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FBI redefines length of century

Robert Sandstedt

Ruh roh! 2007 has been rextraordinarily rendered...

Err... rextradited? ...rendited? umm... well, had some made up verb done to it.

Google News fails to Digg-ify itself

Robert Sandstedt

unfettered commentary more entertaining

El Reg should know about that eh...

Belkin unveils Wireless USB hub

Robert Sandstedt

The point...

It would be useful to know if the device will be able to work with pointing devices, keyboards, and other interface devices.

Fast flux foils botnet takedown

Robert Sandstedt

Own medicne

Aren't the bots already vulnerable to exploits? We know that the bots can be attacked by other malware, as reported by El Reg. Why not have a law enforcement variety of trojan that causes the infected bot to report back to the agency, or a simple kill script that drops the bot off the network?

Many enterprise AV packages support this type of functionality off the shelf, so another option is for service providers to include a managed AV solution to secure their client base.

Student's suspension for IM buddy icon upheld by US court

Robert Sandstedt


"Children are sent to school to learn. When they are adults, they can make up their own minds and say whatever the want. Within boundaries agreed by civil society. Bong hits 4 Jesus and violent death wishes don't belong in schools or for that matter most anywhere else."

It didn't happen at school... The kid was being a misanthrope on his own time. The school has no business disciplining children for activities that happen away from school, outside of school hours. One thing is for sure, turning in your neighbor has now been reinforced as a desirable behavior.

Robert Sandstedt

Fecking moronic

The kid deserved punishment, but not by the school system. There once was a time when such behavior would have resulted in a conference between the school and the parents to resolve the issue. Instead we get a courtroom drama and now independent thinking can be squashed with glee by educators across the nation.

The next generation of sheeple is now assured success.

Theatre and democracy in Second Life

Robert Sandstedt

Just because it's not your cup of tea...

... doesn't mean it's trash.

I mean, seriously, don't you people have anything better to do than whinge about a feature that you don't like?

Or, are you maybe jealous that you don't "get" sadville?

Asus shows off bamboo-clad 'eco' laptop

Robert Sandstedt

Eco friendly?

Right. Chop down a bunch of bamboo to make schmancy laptop skins, rather than say, donate to a land conservation fund, or invest in cleaner materials for the laptops proles can afford.

Way to distract, Asus.

Microsoft strips Office from charity PC scheme

Robert Sandstedt

OpenOffice.Org anyone?

The OSS should be doing cartwheels over this PR opportunity.


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