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Privacy advocate challenges YouTube's ad blocking detection scripts under EU law

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And the content creators loose out.

Got hit with this.. seems like a progressive ratcheting up..

Whine screen (annoying but I understand), Try to run blank ads, Now 3 strikes your out..

Well used my last session to un-join the paid for channels (that AlphaGoo get their cut from) where I get in video promo's anyway.. Sorry content guys go blame YouTube for going Nuclear in their desperation to drive subs to YouTube Premium.

It is 20 years since the last commercial flight of Concorde

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Re: 3 experiences with Concorde

Concorde G-BOAG can be found on display at the Museum of Flight in Seattle. It's quite an experience to walk through the cabin, although the seats are encased in plexiglass. What's truly remarkable is how narrow it feels inside. I had the privilege of visiting the cockpit, and it's a tight fit for the crew.

The museum is also home to other iconic aircraft, such as 747 Serial 001, 737 Serial 001, 727 Serial 001, and 787 Serial 003. Another fascinating exhibit is the 707 ex-Airforce One, which you can also explore, much like Concorde.

I had the opportunity to meet some of the curators, and their passion and dedication to preserving this collection is akin to caring for their own children. If you ever have the chance to visit, I highly recommend it. Even sitting outside the museum near Boeing Field, you'll be treated to the sight of a variety of aircraft coming and going, which is sure to satisfy the curiosity of any aviation enthusiast.

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Visited G-BOAG

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to visit the flight deck of G-BOAG (the record-setting Concorde bound for Seattle). It was immaculate and appeared ready to take flight at a moment's notice, with just a few additional lights added by the museum for illumination.

The accomplishments of Concorde are a source of pride for both Britain and France. While it may not have achieved the same quantity of sales as a plane like the 747, it unquestionably demonstrated that innovation was thriving, and ambitious "moonshot" endeavors can succeed with unwavering determination.

Innovation should transcend the limitations of strict financial calculations. Remarkable achievements are possible when we have the audacity to dream big.

It's time to mark six decades of computer networking

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Re: Real reasoniong behind the resilience.

"The reason behind this is quite simple: The hardware of the day (including the links) was really, really flaky."

Have they really improved?? Complexity itself now is becoming the enemy..

HCL proves Lotus Notes will never die by showing off beta of lucky Domino 14.0

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Having been involved with Exchange since Beta 1, the focus was to build an Enterprise grade messaging system. Not a replicating database with email as an app. Connectors as bolt-on's (think x.400 was Honeywell code originally).

The market decided and the shift to Exchange was brisk, driven allot by bad share filesystem email products including MS Mail (boy do I have war stories about that product).. we needed something allot better.

Where Notes has excelled was in developing apps, and I lost count the number of engagements I got called into trying to migrate them to SharePoint, only to disappoint as the app needed to be redeveloped its no wonder its still has legs.

Microsoft may charge different prices for Office with or without Teams

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Re: Deja vu all over again

And lets not forget the heated drivers seat charge for use.. Seems airlines and local councils are taking lessons from the banks on fee's for every little thing.

What is Google doing with its open source teams?

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So many companies talk about their greatest asset are the people they have working for them. Well when it comes to most corporates, seems the reverse is true as they see them as a liability.

They demand dedication and in some cases huge working hours, they apply the salve of perks to keep you there working your ass off, yet when the profit drops not even perilously out comes the razors as they slash to make the share price look good for this reporting period or the next.

Folks wonder why we dont do great things anymore, its because companies are so caught up in short-term thinking, and the easiest way to placate the market is to slash the FTE count mindlessly without a view to the future.

Let open source continue to grow from strength to strength and let these fine people rise about their corporate experience to continue to foster the creation of great things.

Surely you can't be serious: Airbus close to landing fully automated passenger jets

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Re: reducing the crew cost of operating the plane

Airbus has been using Autoland for decades.. However this does need an ILS approach, three buttons and the Airbus will brake to a stop on the center-line of the runway.

Bigger issue is ground taxi, as with AutoDriving Beta's too many random items moving around between rampies, service vehicles and other aircraft.

Me, I want redundancy on the flight deck Autoland or not, last thing we need is to see a ground taxi goes across a runway and is hit by an Aircraft on a takeoff roll.

Or has life become so cheap, we are happy to consign 150-300+ people to death or injury to save a few bucks on an airline ticket?


Cisco warns it won't fix critical flaw in small business routers despite known exploit

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"Probably best just to say “fk it! yer on yer own!”"

I thought that's exactly what Cisco is saying!! After all "We are CISCO, resistance is futile!"

NASA boss says US may lose latest space race with China

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Re: Where does 'outer space' start?

Everyone knows its a big lump of Cheese!!

Its why the Chinese want to to start their own Cheesy Empire. And we all know that those folks in Wisconsin have a lock on Cheesy Empires. Cheese for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Desert!!


Southwest Airlines blames IT breakdown for stranding holiday travelers

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Re: Outdated scheduling software?

And flight volumes were 1/10th of what they are today. Crew/Aircraft scheduling systems make 3D Chess look simple.


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Re: Outdated scheduling software?

Root cause is likely under investment in the scheduling system. By way of an example when SouthWest were expand to international routes their systems simply were not capable of handling the expanded requirements.

Issue here is a system that works in normal situations, so its built for the 99% of the time what has occurred in the past week, is exceptional circumstances.

Like anything run it hard at redline levels and when it breaks it goes in a huge way.

As to their communications/crisis management now that needs a whole lot of work!!


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Re: Some FAA flexibility ?

Those rules are written after decades of experience.

Most (read All Airlines) would love to re-define duty hours, as the risk posed by tired crew is seen a cost of doing business.

Problem is the impact is measured in lives.


Lawyer mom barred from Rockettes show by facial recognition tech

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Big Brother

Damm the MSG has made me feel sorry for a Lawyer!!

So if she isnt working on the case are they trawling the companies websites for profiles, or is there some StalkBook / Linked in mining & matching going on here??


Boeing swipes at Starlink as it finishes two internet slinging satellites

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To spread the launch cost over more birds. Not rocket science just simple accounting


European Parliament Putin things back together after cyber attack

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Oh we must have some Putin love children in the house

Love the down votes! must be one of Vlad's many love children.. down vote away just another impotent display..

== Bring us Dabbsy back! ==

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Poke the Bear and get a reaction

Seems Vlad the Impotent has resorted to DDOS attacks after being called out by EU parliament.

I would have thought a rousing speech full of threats and condemnation and thumping of a lectern, followed by storming off stage right would have been just as effective.

Makes one wonder if Tanks are not the only thing they are running out of..


Europe to have 2 of the 4 most powerful supercomputers as Leonardo comes online

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You need it to play Microsoft Flight Simulator

Head of Microsoft Flight Sim - Jorge Neuman announced in a recent developer Q&A that their French development partner ASOBO is creating a release for the Jupiter super computer, this is expected to be the latest entry level spec for MSFS 2025.


US Justice Department requests more info from Adobe on $20b Figma buy

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Especially when you pay $20 Billion for them.. Money doesnt grow on tree's, just in subscriptions..

Australia blames Russia for harboring health insurance hackers

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Re: Victim Blaming?

This is simply a criminal enterprise out to obtain maximum value. They are simply making an example of Medibank's refusal to pay so they can point to the consequences when they strike their next victim.

State sponsored actors tend to be information gathers, I have worked on numerous events, some criminal some state-based and the later is almost always about gathering information and access. State based actors when they strike destroy/disrupt not hold to ransom.

These folks are simply protected as Russia wont dont anything about them, likely due to kickbacks.

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Aussie are no different to the average Brit, American or any other first world country..

We allow governments and corporate to continue to accumulate data about us without regard for the consequences. We freely post the minutia of our lives on so called social media, once assembled it so easy, the things one would dumpster dive is now laid out conveniently at our finger tips to search and correlate.

And we howl when this gets abused, yet we do little to change the situation, we line up for our free email account, knowing full well its being mined. We accept governments excuses we need to store and link everything together in one place. We put identifiers on census data so we make sure everyone completes it, for want reason likely nothing more than some mindless compliance.

For years others have been warning of the consequences of these honey pots, and to those would would blame the programmers, network and systems engineers have a look at yourself.. Is everything you have done is perfect. I certainly cant make that claim.

There does need to be consequences for corporate's and government but these consequences need to be painful and serious. Not some dinky fine that is a cost of doing business. Start jailing directors and you will quickly find the C-Suite quickly finding the $$ to properly support the necessary workers and upgrades.

But we also need to accept some responsibility as individuals.. The excuse is its inconvenient, too hard, or too slow I have heard a myriad of excuse to lower barriers. Privacy matters, but over time we have allowed or been lulled into thinking you don't have the right to privacy (or in Aussies case we don't have "rights"). Maybe I should misquote Benjamin Franklin

"Those who would give up Privacy, to purchase a little convenience, deserve neither Privacy nor Safety."

Health insurer Medibank's data breach diagnosis keeps getting worse

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Optus you are kidding!!

Having been exposed by Optus I find their self-serving letter a further insult. Add that to the four times Optus hung up as I tried to determine my exposure to their data mis-management. It took a legal threat to get the information so I can conclude the risk's I am facing from Optus' incompetence rather than trust their self-serving advice.

And now I am having trouble simply cancelling services. Excuse de-jour is "We are having system problems and can you call back at another time.!!"

Optus is now "Simply NO!"

Gladly not a Medibank customer, but do have some exposure to the hell currently occurring, reminds me of a volcano erupting in Hawaii just watching the lava consume everything and everyone involved in it.

Optus data breach prompts pincer movement of twin regulatory probes

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By all means keep the name.. but details such as ID document numbers no.. Use to validate and then destroy.

One major electrical chain here (JBHFI) insists on photocopies your id document (in my case a passport) when you do click an collect. In my case I cancelled the purchase and then purchased the same item over the counter without them recording any ID information!

And yes I have been exposed by Optus and am still awaiting their advice on what documents have been exposed.

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Well once again corporate addiction to data comes and bites it on the A$$. There is no reason once the identity is validated to retain the information used.

Start off by making the fines well above the cost of doing business. I have seen and worked on so many systems where historical customer data is held for far beyond the customers involvement,in some instances the excuse de juor its too hard to purge. Poor system design, built upon convenient /non-existent legislation creates these honey pots. Add to that better, cheaper faster (the clean up is someone else's problem) and you have the third of the country exposed. I do seriously doubt anything will change here as Govt is on the same data junkie bender big corps are.

Lufthansa bans Apple AirTags on checked bags

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Once again facts and fantasies at play

AirTags use Bluetooth, and last I checked on Lufthansa flights your allowed to use Bluetooth through all phases of flight, as long as the cellular functions are turned off. Yes there is a standing ban on the use of GPS devices, Radio's and TV's in cabin. But as has been pointed out AirTags dont have a GPS.

Per a Feb 2014 release from the jackbooters themselves.. "Lufthansa, Germany's biggest airline, said Thursday it will allow passengers to use a range of mobile electronic devices in flight on all Airbus aircraft starting from next month. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) agreed in November to allow the use of personal electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones, e-readers and mp3 players in all phases of flight."

Lets hope they train their pilots better than they do their policy makers as this is a plane crash in the making.


SpaceX Starship booster in flames after unexpected ignition

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Re: N1...

Well the folks at SpaceX did figure out how to land a stage..

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Re: I'm sure that didn't foul the environment much.

That was the remains to the white pipe likely an AC style vent.. kid of looked like shredded paper.

The Register recreates Apollo 15 through the medium of plastic bricks, 50 years on

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Re: "Why can't they make the Starliner work now"

Boeing acquired North American as part of the Rockwell sell off in 1996. Boeing acquired NAA, RocketDyne and Rockwell's defense electronics businesses.

So Boeing became the service point for the Space Shuttle :-)

Boeing is a shadow of its former self thanks to the bean-counters who set out to line their pockets, while producing rubbish product. During the Apollo era I don't think propellant valves would get stuck after so few duty cycles.

A bunch of apps will be able to bypass Microsoft's new store and use own update methods

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The future is already here

MSFS2020 seems to be using this model, My only interaction with the "Store" is for MSFS 2020 and a debacle that has become.. In game updates that wont apply.. After today's Sim Update I am done with it.. Either be a monopolist or get out of the devs way and let them accept responsibility for the install and updates just like the good old days :-)

Pipe down, Jeff. You've only gone where Gus Grissom went before, 60 years ago today

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Re: Do allow Bezos his moment of glory

Healthy Competition.. I don't think so..

Blue Origin

16 Sub-Orbital flights total (New Shepard)

Single capsule, blunt body re-entry from mach4 speeds..

New Glenn unflown still to get off the drawing boards

1 Airframe and Motor

1 Deal with ULA to use their motor


126 Orbital flights on Falcon 9

10 flights on one booster!!!

Dragon cargo capsule

Crew Dragon crew capsule

Both capsules capable of orbital re-entry

Flown 6 humans to orbit

Falcon Heavy - Largest capacity booster in production.

Star-ship under development

Multiple Engines (Merlin, Raptor, Draco, Super Draco)

And Virgin Galactic.. cant even make the Karman line.

At best a novelty for the rich with money to burn.. Know where I would be putting my money


Seagate finds sets of two heads are cheaper than one in its new and very fast MACH.2 dual-actuator hard disks

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Re: Is this new?

No not new at all.. had to think back to my NCR days, but Conner Peripherals "Chinook" drives. 3.5" SCSI more high throughput than capacity though.

It seems Seagate has resurrected/perfected the technology as they eventually bought Conner. Will be interesting to see what arrangement they have to interleave the data to get the additional capacity in the same surface area.


China announces ‘crackdown’ on Bitcoin mining and trading

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Re: 60,000 Nvidia RTX 30-series cards

Used only once.. Overclocked to breaking point for the period from Sept 2020 to May 2021. 90 minute warranty including unboxing


Philanthropist and ex-Microsoft manager Melinda Gates and her husband Bill split after 27 years of marriage

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And Bob leaves with Mom

Well seems Melinda can finally get sole custody of Bob..Bill gets Clippy, Bill also has indicated he doesn't want visitation rights for Bob.


ps: Rumor has it there is a land fill in Hanford WA, that contains all the unsold copies of Bob. EPA spokesman predict they will remain radioactive for the next million years or so..

Michael Collins, once the world's 'loneliest man,' is dead. If that name means little or nothing to you, read this

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An inspriation to all aspiring aerospace engineers

Indeed a life well lived. His contributions for my mind made him the standout. The Air Space Museum is a wonderful legacy, along with his quiet calm confidence. If you haven't read Carrying the Fire.. do it this weekend.

He may not have liked the tag of "Hero" but he would not disagree he was an inspiration to many to pursue their dreams.

I will be launching a rocket this weekend, and will make sure folks know its Carrying the Fire..


Computer security world in mourning over death of Dan Kaminsky, aged 42

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Wow what a loss

Gone way way too soon, a true netizien, not doing things because of the dollars, but because its the right thing to do!

To have avoided the chaos that would have been wrought had the DNS issue became exploited this man certainly deserves addition to the Internet Hall of Fame on its own. Add to that his often selfless contributions, where does one sign the petition!!

Dan's insights will be missed and I pray more live up to his ethos, they have big shoes to fill.


It is 60 years since the first cosmonaut reached orbit and 40 years since the Shuttle first left the launchpad

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Ah when we took risks to achive great things.

I look back and see how we are so risk averse it actually inhibits more than it protects.

Great things were achieved by those prepared to take the risk, can you imagine SLS/Orion doing its lunar flight after just one test flight of the booster to earth orbit? Not now we will wait years/decades at the current snails pace.

But I do wonder if this has become a case of perfect being the enemy of good enough.


What can the 1944 OSS manual teach us before we all return to sabotage the office?

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Re: passengers?

Nah, Now they are called "Guests" that way when you have done something that disagrees you can be quickly moved from the guest to "Karen or Geoff / Nut Job / Trumplican" and ejected with prejudice :-)

Microsoft? More like: My software goes off... Azure AD, Outlook, Office.com, Teams, Authenticator, etc block unlucky folks from logging in

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And here folks is why mono-cultures are such a bad thing.. From the looks of it this is a global sanfu.

Some companies like my own are now stuck, unable to communicate, because the local powers that be banned alternatives such as slack to appease the M$ gods, and what do you know we are now stuck with sms's and personal contacts in our phones to communicate.

I guess one improvement going to be a relaxing day until this get fixed.


I can see my house from here! Microsoft Flight Simulator has laid strong foundations for the nerdy scene's next generation

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AU Downloads

Seems that NBN there is some traffic management going on in the NBN network affecting FS2020

A full day of frustration, and thought that the issue was with the cloud flare servers hosting the content for download. Nope a simple switch to VPN with an AU outfall point, and its downloading as fast as my FTTP can take it.

Annoying as the ISP claims not to be shaping the connection to the US via the VPN is taking a longer path, (ABB is only 3 hops) yet without the VPN I am getting at most 1 Mbps. On VPN 89 Mbps! All my other access/downloads/rdp etc from the US today has been fine.

So lesson here is try a VPN to avoid the traffic management that may be present either in your ISP or the NBN network.

The second one will be just how well will it perform without the VPN running when flying. time and testing will tell.


Australian regulator slams Google ‘misinformation’ in pay-for-news-fight

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Yeah.. NAH..

This from an organization that allows Copyright Trolls to claim Public Domain footage as their own, because they are too lazy to look at the detail and threaten you with exclusion if you have the temerity to raise the issue.

Its time tech businesses are treated the same as other business in all respects not just were it suits them.

Its time for some antitrust cases, too much power in any place corrupts, simply look at the orangutan in the Whitehouse.

And Simon yes you should get paid, its great to see you back providing an APAC flavor for the Vulture, I for one missed it.


Fresh astro-underwear, anyone? Orbital shenanigans as Progress freighter has last-minute ISS docking wobble

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Re: Only 3 hours?

The ISS is on an orbital inclination of 53 degrees. This is required to allow the Russians to play as their launch sites are further north than those available to NASA and ESA. When this was decided, it led to the program to reduce the Space Shuttles weight as it needed improved performance to be able to lift the payload to the required inclination. You will have all seen the pitch/roll well that is the important part of getting it on the right course. A note of trivia.. the OMS motors on the shuttle could only adjust its inclination by 3 degrees if you burn all of its available fuel.

The rest is a matter of orbital dynamics. In Demo2 case they were doing allot of checkout ahead of docking. Those who watched the approach and docking would have also noticed the series of checks done to confirm abort behaviors for docking.

So can you do a rapid ascent, yes, as long as the ISS is in the right place and you launch at the right time. Now if you had a shiny new ride I for one would like to take my time getting to where I needed to.

For those who want to try the last 2000ft you can with the SpaceX docking simulator here https://iss-sim.spacex.com


After 84 years, Japan's Olympus shutters its camera biz, flogs it to private equity – smartphones are just too good

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Re: Olympus were special

Same here.. Started shooting Auto-racing as a teen with my Trip35, and got some shots that the then pro's were impressed (while shit caning the camera ;-)) Fond memories, and then when I re-entered in the Digital era think its was '99 got my hand on a little E100-RS. Talk about a wicked little camera.. optics were awesome for the size and MP of 1.8 well it limited you, but had this pre-capture system that removed the whole issue of shuttle/photographer lag, push the shutter button and the previous 5 frames are in the card for you at 20 FPS. Continued my investment with an E1 and then an E3, along with a decent collection of lens (50-500mm and lots in between). However I saw the writing on the wall just before the shift to micro 4/3rds.. Then it became a choice between Cannon/Nikon, the latter has won out and the D850 is a cherished family member.

And why do some of us think Olympus is done as a camera brand. You only have to look at what PE did to Kodak, Polaroid etc.. slash/burn and then whore the brand around.

Olympus will always have a special place its where I started and the lessons learned have served me well.


Beardy Branson’s 747-assisted sat-launcher can’t get it up

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Got it up but didnt "keep it up"

Sorry to see another debutante stumble on the first attempt. Maybe a little blue pill is all that's needed to help the beardy ones prodigies keep it up


What do you call megabucks Microsoft? No really, it's not a joke. El Reg needs you

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Simple but effective..


As we all know this is whats its all about how to screw the very last penny out of everyone.


It has been 20 years since cybercrims woke up to social engineering with an intriguing little email titled 'ILOVEYOU'

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Re: 20 years?

And I see your CREEPER, with my REAPER..

Bubba Von Braun

The weakest link

I was with a major financial institution when this hit, with 40,000 emails users in 42 countries the spread was broad and rapid. There were some 26 variants in the first 24 hours.

Apart from the morons who responded to why they opened the attachment "I just had to know who loved me.." was a favorite. One of the later variants was I have billed your credit card for $$$ (cant recall the amount) for an airline ticket.

Scarier still was the inability of AV software to come up with a signature that would catch it. Those variants all shared common code.. yet S$ couldn't come up with a decent signature file for nearly a week.

Scroll forward 20 years and I was dealing with a different set of morons opening an attachment that allowed a hack of a major multi-national organization. Complete shutdown and sanitize of all the servers and systems and a month of 24x7 care.

Some people never learn..


Internet root keymasters must think they're cursed: First, a dodgy safe. Now, coronavirus upends IANA ceremony

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Re: coke-bottle eyeglasses

Its the Twilight Zone eight episode.. "Time Enough at Last" Mr introvert was Burgess Meredith.


RIP Katherine Johnson: The extraordinary NASA mathematician astronauts trusted over computers

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An amazing lady

An inspiration to everyone. Never truer a term is used that we stand on the shoulders of those who come before. In Mrs. Johnson's and those who served NACA and then NASA they have laid a foundation in mathematics and computing still in use today.

It is a sad day. I think my next rocket will be named after her.