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'You're BEAUTIFUL when you're angry' 'You SEXIST PIG!' Xbox One's fresh brouhaha


Re: Knitting and Defaults

The mistake is a campaign to appeal more to minority customer demographic at the expense of your majority customer base - ie refering to them as 'jerks' to appeal to the former. Microsoft is now trapped in a feminist victim matrix, they will probably never escape

Space hotelier Bigelow wants capitalists to FIGHT comm-MOON-ist takeover


Re: moot

I'm fine with that. However, i'm not fine with governments defending their titles for free like they expect and get in some regions of Earth


Space landlords? - well that kills any notion of a future technological panacea

The Moon will be as miserable and oppressive a place to live or work as the Earth has been for the last 6 thousand years

'F-CK YOU GOOGLE+' ukelele missy scoops BIG WAD of $$ - for Google


Re: I don't get it

"It is theft, the resources are funded through advertising therefore denying the provider revenue by blocking ads means you're stealing content from their networks."

Avoiding a monotonous, uninspired drone is theft? Hilarious


Re: yea google F*ck you

Yes, but now that they're under your real name, maybe everyone will think twice before leaving imbecile YouTube comments. Less Internet pocket lint.

And it also makes it easier for real predators to target people irl. So, two birds with one stone, eh?

Nice job, technology. Now we have to work FIVE TIMES HARDER


Land price (the price of individual liberty) rises with production. You can't get around this relationship by increasing production. Like a mouse trapped in a wheel

Plods probe death threat tweets to MP - but who will rid us of terrible trolls?


Will somebody please create a second internet for women, so they can exchange recipes and pictures of cats in 'safety'?

Banknote campaigner's Twitter rape threats ordeal: Bloke, 21, cuffed


Austen is such a miserable, dreary choice. Lots of women have made solid, tangible contributions. Jane Austen? really? What about Rosalind Franklin, to name one of many whose achievments were actually substantial and important

WAR ON PORN: UK flicks switch on 'I am a pervert' web filters


Re: Pointless

I think YM (with the benefit of after-sight) gave politicians far too much credit. Jim Hacker, while a buffoon, was at least, at heart,a somewhat fair minded, reasonable buffoon. 'The thick of it' is far closer to the truth. Ym is superb though

Schwarzenegger says 'I'll be back' for Terminator 5 reboot


Re: you people really need to give arnold some credit!

"yes said it all 3 because they were all great i never really cared for the story"

Ok..so you never had any vauge interest in the premise, ideas and so any sense of distinction by quality in this field is lost on you. This is a bit like my attitude to golf.

The problem is hollywood seems to be increasingly hiring people like you to make the films.

Boffin's claim: I have found how to get girls into tech


" try speaking to them like equals instead of idiots"

Not a good idea

You are likely to end up in front of HR if you do that


Re: Big deal, I can get tech into girls .. @Luke

The comment was made by man and so is likely sexist.

If the focus of the comment is male then it is male posturing, if it is female, then the comment is demeaning and oppressive. Ideally men should not make any reference to sex, unless it is unambiguously complimentary to a female (after asking permission first in a non-confrontational manner)

All comments made by women regarding sex are empowering and should not be subject to patriarchal value judgments

Not being sexist isn't straightforward, but is worth the extra effort


Re: blah

"I don't think we will ever remove stereotyping completely"

Why would we want to? Ganeralising labels are simplifications of a complex world, as are words and names themselves. so what? where is the moral issue here?


Re: Big deal, I can get tech into girls

"would you get a job somewhere where all your colleagues laughed uproariously at graphic descriptions of anally raping you every single day?"

Where the hell have you been working - a prison?

Women shun careers in IT security


Re: Many of the comments here reinforce stereotypes

"Our "brain wiring" is just as much a product of what we do regularly and as our nature."

That’s supposition.

We do know there are significant physiological differences between men and women and in all cultures men and women display significantly different preferences and responses in aggregate. Even if your assertion were true, wiring would take overwhelming precedence in most cases because it is there without further action

“On the other side is the fact that many women see IT security (and probably IT in general) as the domain of spotty geeky glasses wearing male teenagers who rarely raise their heads above battlements of pizza boxes and fizzy drink tins”

Perhaps; and perhaps the perception of nerdy-low-status is very important and negative to women because of their wiring regarding the social status of males.

Microsoft: All RIGHT, you can have your Start button back


Re: So obvious...

Microsoft complained that vendors didn't supply the correct hardware (touch-screen) to show w8 off to its best - ergo Microsoft thinks that office workers doing Nazi salutes all day in front of their computers really is the preferred usage scenario for w8.

Google's Euro antitrust offer: Fine! We'll link to our search rivals


Our politicians seem determined to 'solve' as many non-problems as they can. - I mean 'non-problem' as far as the average Joe is concerned

Harassed Oracle employee wins case, cops huge legal bill


Re: It all boils down to!

"Lets put it another way...... how about if that lady is your mother, wife, sister or daughter?"

Let's put it another way; say it's your uncle and he is claiming he was horribly harrased by a woman and deserves 250,000 compensation for all his anguish


Re: Good! @daggersedge

We can only afford to give special, elevated consideration to the problems one sex - If everyone (men included) claimed women’s special societal benefits (legal and societal) , the whole system would collapse. Women get these benefits because women are conditioned from childhood to expect special preferential treatment from males and men are conditioned to accept the hit without complaint. Society couldn't work if men were made legally equal to women. Please try to be practical about this


Re: Another Target

On the other hand, if they make a reasonable offer, Oracle are only wrong to the degree / value of the actual grievance. If Oracle scratches my car, i shouldn't get to refuse reasonable offers, hire the most expensive lawyer i can find and pass them the bill for the lawyer

Entangled matter the next big thing in qubits


Re: If....

I take a look at the coin :)

It reminds me of an old Steve Wright joke about a man who wakes up to find his apartment and everything in it has been replaced by exactly identical replicas

Bitcoin gets a $100 haircut on rollercoaster trading run


Re: Every so often a market develops around something improbable

"I believe Bitcoins will eventually move towards their intrinsic value, which I believe is zero"

Despite what many goldbug websites will tell you, value is not intrinsic to the thing being valued.

NASA-backed fusion engine could cut Mars trip down to 30 days


Re: why not just use the electricty to accelerate a gas ?

That's fine, but it amounts to claim that the fusion process here returns more energy than it consumes.


Re: The Kzinti Lesson...

The Kzin could learn no lessons from mere Humans on the suitability of a fusion drive as a weapon. Your inference is insulting and I demand you withdraw it.


why not just use the electricty to accelerate a gas (or something) using a conventional technique?

An expensive, complicated mechanism that reduces efficiency somewhat. Is this a government project?

Congress plans to make computer crime law much, much worse


Re: magrathea Jerome Fryer The problem of Anarchism is not within Anarchism

"That's exactly what has happened to the Internet, and it is why ordinary people will support more and more draconian laws."

Yep. I understood your point when you outlined it earlier with one sentence. The problem is you support it despite your theory modelling it as disengenuous


Re: Jerome Fryer The problem of Anarchism is not within Anarchism

"without realising it is your actions that drew their attention and give the authorities all the excuses they need to impose stronger controls on the Net in the first place"

Controls that you applaud even though you here suggest that the rationale for them is an excuse? Odd. But as this is just more of the same 'don't make me hurt you' abuser logic you defend in the rest of the thread ..perhaps not so odd after all

Build a BONKERS gaming PC


Re: Not all that bonkers, really

"A typical human eye can perceive about 15 distinct frames per second. Traditionally, "

True, you wont see - distinct frames - over about 15 but you will see a difference in smoothness. This difference is not subtle. There is a noticeable difference between gaming at 40fps and 60fps and another noticeable difference between 60 and 100. The difference between say 20 and 60 is profound and is the difference between all but unplayable and comfortable


"There are no games that I know of which tax any generation i7"

Actually there are. Arma 3 will happily tax an i7 - though the issue would seem to be utilisation of the chip. IL 2 cliffs of dover will also push a stock 17. By this i mean, you would get better game-play from more cpu. For most 'run of the mill' games what you say is true, but it becomes less true with some of the 'non standard' or simulation types of games.

Pyongyang Photoshop tomfoolery shows wet Norks, skirts blown up


Re: with two identical hovercraft

I agree..Identical objects in an identical lighting situation, seen from an identical angle, several hundred yards away are going to look pretty well identical.

Dongle smut Twitstorm claims second scalp


"For a woman this is an intensely uncomfortable and intimidating situation"

No it isn't. Not unless you factor in some weird, eccentric theory about the 'special' and 'vital' sensitivity of all women. For men it is a perfectly everyday and unremarkable occurence and for normal women ditto.


"It sounds like you've had some bad experiences with women Dave but you've obviously not met many if that's how you think you need to behave around them"

Shaming tactics?

He must be getting near the truth


Re: AC Idiocy

How exactly is a dongle joke, sexist? Is any mention, however indirect, of a penis, sexist? Is it sexist if a woman makes a dongle joke or makes an equivalent joke about female genitalia? Is this policy, and your opinion about what constitutes sexism, solely directed at men? I would hazard it is

They broke policy by making a lewd joke, Sexism is just a word thrown into the mix by this lunatic woman in order to justify behaving like a spoilt toddler

Bottomless, unsatisfied Xbox widow cuffed after boyf flees nookie


Re: "fugly ball of meat"

You are going around the houses to find an excuse for holding a sexist double-standard


Assualt by man against a womona is the man's fault

Assault by a woman against a man is also the man's fault...somehow


Re: Hint, kids (of any gender) ...

If the genders in the scenario were reversed, the man would be being 'too demanding' and to-boot also chauvanisticaly assuming the women was his property. Odd how, no matter what the situation, it is always the man who is somehow criticisable and the woman the 'victim' of him...somehow

Drunk driving: No more dangerous than talking on handsfree mobe


Re: As daft as the test on Myth Busters

My theory is that your mind automatically creates a context for a conversation the purposes of easy mental imaging and in the case of talking to someone outside the car that conversational context is outside the car.

Health pros: Alcohol is EVIL – raise its price, ban its ads


Re: Doesn't really matter

"How about they raise taxes on booze in supermarkets and use it to directly subsidise booze in pubs!"

Instead of wealth redistributiion to micromanage and shape the entire alcohol economy, why not repeal the smoking ban to again allow pubs to provide the services demanded by their clients?


Re: Tax the poor

"tax the assholes who get shitfaced on a couple of gallons of cheap booze every weekend and make everyone else's life a misery"

I hate to nitpick, but there is no extra charge in this proposal for making people's life a misery, just a charge for getting shitfaced. So you can still make people's lives a misery, so long as you don't get shitfaced and you will still get charged for being shitfaced even if you don't make people's lives a misery. See how it works? Also, there are already a raft of 'charges' for making people's lives a misery; fines and imprisonment


Re: In other news...

"I was with you until you wrote this. As a non-smoker, I still think back in horror to the time when I could happily be forced to passively smoke someone else's fumes"

The oppressive horror of voluntarily entering a smoky bar ..

Microsoft! Bing! must! make! Yahoo! more! money! moans! Mayer!


I think in all the years i have used yahoo messenger i have ever once been moved to click on one of the idiot news items that appear in the splash thingy that pops up. You would have thought that one item, once would have drawn my attention..but no; nothing but celebrity drivel and fashion every - single - time. I tried to use yahoo search once, but the same problem but more so. You are bombarded by entirely uninteresting diversions that you don't want to be diverted by. Whatever makes yahoo awful seems to be part of a conscious, consistent policy on their part

Ex-ICO: Draft EU privacy rules will turn every citizen 'into a liar'


Re: A paperwork delight

Perhaps it is more expensive to analyse your situation and comb through the information, deciding exactly what you do and don't need and why , than it is to simply store it.

Euro boffins plan supercomputer to SIMULATE HUMAN BRAIN


I wouldn't want that automated. Presently, it's fun to charter an accountant


They are biting off more than they could sensibly chew. They should try simulating something a little more simple first, like a cup of tea.

Wireless performance will collapse, prices rise: Deloitte


Re: Captain, we are detecting huge physical limitations. I recommend we increase shield strength.

If it's a scarce resource, then it will be charged for accordingly by the licence holder no matter what price the government charges them for the licence. The government charging a low price won’t reduce the scarcity or the price to customers; it will just allow the licence holder to pocket unearned money for it.

Engineers are cold and dead inside, research shows


Engineers should now conduct 'research' into the frictional coefficient, angular momentum and rigidity of psychologists

This week's BBC MELTDOWN: Savile puppet haunts kids' TV


Re: F*** me!

This sort of behaviour has be nipped in the bud in children. Lego boxes should carry a warning to parents about the dangers of certain types play encouraging terrorist attacks

Obama calls for study into games ‘n’ guns link


Re: @silent_count

"Cars have a purpose beyond killing people. Guns don't"

For many people guns have a purpose other than killing. You're not one of them, hence your reflex to dismiss this usage. What you have said boils down to "I have no use for it, there there is no use"

NRA: Video games kill people, not guns. And here's our video game


Re: An NRA spokespersons said...

"But that type of reasoning - deal with the problem person before they become the person pointing a gun - does not go down well with the huggy-feelgood crowd who would rather ban guns in the mistaken belief it ensures the safety of the children."

I don't think most of them even believe that really. This issue has more to do with power, control; making others tow your line. The worrying thing is that the reasoning used (if it saves a child's life it must be worth it) has no limits

Social networks give Australia a throat to choke



"Minor celebrities have also endured online harassment, with one hospitalised as a result."

How exactly is someone hospitalised by an online interaction?

Did they trap their finger between two keys and go to hospital to have the keyboard removed with vaseline?