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Document glitch sparks GTA IV ban scare

stuart byrne


this is the thing that takes the piss, the Government want a body to regulate games? do they not realise that the BBFC does or do they think the same thing we all do and that is the BBFC are shit.

i have 2 kids, both under 6. i would not let my son play them. i have heard of kids as young as 4 playing these games.

saying that, i watched robocop when i was about 5 or 6, i knew it wasn't real, my parents told me this and if i didn't wanna watch it i could just look away or turn it off. it's just like a cartoon, or power rangers. you have to watch it and then turn it off if it's not right.

sometimes simpsons is too much and that just shows you how things have changed

BBC mulls dropping Flash as iPlayer meets iPhone

stuart byrne


they should make this for all, i pay my TV Tax, sorry Licence, and i want this on my N95 and my PS3.

the problem is they go where the money is.

US man saved by bulletproof DVD

stuart byrne
Gates Horns


it's illegal in the UK to record TV shows, always has been, it's just impossible to police.

Docklands train runs off without operator

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if you have been to the 2 stations in question, there is no direct root between them. so 10 minutes is good going.

it's also not the first time that this has happened.

Five things Sony needs to do save the PS3

stuart byrne

ps3 owner

i know i am late on this, but the 525 i paid for my ps3 was expensive, got it from play.com with 3 games, HDMI lead and Click, so that alone is what about 150+ quid of extras.

update 1.8 allows DVD's to be up-scaled to 1080i/p, this i have with a standalone DVD upscaler which compared to the PS3 is pants. not only this but media streaming from a PC, i know the 360 can do this but its a very good add on. OK ps2 support is limited and a firmware update could cancel the support but hey, i want full HD games.

why is everyone so down on the fact that the PS3 has a Blu Ray player? it is the cheapest why to get full HD no matter how you look at it. most standalone HD players are £600+

also for the 525 i paid, if i was the buy the 360 today with the 54.99 wifi adapter, the 109.99 HD player and the 279.99 xbox360 Premium Console, costs 444.97, with no games, how is this cheaper? how is it better value for money, when it comes to about the same costs,

yes i am a "fanboy" but not to the extent of some, i just want something that impresses me, and the 360 hasn't so far, and i wouldn't wanna buy one in case it "red ring of death'd" on me, as they seem to more then is acceptable.

gears of war and C&C 3 are the only real reason for me wanting a 360, i just can't buy one for 2 games.

the PSP is a fantastic machine, linking it to the PS3 is a great idea, streaming on the go from a machine that will soon be able to make and receive phone and video calls at no extra cost.

i really cannot see why people are putting they down. Sony is Sony, they want to make money and make it fast and easy, we are the punters who by the stuff, you cannot buy it then moan and you can't moan if you can't afford it.

profit will always, not matter what be Sony's, Ninty's and M$ goal, just grab what you think is the best and see how it goes, i have and i hope i am right.


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