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Apple's at it again: Things go pear-shaped for meal planner app after iGiant opposes logo

Mitoo Bobsworth

Just checking -

I'm thinking of writing an app that sends advance warnings every time Apple behaves like a bunch of over zealous arse-hats - anyone know if they've trademarked 'iC*nt' yet?

From July, you better be Putin these Kremlin-approved apps on gadgets sold in Russia

Mitoo Bobsworth

Sorry comrade, your phone's caught a bad case of NKVD.

Stalin would have creamed his khaki's for this kind of surveillance.

PSA: You are now in the timeline where Facebook and pals are torn a new one by, er, Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen

Mitoo Bobsworth

On Point.

Sadly, this kind of crap has been going on for centuries - Sacha's point, I think, is the massive availability of bullshit via digital delivery systems & the feeble excuses used by the big six in pursuit of monetization. I flunked most sciences at school, but I'm pretty sure the algorithms written for these platforms are going to be highly motivated by the interest of maximising turnover. The 'freedom of speech' and 'both sides of the story' propositions are pretty feeble when hate speech, nationalist propoganda or proveable lies are given space to those with significant financial means.

Surveillance kit slinger accused of slapping 'Made in America' on Chinese gear, selling it to the US government

Mitoo Bobsworth

More Americans Get Arseholed

Gotta love that US snake-oil. Fantastic stuff. Even works for Military applications.

Not just adhesive, but alcohol-resistant adhesive: Well done, Apple. Airpods Pro repairability is a zero

Mitoo Bobsworth

Oh, well

I use a late 2013 iMac for graphics work, & I reluctantly bought a reconditioned iphone 5s a few years ago - surprisingly, both are still going well. As far as their current offerings go, I regard them as mostly expensive landfill.

Sleeping Tesla driver wonders why his car ploughed into 11 traffic cones on a motorway

Mitoo Bobsworth

Next up...

The question is, narcoleptic issues aside, will he be thick enough to file a lawsuit?

It's official! The Register is fake news… according to .uk overlord Nominet. Just a few problems with that claim, though

Mitoo Bobsworth

Horrible scalping bastards.

Uber's disturbing fatal self-driving car crash, a new common sense challenge for AI, and Facebook's evil algorithms

Mitoo Bobsworth

Aircraft can take off, fly & land on automated systems also.

But would you REALLY like to fly on a plane with no pilot?

Fleeing Facebook app users realise what they agreed to in apps years ago – total slurpage

Mitoo Bobsworth

I'm (not) sorry

Zucks "we don't deserve..." apology was 100% unconvincing.

If he wants to slurp data about my guitar parts buying preferences or curse word count per sentence, he's welcome to it. I'm sure the authorities would be riveted by my ability to buy a pair of Gretch filtertron pickups for a "fucking bargain"

Facebook's inflection point: Now everyone knows this greedy mass surveillance operation for what it is

Mitoo Bobsworth


Zuckerberks apology is about as authentic as the facial hair he will never grow.

Half the world warned 'Chinese space station will fall on you'

Mitoo Bobsworth

It could land on the White House -

Currently the only place on Earth capable of absorbing all the toxins.

Fancy sitting in a Level 4 driverless car roaming London? Get in line

Mitoo Bobsworth

Will I be burned riding this?

Looks like a Toaster. Can they design it to look more car-like?

Facebook regrets asking whether it's OK to let adult men ask underage girls for smut pix

Mitoo Bobsworth

Re: Fixed it for you.

Ole Juul

• This content should be allowed on Facebook, and I would pay to see it, cackle with glee & post it to everyone I know.

Mitoo Bobsworth

Fixed it for you.

In thinking about an ideal world where you could set Facebook's policies, how would you handle the following: Someone posts an image of Mark Zuckerberg screwing a chicken.

• This content should be allowed on Facebook, and I would not mind seeing it.

• This content should be allowed on Facebook, and I would not mind seeing it.

• This content should be allowed on Facebook, and I would not mind seeing it.

• This content should be allowed on Facebook, and I would not mind seeing it.

April Fool: FCC finally bothers with Puerto Rico as chairman visits

Mitoo Bobsworth

Re: Unbelievable

Entirely believable, sadly - This is what happens when arseholes, idiots, misogynists & sycophants wrest the reins of power & position from common sense & decency into their avaricious hands Bless their black little hearts with coronary disease.

Rhode Island proposes $20 porn tax. Er, haven't we heard this before?

Mitoo Bobsworth

"I bet they'll blame some catastrophe on porn, "

I'm not sure an outbreak of people jerking themselves to death with their right hand is going to make for politically gainful headlines.

On the other hand, this is America...

Reddit 'fesses up to just a little Russian reaming

Mitoo Bobsworth

Re: Exceptionalists always have issues with reality and nonsense

To be fair, there are Americans who have withstood the standard diet of bullshit & snake oil well - it's just a shame that we seldom get to see or hear them through the constant noise & haze of media sensationalism.

Television - the drug of the Nation - breeding ignorance - & feeding radiation.

La, la, la, I can't hear you! Apple to challenge Bose's noise-proof cans

Mitoo Bobsworth

What to call them...





Contributions welcome.

New algorithm could help self-driving cars scout out hidden objects

Mitoo Bobsworth

New algorithm could help self-driving cars scout out hidden objects

Like Speed Cameras?

News lobsters demand to be let back into the Facebook boiling pot

Mitoo Bobsworth

Leave it

If you get your news from Facebook, you're already lost.

Symantec ends cheap Norton offer to NRA members

Mitoo Bobsworth

Bare arms, fine - bare legs, though, are just too provocative.

Mitoo Bobsworth


The NRA said, in a statement, that companies who end corporate relationships with it have indulged in "a shameful display of political and civic cowardice."

Wankers - that's all.

Mac Pro update: Apple promises another pricey thing it will no doubt abandon after a year

Mitoo Bobsworth


I do a lot of in-house Photo Retouching & Video editing on a Freelance basis & I have worked for several clients who were rather chuffed that they could offer their 'temp' a Mac Pro to work on. Sad to say that, in every instance, it was an underwhelming experience & I found no advantage over my humble 2013 fully maxed out iMac. Besides, the shape & port access/layout is just silly IMHO - an example of form over function for me.

Repentant priest from Cuntis sorry he dressed as Hugh Hefner

Mitoo Bobsworth

Re: Cuntis

Well, there is a small town in the Chichester District of West Sussex called Cocking - maybe the residents should meet up somewhere for some sort of exchange. I know of this Amish village in Pennsylvania, USA, called Intercourse...

Apple's 'lappable' iPad Pro concept is far from laughable

Mitoo Bobsworth

And you know this via....???

Mitoo Bobsworth


Sounds like a strip joint! Better descriptor needed.

(Oh, God! I'm getting the images in my head now.)

Prenda Law's copyright-trolling shakedown scam slammed AGAIN

Mitoo Bobsworth

Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of guys.


'Apple ate my music!' Streaming jukebox wipes 122GB – including muso's original tracks

Mitoo Bobsworth

Never bothered

I have my old 24" iMac set up as a jukebox with iTunes 10.7 - any version after that was a turd IMHO.

I tried the iClouding thing with my recent 27" acquisition running El Cap - completely underwhelmed. I'll be sticking to my own tried & true backup/archiving regime.

When is making $20bn in three months not enough? When your name is Google

Mitoo Bobsworth


Somebody please round up these pricks, tie them to an old garbage scow, tow them out to the deepest part of the ocean & sink it. That kind of insatiable appetite makes Monty Python's Mr Creosote look positively anorexic.

FBI boss: We paid at least $1.2m to crack the San Bernardino iPhone

Mitoo Bobsworth

Please lose this - loser!

"More than I will make in the remainder of this job, which is seven years and four months, for sure,"

Nothing is for sure, pal. (Crosses fingers, wishes REALLY hard.)

Woz says wearables – even Apple Watch – aren't 'compelling'

Mitoo Bobsworth

I have an idea that ...

... if Mr Jobs had been around when the Apple Watch concept was presented, he would have said some thing along the line of -

"Are you nuts?"

Boaty McBoatface 'wins'

Mitoo Bobsworth

Grow a Funny bone

'RRS Boaty McBoatface'

How fun is that, not only for adults with a sense of humour, but also for engaging kids in the sciences for years to come. The P.R. value alone is priceless. Come on guys, work it!

House passes broadband bill despite promise of White House veto

Mitoo Bobsworth

To quota a David Bowie song ...

' I'm afraid of americans '

Web backup biz Monster Cloud monstered after monster price hike

Mitoo Bobsworth

The thing about clouds ...

... is that sooner or later they evaporate - even monster ones.

Apple pulled 2,204lbs of gold out of old tech gear

Mitoo Bobsworth

Love 'em or hate 'em...

"...the design and assembly of Apple hardware contributes to the waste problem by making the devices difficult to repair and forcing customers to toss out their old phones and tablets when they break or are replaced."

Which is how consumer commerce works, and (for better or worse) Apple are really good at it. You don't make piles of cash by selling stuff that lasts or is easy & cheap to fix.

You won't believe this, but… nothing useful found on Farook iPhone

Mitoo Bobsworth

Another glass turd from the authorities

It was never about the info on that phone, it is about more access, more intrusion, more control. The more detail & background reportage that came out on the incident, the more transparent the feds' bullshit became.

NBN shenanigans: someone wants broadband speeds hidden

Mitoo Bobsworth

Re: "... had to be confidentialised ..."


Mitoo Bobsworth

Re: New bandwidth terminology

How about 'Frustratingly Unfathomable, Grossly Obfuscated Flim - Flam' - acronym F.U.G.O.F.F. , which is basically what they're saying to the masses.

Dear Windows, OS X folks: Update Flash now. Or kill it. Killing it works

Mitoo Bobsworth

Genuine query

I recently upgraded to a new machine & started with clean installs of everything, SANS Flash. However I still use chromium for the odd website & was wondering if pepper flash is as susceptible - I would like to keep my new setup free of cooties for as long as possible.

Humans get 'aroused' fondling robots in their private areas – study

Mitoo Bobsworth

"Bumblebee, stop lubricating the man."

As long as it's consensual & they're both happy, it shouldn't be a problem.

Honestly, science can be so pervy sometimes...

Pothole campaigner sprays Surrey street with phallic paintings

Mitoo Bobsworth

"a semi at 69 Cock Lane"

Fell off my chair laughing!

Apple tells iPhone court 'the Founders would be appalled' by Feds

Mitoo Bobsworth

Yeah, right!

"Director Comey also admitted that the FBI could have opened the iPhone easily but locked it mistakenly..."

Mistakenly? Oh, reeeeaaallllly?

FBI says NY judge went too far in ruling the FBI went too far in forcing Apple to unlock iPhone

Mitoo Bobsworth

I bet real money...

... that there is zero relevant information on that iPhone - I read that the Feds found several smartphones at the couples residence that had been smashed prior to their awful rampage, & that the iPhone was one supplied to Farook by the San Bernadino Public service agency he worked at. It just doesn't follow that he would use THAT phone to communicate with any terrorist cell or handler.

For some reason, sadly, I keep being reminded of the awful 'Enabling' act passed into law by a certain National Socialist party all those years ago.

Yelp-for-people app Peeple is back – so we rated Julia, its cofounder

Mitoo Bobsworth

If this thing takes off ...

... a simple request to anyone with the requisite knowledge & inclination - could you please change the name to 'Pimple' - as we all know, a small but inflammatory & sometimes painful infection that intrudes on the face of humanity.

Mitoo Bobsworth

Re: The real reason Peeple is back:

1) Money.

2) Money.

3) Money.

Mitoo Bobsworth

Re: At least they're restricting it to residents of Canada

Exactly - If you can't say something nice aboot someone, don't say anything aboot them at all.

Mitoo Bobsworth

Oh Dear, Oh dear, Oh Dear...

This is simply ambition without brains ( & perhaps conscience). And this is the worst bit -

"… it will soon introduce a "Truth Licence" which, for a buck a day, will let you see whatever people have written about you, regardless of whether you have disallowed it and even, it seems, if you have "deleted" it."

So -

a) EVERY comment is retained? And what happens when this site gets hacked? ( and it will be hacked )

b) Truth Licence? Are you sure thats not "Pay to be humiliated" Licence? This is like an online version of Monty Python's "Argument" sketch.

One look at the comments section on Youtube is bad enough these days. Everyone has a right to express themselves - I get that. However, it doesn't follow that everyone should. If these two apparently naive individuals go ahead with this in the current FUD filled atmosphere soaking the USA - well, good luck to them.

Latest in Apple v FBI public squabble over iPhone crack demand

Mitoo Bobsworth


I read that the couple had other mobile phones which they destroyed before their rampage - surely those would have been the most likely to have produced some evidence. Why smash them otherwise?

Also, if Farook was working in a public service capacity, surely the last thing a covert terrorist (if he & his partner were so) would want would be to raise suspicion or leave a trail by using a work supplied phone. The records suggest he made "sporadic" icloud backups of the iPhone in question.

Seems to me the Feds are leveraging this tragedy with a rather overbearing focus on the encryption/decryption agenda. That the San Bernardino officials changed the iCloud password at the behest of the FBI only makes me more suspicious.

Trump's new thought bubble: Make Apple manufacture in the USA

Mitoo Bobsworth


Trump is a narcissistic fuckwit - by giving him publicity, you are feeding the monster.

Stop it.


Opera Jon's sparkling Vivaldi proves the browser isn't dead

Mitoo Bobsworth

Would love to try this...

...unfortunately, when I scan the app on a mac with clamxav it comes up with this alert

Vivaldi 1.0.303.32/Vivaldi.app Html.Exploit.CVE_2014_4138

So in the trash it goes.



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