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Data for 100m Facebook accounts published to BitTorrent

Rob Sked

If only Ron knew . . . .


Apple iTunes Store goes '100% DRM-free' - allegedly

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I found this confusing.

Are they saying that I can get DRM free music if I sign up for I-Tunes Plus only (thus reducing how much I can store on my I-Pod due to bit rate, as I'll be forced to re-download my tracks at a more bloated file size)?

Why can't I just "update" my library to DRM free music?

Oh wait, becuase some cracker will work out how to do it for free and they will loose money . . . . .

SpaceX assembles Falcon 9 rocket

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@Joe Cooper

Oh dear, oh dear.

Rob Sked
Paris Hilton

Is it just me . . . .

. . . . or does it look slightly phallic?

Paris, becuase she's having a closer look.

Tabloid girl's jubs freeze at -130°C

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Becuase it's not so quick . . . .

. . . . to type in ALT + 0176

US nuclear bomb lab develops 'self-warming' hand cream

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So if it warms up by rubbing . . .

. . . . what happens if you shake it excessivly?

"Darling, your cream seems a bit sloppy, it's all over the *bang*"

Yes! It's the USB Toaster!

Rob Sked

RE: Empty box?

What sort of c**t?

That'll be me. It's perfect for a secret santa gift!!

Hasbro kills Colonel Mustard in the corporate office with the marketing ploy

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It twas . . .

The Hoddie, in the Bus Stop, with the MAC-10.

The lil'bastard.

Who will be the next Doctor?

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Apprently . . . .

. . . . There will be two Tennents in the next episode. Blue suit & Brown suit.

Donna ends up dying, nearly, and Tennent takes her back to her granddad and then buggers off in the rain.

Enraged devil dog lover locks on to Reg photo team

Rob Sked

For Double FoTW . . .

. . . does Anthony win a medal?

Or is he visited and tasered until he leans to write in the King English?

Firefox record breaker sets the date

Rob Sked

World Record?


Let some Hollywood celeb (correctly) release a personal sex tape along the same lines, and it'll smash this record.

Ofcom slaps MTV with £255k fine

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Beavis went heh-heh-heh-heh

Butthead went huh-huh-huh-huh

Get it right, butt-mucher.

Rob Sked

Totally Scott-Lee . . . .

. . . people watched that and complained about the swearing? How about the fact that the show was dreadfully shite!! How many complained about that?!

Bring back Tom Green humping a dead moose.

ISS toilet spares stowed and good to go

Rob Sked

This sounds . . .

. . . . like a big job for NASA. Glad the mission hasn't been poo-poohed by the top brass.

Coat? Mine's the one with the slide-rule in the pocket.

Asus to release desktop Eee PC as Ebox

Rob Sked

Wii . . .

I thought it was a Wii at first glance.

Mind you, they'd site nicely side by side with a decent plasma screen.

NASA's Phoenix closes on Red Planet

Rob Sked

1 in 5 million chance

. . . . of smacking a rock!!??

God bless 'em for throwing caution to the wind.

Fujitsu Siemens pitches Eee-style sub-notebook at pros

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I'd be interested . . .

. . . if it was touch screen and the pricing was competitive with the EeePC.

Be good to look at some more specs on it as well.

Wipe the floor with Space Invaders

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Well. . . . all I can say is . . .


Elonex punts £99 Linux laptop

Rob Sked


Fook me, are they still around?!?!?

I still remember their clunky machines in our school library! (Circa 1993)

Text-to-pee service launched

Rob Sked

But . . . .

What if you've been out on the lash, loose your wallet and end up spending the last of your phone credit going for a wee.

It'll be like that bloke who got locked in the loo for all them days.

Microsoft! bids! $44.6bn! for! Yahoo!

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Moo! anyone?

Seriously - Winhoo's 2009 by Moo!

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A year has gone by . . . .

"A year has gone by, and the competitive situation has not improved"

Read between the lines, and it sounds like Microsoft are almost saying "we need your help [against Google] and are prepared to pay for it"

US navy electro-cannon test successful

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Ok . . . .

. . . . when can I buy one?

For "home secutiry" purposes naturally.

Everex targets Eee PC with higher spec mini laptop at same price

Rob Sked

@Tim Parker

Wow, that'll learn me to research before making that sort of comment.

Rob Sked

But if it's running Linux too ....

.... wouldn't you be able to just trash thegOS and put Ubuntu on instead?

Polish teen derails tram after hacking train network

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Perhaps it just looked like a TV remote, and actually used a wireless signal instead? Send the right signal to change the track.

I'll be struck dumb if they do use IR to change track points.

Office update disables MS files

Rob Sked

Erm, hang on a sec . . .

. . . . If I'm reading this and the KB article correctly, it's saying that if you use Office 2003, and patch it to SP3 . . . . you get locked out of it's own files.


I bloody well hope that when SP3 for XP comes out, you don't re-boot and get told "This OS has been deemed unsafe, and therefore locked. Please install Linux"

I think the bods at Microsoft have been over indulging on the Brandy & Sherry this xmas.

BBC redesigns and 'widgetizes' homepage

Rob Sked

Did anyone notice . . .

. . . . how the blog URL comically got snipped?


Glad to see our ho's are getting treated well!

Rob Sked

@Dave Cozens

If you use the "customise homepage" button at the top, you can untick CBeebies.

On another thought, I wonder how the new page is going to cope with companys that have their users locked out with Websense et al.

BOFH: Xmas party: Get a wriggle on

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I also . . .

. . . concur

BitTorrent site Demonoid.com downed by Canadian record industry

Rob Sked

No, no . . .

. . . the Canadian Government has apologised for Bryan Adams on several occasions.

Cisco Brazil hit by massive police raid

Rob Sked

RE: Erm...

Tis easy to figure out.

They are using the Microsoft pricing system!

BOFH: A tragic accident

Rob Sked

Nasty . . . .

. . . . it gives me an idea for our auditors that are visiting at the moment!

Amazon punts anal beads to UK kiddies

Rob Sked

Some people . . .

. . . really do get the arse with Amazon don't they.

Conservatives cock-up over pound again

Rob Sked

Conversatives in NSFW shock

Is this a "proper" conservative website? I only ask, as they seem to have a sense of humor:


NASA: no fix needed for shuttle

Rob Sked

Prepare . . . .

. . . . for quite possibly the biggest "oops" ever?

Again, this was an ideal chance to test the repair kit. I hope they get back safely.

Doctor Who signs up thinking man's crumpet

Rob Sked

Aussie Delight

Kylie will certainly be on my hand over xmas.

Romanian cops cuff drunk, naked, handless driver

Rob Sked

To answer the"how did he open the door" question

You can get those keys that allow the door to open automatically when your in range. The new Mini Cooper (Built by BMW) has this function if your willing to pay £900 for it (which I didn't)

There, issue solved.

Oh hang on, where did he hang the key?

German bus driver objects to passenger's breasts

Rob Sked

Please can . . . .

. . . . someone mirror the photo.

Purely for research purposes.

Asus shows off bamboo-clad 'eco' laptop

Rob Sked

Fire proof!

Bamboo doesn't combust as easily, so you're bound to get a few more hours battery life out of the laptops before they explode violently.

Oh hang on, that's bad. . . . .

US gov in Bill Gates inspired robot probe

Rob Sked

Re: mmmm... sexy robots

It would just get upset if you tried to perfom an illegal operation.

Or didn't have appropriate Admin rights to the Chastity Belt.