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Russian sailors maroon themselves in Bristol Channel after drunken dinghy ride goes awry

Stephen 24

Any chance of a Playmobil recreation of this thrilling escapade?

Deck the halls with ... oh, no. DXC tells staff they may not have a job in the New Year

Stephen 24

After 10+ years of these emails every quarter I find you become pretty inured to it all.

UK.gov lobs £25m at self-driving, self-parking, self-selling auto autos

Stephen 24

Re: Autonomous Anti Orange Clockworkist Ideas needed

Well, the car they've been testing with around the car park at the University of the West of England has a number plate with the letters "BAE". I'm wondering if they've been sponsored by Bristol's premier weapons manufacturer. And if so, what their end game is - vehicle based drones? Weapon payload delivery by car?

'Computer algo' blamed for 450k UK women failing to receive breast screening invite

Stephen 24


PHE oversees the service but who actually runs the service? Who developed and maintains the software? Outsourced?

LUNAR-CY! SpaceX announces a Moon trip-for-two it'll inevitably miss the deadline on

Stephen 24

2 people coming back in "one piece"?

Some kind of mushy puddle in the bottom of the capsule?

Hurrah! Urinals will soon be splash-free

Stephen 24


Doesn't a soft surface make them much harder to clean?

Virgin Galactic and Boom unveil Concorde 2.0 tester to restart supersonic travel

Stephen 24

Who are these people who are going to want to travel from third world Britain to a civil war-torn USA in a few years time?

Tupperware vehemently denies any link to storage containerisation

Stephen 24


I can't believe you caved into to their pressure so easily!

Fight 'em .

To the highest court in the land!

Take 'em for every penny.

etc. etc.

Picking apart the circuits in the ARM1 – the ancestor of your smartphone's brain

Stephen 24

I've always wanted to know

Can an experienced engineer look at a chip design photo/schematic and see how it "works" or do they have to drill down to the details and follow the paths? Are there common "patterns" that repeat across chips & manufacturers or is each chip unique?

Meet ARM1, grandfather of today's mobe, tablet CPUs – watch it crunch code live in a browser

Stephen 24

I've always wanted to know

Can an experienced engineer look at a chip design photo/schematic and see how it "works" or do they have to drill down to the details and follow the paths? Are there common "patterns" that repeat across chips & manufacturers or is each chip unique?

I used to understand the very basics of a single transistor but at this scale its just a pretty, meaningless picture.

North Wales Police outsourcing deal results in massive overspend

Stephen 24


From the supplier's press release back in March: "maximise efficiencies in ICT service delivery, releasing £3.5 million savings over the term"

Bosch, you suck! Dyson says VW pal cheated in vacuum cleaner tests

Stephen 24

"Brit vacuum-cleaner maker Dyson"

You mean "Brit vacuum-cleaner designer Dyson."

MADE in Malaysia. OEM'd by V.S. Industry Berhad.

Paper driving licence death day: DVLA website is still TITSUP

Stephen 24


Do the DVLA do their own FUBARs these days or has it been outsourced? Who to?

Tearful LOHAN Playmonaut bids adiós to Spain

Stephen 24

Entry to USA

Will you be getting your lawyers to live blog during the 48 hours you'll be spending patiently explaining this project to various members of Homeland Security as you attempt to gain entry to the USofA?

Reg reader fires up Pi-powered anti-cat garden sprinkler system

Stephen 24

Minor Issue

Can it tell the difference between the cats and his kids? Probably not too important on a summer's day...

BOFH: You can take our lives, but you'll never take OUR MACROS

Stephen 24


I hope Microsoft is sufficiently generous in sponsoring this blatant product placement...

NASA scrubs FLYING SAUCER over Hawaii ballocket mission

Stephen 24

Launch away from populate areas

How do they ensure the rocket fires off in the right direction away from the populate areas? Is it doing more than a strato-dangle(tm)? Can you get a Mach-3 rocket to U-turn??

NASA preps flying saucer ballocket flight

Stephen 24


So they're going for the launch of the rocket "after release" - how will they get it to point up? (presumably without the use of a fantastical flying truss(tm))

How much does a rocket that can go from 120000ft to 180000ft, can travel at mach 3.5 and carry an inflatable decelerato saucer weigh? How big a balloon will that need??

LOHAN bloodhound unleashes solar-powered minitracker

Stephen 24

The pre-launch checklist...

...must be growing to War and Peace proportions.

Would you re-design the internals to better accommodate all this kit should you, for some reason (ahem), need a version 2?

The Sun ERUCTATES huge ball of GAS at 4 MILLION MPH

Stephen 24

"Stay Tuned"

Reassuring that they think the radios will still be working then...

Wannabe media barons outed in UK local telly bid list

Stephen 24


"Bristol ... didn't attract the attention of the chains" seems to be incorrect - it appears to be part of the "Made in" chain.

LOHAN starts to feel the barometric pressure

Stephen 24


How about sound activated when the balloon pops?. Or doesn't it sound as loud in the thin air? Might make launching it a bit riskier...


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