in the world -- that's what parliamentarians in our parliament tell us. And if you were one of them you couldn't disagree.

Now it's official: our Prime Minister is a lying twat who still lies even when he's been told to stop. Cunt.

Geomagnetic storm takes out 40 of 49 brand new Starlink satellites

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Re: Insured?

And if they get to launch Starship next month that will be another experiment -- albeit on a much larger scale. It has proved to be a stunning way to develop their kit. You don't even notice, but it is probably every week they are sending up one or more Falcon 9/Heavys.

And most launches now have some Starlink satellites tagged on.

Hey Elon, let me buy you a virtual pint :-) ----->

Face Off: IRS kills plan to verify taxpayers with facial recognition database

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ID theft?

What happens when this immutable data is stolen? Does someone have to come round with a hammer to reset your identity.

What a stupid idea.

Hello Slackware, our old friend: Veteran Linux distribution releases version 15.0 at last

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Re: No Sendmail?!

the complete Sendmail reference manual

I still have one of those. Keeps the door open in the summer.

UK science stuck in 'holding pattern' on EU funding by Brexit, says minister

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Re: we're in a holding pattern, with our association not being granted

Indeed, the European Commission, the most politically aware organisation in the world as it has to understand how to walk through 27 (and more) different forests.

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Re: Brexit got done

For those who would like to know a bit more there are comments about Horizon in this UK in a Changing Europe article: Health and Brexit in the UK: two years on. TL;DR: the UK's pissing about with politics is the source of the problems. Of course anyone (except a brexit voter) could have told you this, but it does provide evidence to support its arguments. Not that this would change any brexiter's mind -- we already know they don't respond to facts.

Alas the only solution to these problems is to leave it a few years waiting for the oldest of them to die off. They refuse to accept they were and remain wrong, so our shit situation will persist until their numbers are depleted. Very sad. :-(

Privacy is for paedophiles, UK government seems to be saying while spending £500k demonising online chat encryption

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Re: Inrage and outrage

Haha -- you are a brexit voter and I claim my 5 euros.

Almost there: James Webb Space Telescope frees its mirrors and prepares for insertion

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With that comment I'm outing you: you are definitely not a brexiter.

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Please god tell me there is NO Microsoft code on there.

Dog forgets all about risk of drowning in a marsh as soon as drone dangles a sausage

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Re: The dog likes cucumber?

Yep. My son's dog loves us to hide cucumber so he can sniff them out.

'Please download in Microsoft Excel': Meet the tech set to monitor IT performance across central UK government

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Ah, sales...

Yes, sure. We can do that. Now what's the question again?

Autonomy founder's anti-extradition case is like saying Moon made of cheese, US govt tells UK court

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Re: Buyers’ remorse _ Ferranti

Mathematician: 4 == 3.9 recurring[1]; to be precise.

[1] Sorry can't add a dot. I'll get my coat.

Google splurging cash on UK offices to lure staffers back from the kitchen table

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Re: Draconian?

Hmm. Thalidomide was originally sold as suitable for morning sickness. Opps! So I fully understand that if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant you would avoid any new drug. Hell, you're told to stop drinking.

That's one group who I would say have a valid reason to avoid the jab. There may be more. To tell these, fuck you[1], you must have a jab or you lose you're job I'd say is definitely draconian.

[1] Oh, you have been...

North Korea pulled in $400m in cryptocurrency heists last year – report

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Re: cryptocurrency

Yes indeed. And I thought the North Koreans were starving and so had other things on their minds. How do the find the time to train these people? Still better these foreigners doing it, coz if it was in the UK you just know it would be the remoaners' fault.

Virgin Orbit's LauncherOne rocket deploys seven satellites with third successful mission

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A new market

The options of getting small, inexpensive satellites into LEO is hotting up. Nice to see the growth in a variety of launch providers. SpaceX is clearly the leader, but another new entrant in Astra got into orbit the other month. With this increasing number of options of getting into orbit bodes well for a rapid growth with its associated innovation.

It will be interesting to see what this leads to. A new industry in the making; all very fascinating. Bravo to all these successful players. Have a pint obviously (hey, there's no crown on that glass).

WebSpec, a formal framework for browser security analysis, reveals new cookie attack

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Re: Coq theorem? Really?

Instead of a glass of wine, try using your fingers.

A fifth of England's NHS trusts are mostly paper-based as they grapple with COVID backlog, warn MPs

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Re: left and right hands

Sounds like teachers.

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NHS England, the organisation that manages the health service

Just to be clear "NHS England, the organisation that manages the health service" in England. I know of some to whom this matters a lot -- they are not English, as you would expect. :-)

Health is a devolved matter.

The inevitability of the Windows 11 UI: New Notepad enters the beta channel

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Re: Last decent version of Windows was

Hurray. Someone's finally mentioned a real operating system.

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Gedit was ok until someone got rid of the menu.

Indian government tells Starlink to refund pre-orders placed before licences approved

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Re: The problem with ... most American companies is they see the world as their "market"

I like el Reg because I get a proper education!!

Cheers guys.

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The problem with ... most American companies is they see the world as their "market"

Ah the brexit effect.We know we are better than everybody else. Although in this case if the Indian government don't like what he's doing what can they do? The Internet lets you ignore national borders if you want to, and from what I understand the antennae are small and unobtrusive.

This is early days. I remember when they said a country such as Egypt was full of Microsoft windows machines, all based on one instance. Is that the case now?

Personally I think Starlink will become THE de facto ISP from anywhere in the world, and existing telcos will either go to the wall or become resellers. Fun to see how it all pans out but the next ten to 15 years will probably go through yet another bout of disruption.

Anyway, with no skin in the game I'm certainly going to get my popcorn ordered early.

Hauliers report problems with post-Brexit customs system but HMRC insists it is 'online and working as planned'

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Having read all the comments on this topic it's nice to see Remainers are refusing to lie down quietly.


(Get brexit done -- my arse)

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Re: Hmm


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Re: Hmm

"ongoing crises of the EU"

Have you read the BBC new's home page recently? There's some plonker who can't find his comb nor his old phone[1] running our country. When I look for a word to describe him 'competence' isn't even in my top 100 list. Lots of four-letter words are, however.

[1] The one with the details of which roll of wallpaper he would like.

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Looking at the downvotes, just two intelligent[1] brexiter on here today then.

[1] I edited this to replace my original derogatory (but heartfelt) comment about how I feel about those who think brexit is a good thing. Just to stop it getting banned.

Mozilla founder blasts browser maker for accepting 'planet incinerating' cryptocurrency donations

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Re: Cryptocurrencies are a scam?

"Is this maybe the reason Central Banks are hushing to adopt them?"

They are shit scared of losing control. They were invented for the dark web precisely because they could not be traced. If I buy a kilo of weed online I don't want my local plod knocking on the door...

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Kudos for mentioning Lisp.

It takes more clicks to reject their cookies than accept them, so France fines Facebook and Google over €200m

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Re: Reject all

Bob on. EVERY DAY. Delete all your cookies EVERY DAY.

It's not a magic fix but it makes it harder for them.

Every day. All of them.

A moment of tension as the James Webb Space Telescope stretches sunshield on way to L2 destination

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Yes, this always makes me laugh. Imperial measures are not decimal.

But what is very nice to see is how young people on TV quiz shows consistently fail to answer imperial questions correctly. Iain Duncan Smith are you listening? Your wet dream to get us all using lbs and ozes, feet and ins, is already lost.

What have the Europeans ever done for us...?

The Ghost of Windows Past haunts a street corner in Bermondsey

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Re: I like XP, Win7

Android: what's wrong with the web browser? Why, o why o why do you need an app for stuff that you can do on a web browser? Oh, yes, I remember: so they have more control of your data and can access more stuff than the web browser will give them.

* Would you like to turn on location tracking, says the browser (recommended: yes)? No, fuck off.

* Would you like me to send you alerts, says the browser (recommended: yes)? No, fuck off.

Can you do that with apps? Well you let them access all that lovely data they say they need to read. I DON'T install any apps (other than Firefox). And then I decline to share anything. With a browser I have (some) control. With an app I have no control.


Predictive Dirty Dozen: What will and won't happen in 2022 (unless it doesn’t/does)

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Re: "All office chairs are gaming chairs"

Ooo![1] To quote Michael Jackson.

[1] That's a short sound, and very high pitched.

Wifinity hands customers bills for Wi-Fi services they didn't want but used by accident after software 'glitch' let 'fixed term' subs continue

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Imperial War Museum at Duxford which many of us will have been to if living in the UK

Up the M11 you say. Ah, then that's near impossible to get to for anyone living in the north of the UK. You have two choices:

* Drive down to the M25 then up the M11.

* Spend the rest of your life struggling through single carriageway roads, packed with wagons and tractors, across country.

As with any other sort of infrastructure in the UK, it's shit. But as we've now left the EU, I'm sure the situation will change.

RAF shoots down 'terrorist drone' over US-owned special ops base in Syria

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Re: Military Intelligence

And thirdly 'shooting down a DJI Phantom hovering over your main base' with a 200k missile may scratch the base's paintwork. You don't want that.

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Or perhaps they blew up the building it was flying past and the blast destroyed the drone. It doesn't say if there was 'collateral damage' or not.



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