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Emma's Diary fined £140k for flogging data on over a million new mums to Labour Party

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I came here to see a flurry of bad puns about a plethora of new mums going into labour. I was disappointed.

Please forgive me, I can't stop robbing you: SamSam ransomware earns handlers $5.9m

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Re: Guilt?

Agreed. In the immortal words of Syndrome from the Incredibles "If everyone is super, no one will be" A laudable sentiment that ultimately got him killed. he died mainly because of the way in which he defended his philosophy, but the so called hero's were really the ones that escalated the confrontation simply because they could not deal with the fact that they would no longer be dominant. (this is really just my deliberately obtuse take on the plot because its more fun this way).

That's no moon... er, that's an asteroid. And it'll be your next and final home, spacefarer

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Re: Will our Descendants Feel the Same Way?

Agreed. Some of my favorite Sci-Fi growing up included some of these stories.


MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF CARS: SpaceX parks a Tesla in orbit (just don't mention the barge)

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Re: That simultaneous landing

They actually worked on making sure that the boosters did not land simultaneously. This was done to ensure that the radar signatures of the boosters did not interfere with one another.

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Re: Great Headline, Register

Of course the most obvious gag was HAL, being one letter shifted from IBM. I am sure everyone here is aware of this but I thought that since we were talking about the easily recognizable headline, I would mention it anyway.

Destroying the city to save the robocar

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Re: Obviously the solution is....

I think the point that was being made is that the risk is lower only if everyone is on the autonomous bandwagon. If you are not, and driving a non-AV, then you are the one increasing the risk profile and thus charged the prohibitively high premium.

Three words: Synthetic gene circuit. Self-assembling bacteria build pressure sensor

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pick up gold nanoparticles you say?

Well enough said, where do I sign?

Google touts Babel Fish-esque in-ear real-time translators. And the usual computer stuff

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Re: Well Done, Google, From The Large Unilingual Traveller Road Warriors Gang

Excellent! Now when a foreign person doesn't understand what we are saying, simply repeating what was said before only louder and more slowly might actually work.

AI quickly cooks malware that AV software can't spot

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Neural net they say. Connect my brain to the cloud they say.

No thank you not until there is guaranteed, 100% security and privacy.

Creepy tech tycoons Zuck and Musk clash over AI doomsday

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Re: Safer cars?

Vantablack is not available for sale to private individuals. If a car could be fooled by it so could a human driver who could be more easily fooled as people lack the array of detection devices available to a mechanical object. I think it is an interesting but moot point. The car or person would operate in the same way, they may either detect the presence of the object in relation to its surroundings (why is there a person shaped hole in front of me) or not at all in which case the probably tragic outcome would be the same.

Why, Robot? Understanding AI ethics

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Re: Different people?

No, I dont think that its the general population that will ultimately come to accept AV (autonomous vehicles), regulators will have to be convinced first and then it becomes inevitable as insurance companies drive up non-adopters premiums so high that adoption becomes almost mandatory.

Stop lights, sunsets, junctions are tough work for Google's robo-cars

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Re: Roundabouts...

I couldn't agree more. Certainly the car needs to recognise as much as possible without intelligent stop signs, pedestrian walks (pedestrian cell phone location services data feeds), traffic lights, road marking chips etc etc, but all of this technology would provide an extensive safety net, and where it existed, dramatically speed up the cars decision making times. It seems to me that all of the traffic control systems are really just designed for one type of driver, the human one, shouldn't we be now catering for the artificial one too?

UK milk wastage = 20,000 cars = actually completely unimportant

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Re: Unfortunately, the facts are otherwise

Hm.. 1 child per couple. Way to go there, dont you know that pension schemes are pyramid schemes?


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