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Aw, bad day at your air-conditioned, somewhat clean desk? Try shifting a 40-tonne fatberg

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Considering some of the "dog logs" I've seen at work from inconsiderate coworkers who forget to flush ... I'd say if the mesh you're suggesting is open enough to pass one of these beasts then the wet-wipe will have no trouble getting through.

Like the Death Star on Endor, JEDI created a ton of fallout and stormy weather in cloud market

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Re: Jump!

Yes, it was Kosh who said, "Jump. Now!" If you recall, the Vorlon could "break off a piece of their consciousness" and place it in another individual so there was a piece of Kosh still alive in Sheridan at the time. It later had to be drawn out of him by Lorien to fight the not so nice Vorlon. (Sorry, I just got done watching the series. I have it on DVD.)

Daaa-aaad. She took my coding robot. No, I had it first

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Re: Mindstorms!

Exactly. The first thing that popped in to my mind was "this sounds a lot like Lego Mindstorms". Add to that how it scales and the LabVIEW interface and the imagination is the limit.

Google claims web search will be 10% better for English speakers – with the help of AI

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Let's call it 90%

What the heck is your metric for 10% better? This is just the digital equivalent of "new and improved" which is rarely either. Just call it 90% and call it a win because those that know know it's all bullshit and those that don't will be totally impressed by the effort. (My guess is they make a slight modification to the font and its color and proclaim victory. (Oh yeah, don't forget more relevant ads.))

Here's a tip, Google. When I'm at work searching for an electronic component, and I know the manufacturer's part number and type it in, the first result should be the manufacturer's website, hell, even the product page and not and endless list of where I can't buy the part or sketchy websites where I can download out of date datasheets and a lovely virus/malware to boot!

Hold on to your aaSes: Yup, Windows 10 'as a service' is incoming

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What happened to "If it ain't broke don't fix it?"

There's a reason I'm still use the 2003 version of Word and Excel. It's because they worked and did exactly what I needed.

I don't want a subscription, I don't want ever changing interfaces, most of your "new and unproved" isn't, it's just different, I don't want a subscription, I don't want the cloud, ... I simply don't want the majority of your innovation.

The real problem is software engineers need to continue to justify their existence which means we get change for the sake of change.

Windows 8.1 Start button SPOTTED in the wild

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Re: Aaaargh, why dont they listen?

Amen! Preach it brother!

Get rid of the damned tiles, get rid of the damned ribbons, and put the menus back where God intended them to be.

Netflix punters told of privacy change, get 3 months to object

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Lemme see if I got this right ...

The offended parties receive $0.00 while the lawyers receive $2,250,000.00.

Windows 8 'bad' for desktop users - Gartner's one-word review

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If It Ain't Broke It Doesn't Have Enough Features ...

As an RnD guy we joke around saying things like, "If it ain't broke it doesn't have enough features." The more serious side to this is, "If it ain't broke don't fix it!"

I know the fools in Redmond think I want to update my OS and all my software every year or so but guess what? I don't. Oh, I know, I know, I should update so I can receive more content from all the bigger, better, badder websites.

<rant> No, I'm not really interested in more stupid ads, even if the ads are allegedly suited to my interests. I don't want my desktop, laptop and/or tablet all having the same look and feel. In fact I don't want a tablet at all. I'm tired of all the spam emails, I'm tired of all the spam texts to my phone, I'm tired of all the a-hole telemarketers calling daily. I'm tired of cable and phone companies trying to provide me better service which only turns out to be a euphemism for me paying more for less. I'm tired of it all. </rant>

I think I'll be sticking to my 10 year old XP machine and Office 2003. Seems to work just fine for what I do.

Washington State to allow voter registration via Facebook

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Re: Now all my friends can register

I know I'm going to register most of my facebook personalities to vote in Washington. Eventually those fools will allow online voting so I'll get lots of votes. I can't wait!

Smart meters are 'massive surveillance' tech - privacy supremo

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I have to laugh at this. Of course smart meters are meant for surveillance purposes. God only knows how all the data gathered will be used but you can be assured whoever is gathering the data will be about as benevolent as Google and Facebook are in building user profiles.

Here, where I live, the city offered free smart thermostats to people, heck they would even install them for you free of charge. I know several allegedly smart people who feel for the trick. Summer hit and it's a comfy 40C outside and you've just cooked dinner and guess what? Even though it's 32C in the house the air conditioning won't turn on because you gave the power company and government control over your thermostat. You got to enjoy the sweltering heat until 8:30pm when the peak usage hours were over and "they" allowed you to have AC once again. I don't know a single progressive greeny that kept their free thermostat.

Some of the scariest words you'll ever hear: "I'm from the government, I'm here to help."

Why GM slammed the brakes on its $10m Facebook ads

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Dear GM,

One reason your advertising isn't as effective as it could be is because of your products.

1) It's hard to convince people to buy a lousy product from a poorly run company. Quality, fit, and finish have never really been a GM strength. Aesthetically speaking your products lag behind the foreign competition. 60,000 miles into the car and the interior looks faded and worn, the thing rattles, and it's completely uninspiring to drive. Oh yeah, and the trade in value is excessively low too. Why would I buy a car from you?

2) When I go to a web page and it takes a long time to load, and half the reason is because I'm stuck with some stupid GM ad that I have to sit through before I can get to the content I want, I consider that irritating. Generally, irritating a potential customer is not the way to get them to purchase your product.

People chase great products; great products don't chase people.

Corollary - mediocre products chase people.

Props to GM for killing Facebook ads, that makes you a less irritating company. Your problems however run deeper than just marketing.


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