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'Only nuclear power can save humanity', say Global Warming high priests


Re: Nuclear gets my vote

You can't pile up that much coal near a plant. Google "Spontaneous Coal Fire" and "Coal Stockpile Fires". Even skipping over the fire isse, if you leave coal out long enough it oxidizes and weathers; bad stuff leaches out, nasty gasses are emitted, and the coal swells with water and becomes less efficient to burn. Plants in the US keep at most a few days available to lower their risk and keep their efficiency up.

Google brings Blink-powered Chrome to Windows and Mac OS X


Didn't read the actual article before ranting, I guess...

Didn't read the actual article before ranting, I guess... Because you clearly missed the "fork from WebKit" bit. This isn't a new, untried made by Google. It is WebKit with the increasingly huge patch-set that Google has been maintaining for the past couple of years applied permanently on a new fork.

Metric versus imperial: Reg readers weigh in


What we need for your IT nerds to step up to the plate and have it detect what country I'm in and give me the units that I want. And if you can work out a nice preference system where I can choose from some choices when logged in so much the better:

[All SI]

[SI except for beer]

[Mostly Imperial]

[All Imperial]

[Elephants, Furl/Forts, and such]

Apple will only reinstate mute kids' app if makers win patent case


Little girl signing

I was disappointed to learn the little girl signing in the lede photo wasn't signing something rude. Or at least signing "Apple". ;-) "I love you" is a bit cute for El Reg.

Java jury finds Google guilty of infringement: Now what?


If Oracle wins, does it lose Java?

It seems to me that back when Java was first being born, one of the biggest things that made it easy to adopt was how compatible with C and C++ it was. The first Java book I used just said "the operator precedence is exactly the same as C except for ..." and then had a short note about the differences. I had to dig out my C book more than once to get Java for exactly that reason.

If Oracle wins, does the C working group have a legitimate claim against Java on the exact same grounds that Oracle is using here?


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