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Texas cops taser diabetic seizure man


Hey, you idiot blokes.........

I became linked up with this site by mistake, but explored it anyway.

I live in the USA and must admit there are many times when I don't agree and am unsettled with what goes on in our country. And, like you, I am not in any position of power or wealth to manipulate or facilitate the changes needed.

I was horrified to see what your people have to say!

What you don't see or hear about is that there are many dedicated people, from all walks of life, who do great things for humanity and country. Just like people in your country.

I don't overlook how wonderful your country can be.

Sadly, it is the same behavior of people from any country....it is more interesting to talk about the negative things and a waste of time on the positive. Unfortunately, the overlooked, positive things about my country is what you have missed.

Every country, all over the world, has had its share of idiots.

Your country is no different, and your history of blunders is longer than ours.

I have always dreamed of visiting your country. Not anymore. Unless I can pack a taser and find where your idiots live. It shouldn't be hard to find them, I''ve heard they have crappy teeth, hang out in pubs and talk out of their arsses.


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