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VMware sued, accused of ripping off Linux kernel source code


I have given $50, dont mind if they spend it on beer either :)

US Navy's LASER CANNON WARSHIP: USS Ponce sent to Gulf


science eh?

however impressive military technology may be, it does not further our understanding of the physical universe. The reg needs another category for articles like this so I can avoid navigate to them more easily. What about 'shooting stuff' or 'shoot fast and often' or just 'blowing stuff up'

Baldness fix from foreskin follicles


stiff neck

only when I get excited.

Canadian comet impact fingered for triggering prehistoric climate shift


more info please

If you are curious like me you wanted to see pictures of this thing


The Register lands in Australia


what about 'regie didge'

Y'now i would go for an ipad, but i bet it would come loaded with iOS6. And speaking as I am having had first hand disappointment in apples maps app, could we please win an ipad with an earlier version of iOS?

Forget 'climate convert' Muller: Here's the real warming blockbuster


Re: Simple! Just ignore data you don't like

if the weather station reports a high temperature because of ashpalt or not, is of secondary importance.

Because the issue is about the change in temperature over time, if they are high at the start of the period because of X environmental factor, they will be high at the end of the period also. The impact of this elevated reading is secondary because its the relative difference which is important here, not the absolute values.

Pirate island attracts more than 100 startup tenants



this is the future of offshoring/bestshoring

or is that thebestshoring, or noshoring..

or just another loophole.