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Cutting CO2 too difficult? Try these 4 simple tricks instead


Re: All hail the climate God!

To be fair, I don't see that it's making Greens rich, but it does wonders for their self-esteem. "Half of the harm That is done in this world..."

Osborne stumps up £20m of your cash for wiggly wonder stuff graphene


Re: A winrar is you!

Not that often...

EU's 2020 CO2 target 'will add a year to economic slump'


Let us never never doubt What nobody is sure about

Growth pays for better lives. For me it may be a larger telly, for others in the world it may be health and education for their children. The physics of climate change may be fine - the economics and politics are far less certain. We should spend money and effort where it will do most good. Does this really mean building windmills?

Climate scientists see 'tipping point' ahead


Re: There are too many people on the planet

It's not a fact, it's your opinion. What would the right number of people be, and how do you know?

Terror cops hunt laptop snatched from retired MI5 spookmistress


Museum Piece?

If it's the laptop she had while a serving officer 15 years ago, presumably its value is as an antique?

And 'turgid'? Rubbish! She writes excellent thrillers - I wish there were more of them!

Motorola Mobility loses to Microsoft in German patent battle


The real concern

Prior art is not relevant at present. The German Court won't consider it in an infringement action. Motorola would need to take a separate revocation action before a separate Court. Quite likely they would win, but it would take years and meanwhile the infringement ruling stands.

The real concern is that this system is about to be extended to the whole of Europe. Under the Unitary Patent, everyone will be sued in Germany, be injuncted and have to stop 'infringing' patents of very dubious validity. This is being done because " this is an issue of crucial importance for innovation and growth" (sic - van Rompuy). There is a faint hope that the UK may stand out against this, but Germany wants the system. The decision will be taken on 30 May. Don't just sit there, email your MEP!

MPs wrestle slippery bureaucrats in intellectual property Jell-O


Re: Why is the Register so pro-IP?

Who would pay the textbook authors? Who would decide what was published and what was not?

MPs: Unified EU patent court framework would hurt small biz


Re: Translation costs

No. It makes sense to site in UK, because most EPO patents are in English, and the actual words are important. And English is the language, not only of international business, but of European businesses that operate in more than one country.

But none of that is the real reason for having the Court in UK. That is because the new system tries infringement separately from validity. Infringement is decided quickly - validity (in Continental courts) may take years - maybe five years or more. So you can be put out of business by an injunction that - years later - proves to have been wrongly granted.

Best would be to try validity and infringement together. But the Germans won't have that. If so, the only answer is to have the Court in London - where a decision on validity can be obtained in less than a year. This is the only hope for a fair and workable system.


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