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Microsoft still longs to be a 'lifestyle' brand, but the cupboard looks bare


if you don't succeed...try, try, try, try, try, try try try again!

WebTV, UltimateTV, Zune, Kin, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone...just about every single consumer hardware product they have released has been an unmitigated failure. Even Xbox is struggling to remain relevant with NO exclusive titles being released from here on out (all will be available for PC as well), and even though MS is hiding sales figures and losses by lumping it in with other products, it's a failure as well. They aren't doing well with Surface either, although better than most of their other efforts. We will see where this goes, but shareholders aren't going to tolerate too much more of this.

'My dream job at Oracle left me homeless!' – A techie's relocation horror tale


Moral of the story?

Dont fucking work for Oracle! They are a shitty company with a shitty boss that has a consistent record of screwing over their employees.

Whoops! Microsoft accidentally lets out a mobile-'bricking' OS update


seems to me...

That these folks got what they deserved for running a BETA version of a substandard OS! Seriously, guys, Windows Mobile is NEVER HAPPENING! Get over it and move on already!

PS4 Pro woes: Random display blackouts caught on camera


Re: Never had a single problem. PS4 Pro working perfectly here.

Good for you! I myself have had this issue with the PS4 Pro console connected DIRECTLY to my Samsung UN65KS8000. With or without VR connected.

Samsung's little black box will hot-wire your car to the internet. Eek!


Re: Work-around

Did you read about how some Progressive customers installed their little widget and it fried their whole car's electrical system? No? Did you then read about how Progressive isn't compensating these customers of theirs AT ALL for the damage? FUCK this technology, and fuck the people behind it!


Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope

Hell no! I am NOT giving my insurance company my data for "cheaper rates". They are already doing this with Progressive's "Snapshot" (which has an unfortunate ability to FRY some cars electrical systems, and Progressive isn't covering the damage either!).

I also do NOT want ANY way for someone to access my car, it's engine, it's doors, or the trunk via the internet! No way will I buy a car that has these features. It's just one more way that thieves can access your vehicle!

DO NOT WANT! Samsung, are you listening?

Surface Book nightmare: Microsoft won't fix 'Sleep of Death' bug


Anyone buying MS hardware deserves what they get.

Seriously. They screwed over MILLIONS of Xbox 360 customers, then only belatedly offered exchanges after a MASSIVE public outcry. They havent learned ONE BIT!

IBM to erase 14,000 people from the payroll – Wall St analyst


"You fired him?"

"No, we just removed him from the payroll, the problem will work itself out..."

Microsoft showers Office 365 sellers with gold in Google snub


They have a name for this...

It's called "hiring paid shills"! Thanks MS...we obviously are too dumb to make our own decisions, so having someone "educate" the market as to the benefits of your malware is greatly appreciated! /s

Waving Microsoft's Windows 10 stick won't help Intel's Gen 6 core


Unless we get "incremental updates...

Unless we get "incremental updates that rid Windows of the spyware, "Metro" interface, and the other NUMEROUS problems with Windows 10, I will stick with my Android devices and Linux. I am DONE with MS and their bullshit!

Wikipedia's on drugs again, complains Russia


Comrade Putin stuck in the Cold War.

Good luck trying to control INFORMATION, Comrade Putin! The only way you will be able to do so, effectively, is to cut off your entire country from the internet! But, you are too stupid to know this, aren't you?

Downloads for Windows 10 November big-bang build axed by Microsoft


IT "Pros"???

IT Pros don't use Windows 10. Most are busy keeping malware OFF the systems they are responsible for!

Why Microsoft's .NET Core is the future of its development platform


How many times have we gone through this?

It's DEFINITELY going to be C++! Oh, wait, I meant C#! Oh nevermind that, it's going to be .NET! Seriously, devs working on MS software have to be either:

a) Brain dead OR

b) dedicated masochists!

Microsoft Windows Mobile 10: Uphill battle with 'work in progress'


MS thinks a bigger stick...

Will help it beat that dead horse back to life! GIVE IT UP, GUYS! It's over, you lost! Move on!


Re: Huh?

Even after RTM it will still be in beta. Expect it to have plenty of bugs, shortcoming, and problem...and expect MS to say "Windows Phone 11 will fix everything"!

Oracle Java 'no longer the greatest risk' to US Windows PC users


The biggest risk to Windows users...

Is Windows itself. Just say no and move on to a better OS already!

Fed-up sysadmins beg Microsoft to improve pisspoor Windows 10 update notes


The problem isn't coherence...

It's knowing EXACTLY what is being installed on systems that you are responsible for! If they can't come clean and explain EXACTLY what the patch is, it's a fail. A BIG one. How are you supposed to trust what they are force feeding your users? How is a company (or foreign government) supposed to trust that a new NSA backdoor isn't being installed? How are users supposed to know that this "patch" is stable? They don't. I wouldn't touch this OS with a 10 foot pole...and I have rid myself of every other MS product as well, since they seem hellbent on backporting their spyware to Windows 7 and 8 too!

Donald Trump? No, it's BRAD SMITH for president (of Microsoft)


Best move ever!

Considering the oncoming lawsuits over privacy invasion...oh and ongoing litigation over their patent extortion in mobile.

Let's NUKE MARS to make it more like home says Elon Musk


Re: Ridiculous

Mars has 1/5th the gravity of Earth...the Moon has 1/6th the gravity of Earth. Gravity isn't the problem here.

'China and America can be best friends' says diplomat keen to CYBER



Anyone who thinks the Chinese are our friends is suffering from serious delusions. We WILL be at war with them...in 20 years, in 50, in 100...the Chinese are in the game for the LONG TERM and they are NOT going to be friends with "barbarians"!

Windows 10 Start menu replacements shifting like hot cakes


The Start Menu is the LEAST of Windows 10's problems!

I am FAR more concerned about the privacy (or lack of it) in Windows 10. I don't like how MS is hoovering up everyone's data, and I certainly don't like the part where they will give your data to the government if they feel you are a "threat"! I don't like that they are "backing up" your encryption key to the cloud, either. They can take this horrible OS and shove it. It will be a cold day in hell before I install this on any machine of mine!

Feel like you're being herded onto Windows 10? Well, you should


The privacy issues will be key for large corporations and/or governments

ESPECIALLY those outside of the US. MS has made it abundantly clear that EVERYTHING you do on Windows 10...especially if you use features like "Cortana", WILL be uploaded to their servers and WILL be shared with whoever they wish, including the US government. I don't see many Fortune 500 companies, or indeed ANY foreign governments, adopting Windows 10 for these reasons! It's "free" they say! UPGRADE NOW! (and don't mind the man behind the curtain, collecting all of your data)...

Time for a brutal TELLY-OFF: Android TV versus Firefox OS


Re: The thing to remember about Smart TVs...

The problem is, all of the better quality TVs will have "smart" features. You don't have to use them...but unless you want a TV with horrid picture quality, you are probably going to buy one that has the features...

Windows 10 won't help. The PC biz is doomed, DOOMED, I TELL YOU


Re: too late, I'm already gone...

If I had a need for a notebook, I would install Linux...but as I stated, I have my computing needs covered with other devices. I still keep it around "just in case"...I have it at my work right now, it's come in handy for programming remotes and other things that require Windows...but I don't use it on a regular basis.


Re: too late, I'm already gone...

Just curious...what about Sony Computer Entertainment has you pissed off? Yes, Sony MUSIC put a rootkit on CDs, which SCE had nothing to do with. Yes, Sony MOVIES has been pulling some shady stuff, which again has nothing to do with SCE. Clue me in.


Re: too late, I'm already gone...

The difference is, I actually trust Google not to abuse my data that they collect, I dont trust MS. MS recently had an "age guessing" website. Upload a picture, and it would (incorrectly) guess your age. Fun, right? Problem was, it was later found to be mining your uploaded photo's metadata for advertising purposes. WITHOUT disclosing this to the users. No thanks, you keep trusting MS, I have moved on.


too late, I'm already gone...

Sorry, MS. It's too little too late. I bought a Windows 8 laptop, and loathed it so thoroughly that I stopped using it completely. I get by at home just fine without ANY of your software...and do my level best to avoid your services too...no Skype, no Cortana, and I sold off all of my Xbox 360s too. Know what? I couldn't be happier. I use an Android phone, an Android tablet (sometimes with an external monitor, keyboard and mouse), a Chromecast, and a PS4. Between all of those devices, my home computing needs are covered. I can't see myself EVER going back to a Windows PC. If I ever DO feel the need for a desktop machine, I will use some flavor of Linux. Good bye and good riddance, MS.

Yes! Windows Phone lives: Microsoft to pump the device Kool-Aid



Because nothing says "trust our platform" like taking a 7.6 BILLION DOLLAR write off on it, right?

Microsoft says its latest, dodgy Windows 10 build is good for (almost) everyone


Nope nope nope nope nope

And it's not going on my computers either. Not even when they push SP1 out. Windows 8, and Microsoft's incessant drive to become the new Apple (making "walled gardens", obtuse approvals process, restricting other OSes from being loaded on hardware I OWN) has driven me, permanently, away. I don't care how inferior other platforms are, if they are open, I will use them. I refuse to contribute any more of my time or money to Microsoft. I am done.

'Android on Windows': Microsoft tightens noose around neck, climbs on chair


The noose is already around their neck...

This is just tightening it a bit.

Wanna run Windows 10 Preview on your Lumia? Of course you do. Now 33 mobes supported


You have a LUMIA???

BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA <gasp> HA HA HA HA! No, seriously, what do you really use?

Microsoft: Oh, go on, Xbox Live user. Show us your spammer


Simple solution...

Don't buy or use an inferior console. I have had ZERO spam messages on my Playstation. Not a single one. This despite the fact that there are FAR more PS4s out there than Xbox consoles.

Ugly, incomplete, buggy: Windows 10 faces a sprint to the finish


Re: A bike with legs and a square frame.

No joke...All they REALLY needed to do was put the "back end" enhancements on a Windows 7 UI and call it a day. This is still going to be a train wreck.


Re: Errr

No, the beta is when the software is released for public consumption. It doesn't leave beta until "Service Pack 1"...or haven't you been paying attention to how things work at MS the past decade?


Re: (who came up with that one BTW?)

You mean, sharing of notifications, like I do already with Pushbullet and my Note 4? But more proprietary and limited only to Microsoft platforms? GENIUS! :/

FCC Commissioner argues for delaying February net neutrality ruling


Why wait? The Congressional bill is going to be VETOED no matter what!

This guy is a tool of the GOP. There is NO WAY that any Republican sponsored legislation is going to get past Obama's Veto pen! There is no way that the President would allow the FCC to be stripped of its authority...and therefore there is ZERO reason to wait to act on this incredibly important decision!

Microsoft just saved Windows Phone... Now stop whining


Re: I have one and it's really good!

Why? You don't have to own a piece of steaming crap to know what crap smells like. It's got HIDEOUS support from 3rd parties...and even their OWN software works better on Android and iOS (Office, for instance). The phones are battery hogs, the OS doesn't get updates in a timely manner, neither do the apps themselves. The ONLY reason one would own one of these is if they are a diehard MS Fanboy, a fan of the Fisher Price color scheme, or an employee of Microsoft themselves! Everyone else has moved on a LONG time ago.


Re: More Windows Phone Landfill

Agreed. It's still a dead horse, and MS beating the hell out of it isn't doing anything but losing them more money! It's been over 3 years now and they are losing market share...down to 3% worldwide now...and with the loss of the Nokia name, it will continue to decline. ITS DEAD folks, time to move on!

No more free Windows... and now it’s all about the services


It will be a cold day in hell...

before I pay a "subscription" for an OS! Last I checked, Linux is free...and everything I want to run can be run either natively or through WINE on that platform.

IDC: iPad sales crash incoming ... Win 8 killing 2-in-1 typoslabs


Looks familiar

Kind of like the massive growth we were speed to see for Windows phone! Love how the numbers only work when they predict 17+% YoY growth for MS right at the end too! Hey, guys, can i pull some numbers out of my butt and make millions as an "analyst" too? I promise i can make even products as poorly designed as Surface, Windows Phone, Xbox One, and Windows 8 look like they are on the path to dominating too!

That dreaded syncing feeling: Will Microsoft EVER fix OneDrive?


Screw OneDrive, when are they gonna fix WINDOWS????

Sorry MS, but I have lost all confidence in your ability to provide WORKING software for my machines. Aside from work (where we just upgraded a couple months ago to Windows 7 machines), I have ZERO use for your company, your products, or your online services in my life. I am living just fine without your bloated code, your "metro" interface, and your underpowered, NSA-friendly console.

Yes, yes, Steve Jobs. Look what I'VE done for you lately – Tim Cook


But you also got...

iOS updates that brick phones, a bendable iPhone 6 Plus, a pastel themed UI, and icons developed by the MARKETING department.

Yes, profits are good now...but you can see the decline happening right before your eyes. Will be fun to watch.

Brit Sci-Fi author Alastair Reynolds says MS Word 'drives me to distraction'


Call George RR Martin!

He has a spare copy of DOS and a DOS version of WordPerfect for him! :)

Stick a 4K in them: Super high-res TVs are DONE


The article (and most of the comments here) are wrong!

I work at a major distributor in the US and the 4k sets are selling VERY nicely. (Curved sets, not so much) This is happening, right now. People ARE buying them, as in most cases, the 4k sets are selling for what a top quality 1080p set would have sold for last year. As far as content, we are seeing Netflix streaming 4k content RIGHT NOW, including their top watched shows, "Breaking Bad" and "House of Cards". YouTube also has TONS of 4k native content, including documentaries, "indie" films, movie clips and trailers and more.

So, poll all you want, nay-say all you want, but these ARE selling...like it or not.

Microsoft's Euro cloud darkens: US FEDS can dig into foreign servers


Doom for US tech companies

So how many readers here, who are not US citizens, are planning to continue using Microsoft, Google or any other US based company's email or other cloud services now that this ruling says that the US can just grab what it wants from servers on foreign soil?

I am guessing this will only accelerate the UK's plan to move away from MS products, as well as Germany's!

If this ruling is upheld, they may as well just follow it up with an order to prohibit any US business overseas, because NO ONE is going to want to have their data subject to US snooping!

WinPhone iView app flap: Microsoft to pull 'unauthorised' app... coded by STAFFER


just another case of MS flogging their dead platform...

This is similar to the you tube app debacle... MS can't get support for their crap phone platform that no one is buying, so they go ahead and make "unofficial" versions without permission. Which would be OK if they were making a calculator app or, say a flappy bird clone... But when you tap into someone else's content? That crosses a huge red line... How would MS themselves react if an unauthorized app tapped into bing or azure without permission? MS should know better, and I hope they get sued over this... Hiding behind the employee is pretty shady too! What is with MS these days???

Redmond is patching Windows 8 but NOT Windows 7, say security bods


The question becomes, then...

Is using Microsoft software, of ANY version, worth the inherent risk? If MS is showing that they are unwilling, or unable, to support their software, which IS still supposed to be supported, then they are breaking trust with their customers. Between embarrassments like this (and others) from security professionals, to the HUGE breach of trust with their love/hate relationship with the NSA, is it any wonder that entire COUNTRIES are banning Windows? Or that others are actively looking at open source replacements?

The effects of this will take years to fully be felt, but make no mistake, Microsoft is ACTIVELY harming their own brand with EVERY SINGLE STORY like this that hits the web!

Microsoft's 'CEO of no' on Xbox: NO SALE


Name ONE successful (and profitable) Consumer Electronics item from MS!

Just ONE. Can't do it can you? I can, however, make a list of their failures and money pits...lets see:

Xbox (never profitable, any generation)





Surface (RT or Pro)

Windows Phone

I could go on, but you get the picture. MS has been trying for YEARS to be successful in the consumer electronics space, but all they have done is flush BILLIONS of dollars down the drain! This latest attempt, to put "Windows Everywhere" is hugely misguided. I, and millions of other users, LOATHE Windows..ESPECIALLY Windows 8! We neither want, nor need Windows infecting our other devices. There are already superior platforms for phones, tablets, and even desktop computers...people use Windows, not because they love it, but because of simple inertia. Now that they have to basically relearn how to use the new OS, many people, myself included, have decided to move on to alternative platforms and avoid MS completely.

As for Xbox? WHY would ANYONE want to pay the same price as the competing PS4 for a console that isn't as powerful and that runs at lower resolutions and/or frame rates? Halo? PLEASE. The Xbox (D)One was a failure the moment they announced the specs...and no amount of "cloud computing" secret sauce, DX12 magic fairy dust or other software optimizations is going to fix the inherent problem of them using an underpowered GPU and slower memory! It's over, they lost.

Big Yellow loses its head... again: Symantec, we need to talk


What is a virus? A virus is a piece of software, designed to run unobtrusively, that takes over your entire system, makes it run like poo, and occasionally will wipe out critical files.

What is Norton Anti-Virus? A piece of software, designed to run unobtrusively, that takes over your entire system, makes it run like poo, and will occasionally wipe out critical files.


Shift up, Ballmer: Microsoft expands board, makes room for activist investor


Yes, because the solution to Microsoft's woes is to add more "Chiefs"!

Microsoft has been suffering from infighting between divisions and political infighting for YEARS...giving us such "gems" as Windows 8, Surface, Windows Phone, and the Xbox One! Solution? Bring on MORE board members! Sure. That will solve EVERYTHING, right? It's bad enough that there is no vision in Redmond any longer...now they will kill what is left with a company run by bean counters instead of innovators. Sell your stock now, guys, it's all downhill from here.



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