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Microsoft's equality and diversity: Skimpy schoolgirls dancing for nerds at an Xbox party



Do shaven headed girls tend to swear so often? I don't own a Twitter account but can someone ask her what happened to using non swear based vocabulary is she is so bother ed about being professional?

We tried using Windows 10 for real work and ... oh, the horror


MS should take note

I just want a slimmed down, low CPU utilisation simple to use Windows Desktop PC. Win 98SE interface is fine. Win 7 with Classic Shell or whatever is okay. Win 8 is terrible.

If I want a tablet, I will expect a tablet OS. If I am using my non touch desktop PC, I expect a UI that suffices. I am not blind, I do not need Tiles that take up loads of screen space. A start button and my applications installed on there or desktop shortcuts is absolutely fine. This part of the wheel did not need reinventing.

Do MS know why people make their own custom android roms? Slimmed down, removed bloatware, maximise system performance. They should take note of the trend, XDA and Modaco forums exist for a reason.

Still using e-mail? Marketers say you're part of DARK SOCIAL


You mean people dont post CD-R's around any more?

PayPal security boss: OBLITERATE passwords from THE PLANET


They dont remember Demolition Man?

Sci-Fi has already shown us that this is not foolproof. As Ableskiver has already pointed out...

Also, what if im physically located at home but i want my work colleague to log in and check my email?

What if i break my arm and cannot physically run my hand through the machine, or if i have an eye infection etc.

What is in future crims' start taking fingerprints off everyday things like banisters or the soap dispenser and so on and so forth.

FBI investigates ZTE cover-up allegations


but ZTE isnt an american firm

So how can it be subject to american laws? true they have a presence in the US but still, if this comes from head office then..

Samsung S3 finally catches up with the Palm Pre - if modified


Alas the future is here, no more USB cable fiddling!

Ofc they could just have designed a square USB connector block so it wasnt an issue putting it in any particular way...

But no, to the future, we all now need magnetic wireless wired charging pads yay!


wireless misnomer

yes it is technically wireless as there is no wire between the phone and the stone, but with it having to actually be connected/touching it is hardly an 'untethered' charging solution.

chances are the mat has a wire going to it, and the pad is just the touchpoint like how tehcnically its a USB connector not a wire that goes into your current phone, the mat just replaces the USB connector...

So is my current phone wirelessly charging?

infact if you look here on the RHS and scroll down, you can see where the charging wire connects to the Pre inductive block...


whats the difference between:

Plug socket--> wire-->USB->inductive matt

Plug sucket -->wire-->USB->phone

apart from marketing speil?

China hits back at Pentagon's cyber spy allegations


Im not sure what the US is complaining about. If the Chinese are spying on the US then they can only ever attain the technology that the US already has, but that only works 9/10 as well due to it being a copy no doubt.

What the US should be worried about is china coming up with new secret technologies in complete secrecy via their own DARPA or whatever they have. Surely this would be more of a threat as the US wouldnt know what it was or how to deal with it, which they can presumably do with their own kit...

Also, "US economic security" is such a broad term...Simply increasing the GDP of China is a threat to US economic security..The EURO going bust is also a threat to economic security...Anything that increases the wealth of another country is a threat ultimately...

What's copying your music really worth to you?


Re: CDs are only a delivery mechanism now

re - DVDs and Blu-Rays..

No they are hardly the same. When you put a dvd film or Blu ray on you're expecting it to run for an hour maybe 2 or three in often a seperate room from the PC.

When you play Music you might want to change CD/track/playlist every 2-3 minutes.

Im not saying that people dont rip their DVD or Blu-Rays but its more likely they are doing to sor pirate reasons or are simply downloading them as opposed to a requirement to rip them due to the stresses of opening a CD box every so often.

Off-the-shelf forensics tool slurps iPhone data via iCloud



If The Pirate Bay is complicit in allowng access to stolen content, then this application allows you to steal content..

then how is it not under legal scrunity as being a law breaking facilitator, which is also a commercial money maker?

Sometimes i dont understand.

ASA tuts at TalkTalk over broadband speed estimator


If its wrong most of the time...

"The ASA however, couldn't help but notice that the link was not prominent enough to make it obvious that speeds would vary a lot and most of the time the speeds were turning out to be lower than the estimate."

If its wrong MOST of the time why not fix the calculation so that it is correct most of the time? This simple fix would benefit customers and lessen the nead for big style asterisks eveywhere* stating that this is likely to be very inaccurate...

Even a broken clock is wrong up to twice a day. Does this mean that i can sell a broken clock as working, subject to the output being innaccurate most of the time..? According to ASA logic YES.

But then i raised points to the ASA regarding Virgin and their 'unlimited' internets. Whch is infact limited. and even though the ASA agree that Virgin do use the word Unlimited, they disagree with me on the definition of the word Unlimited, which i took to mean, 'Without limits'...

Spy under your car bonnet 'worth billions by 2016'



Okay, so i might only be driving at 60mph..but do they penalise against me getting there in 5 seconds? Surely its more dangerous to boost it everywhere at redicolous acceleration - which isnt technically illegal as there is no defined measurement on top of 'due care and attention' and 'dangerous driving' but these are subjective measures not absolute.

So whilst you might catch speeders, is it speed that kills, or injures, or is it actually the uncapturable dangerous driving whilst speeding that is the issue.

Speeding at 75mph in a 70 zone causes little additional danger afterall.


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