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Flash-based iPlayer is go

Stephen Pegrum


Using Ubuntu 7.10.

(Had to upgrade to a newer version of flash before full screen would work - same version for both Windows and Linux!)

Just caught up with the last episode of Top Gear - Brilliant. Brilliant.

Who needs windows now?!

I just wish the Beeb hadn't wasted license player's money on the other thing.....


Linux desktops grow and grow and grow

Stephen Pegrum

Info Sources

As a linux convert with 5 PCs at home I was particularly irritated by the comment "There is no adoption growth rate among the general public. Those using Linux for anything different than a server are just a a few thousands worldwide, a very small percentage, absolutely smaller than OS X."

Based on What? Is there really any reliable data on numbers of linux users?

However one interesting place you might like to look esp if you are a Skype user is in the skype forums here:


I would suggest that it is possible to judge platform usage from the numbers of posts for each type of platform,

If so, at time of writing this (23Nov2007) the proportion of desktop platfoms is like this.

Windows: 76%

Mac OS X: 14%

Linux: 10%

This may well focus on domestic users and you may even say Linux users need more support, but I would have though it is reasonable to say that 5-10% of domestic PCs are runnig Linux and that they are only slightly behind MacOS. That's a huge number!

Good weekend everyone!

Dell's Linux sleight of hand

Stephen Pegrum

It's quite simple really

Mind you I had to find the link from the Ubuntu website at


Here are the national links

UK - http://www.dell.co.uk/ubuntu - priced in GBP

France - http://www.dell.fr/ubuntu - priced in Euro

Germany - http://www.dell.de/ubuntu - priced in Euro

I might even order one myself

Microsoft strips Office from charity PC scheme

Stephen Pegrum

MS opens the door

Who needs MSOffice? (let alone MSWorks - who the heck uses that nonsense ?!)

Have these refurbishers heard of OpenOffice?

Please please anyone worried about this should visit www.openoffice.org immediately and download a free copy!


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