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Ubuntu Pro arrives in premium form on Google's Cloud


Re: Do the corpotate types trustt debian?

Money and support, and then money again. That's all that matters at the end of the day in my corporate life experience.

The question of will corporate types trust is was less important then what's it going to cost to run this.

Got an 'old' Tesla? Musk promises 'self-driving' upgrade chip ship by end of 2019


I like the idea

With all the talk of self driving taxi's, has anyone thought of who will be recharging all of these vehicles? Sure, you decide to go in the office with a fully charged battery, let the car be used as a Taxi while you're working for 8 hours, get back, your car is parked somewhere near by with an almost empty battery... Wonder how long the line ups will be at the quick charge station.....

The age of six-monthly Windows Server updates starts … now!


I like the idea

I believe most of the comments so far are from people that deal with infrastructure and not developers that want to have access to the latest tools. From an infrastructure perspective, upgrading and migrating operating systems every 18 months is way to short. From a development perspective, I can see the huge benefit as I often work with developers that want to work with the latest products available. If this means we deploy a 18 month release for non-prod environments and they get an opportunity to develop applications and install them in a LTS release that will be coming down the pipe in a foreseeable future, that could allow us to get ideas formed and projects started much earlier.

It has its place and will eventually become the new norm once it catches on.

Dough! Dominos didn't register dominos.pizza – and now it's pizz'd off


I'm not surprised

When I first ordered pizza online from Dominos a few years ago, I needed to reset my password. To my surprise, I was sent my existing password in an email instead of a reset password link.

I haven't ordered Dominos Pizza online after that and reset it to something more random. Seems like IT hasn't improved much....

How to build a perfect private cloud with Windows Server 2012


Re: *....sigh....*

I've suffered the same issues with either ESX 4.0 or ESXi 4.1. Our issue was around our fiber cards losing connectivity to the SAN briefly and all the VM's continue to be pingable and the hypervisor as well so it doesn't recognize it as a failure. Rebooting the host was the only way to "fix" the issue when that happened. We determined that the firmware on the fiber card hadn't been certified with our storage vendor and running a certified version fixed out issue. My point is they all have their quirks.

Is this a known bug from Microsoft or the hardware provider? Just curious as I'm wanting to start playing with Hyper-V in our lab and have very limited experience with MS Clustering.

Which qualifications are worthwhile?


I started off in the tech field about 13 years ago having computers as a hobby much like you describe. Starting off, I would look at A+ and making sure you understand the basics. Setting up a small network in your home, setup an AD domain and learn from there. Learning basics on lan/wan technologies is also very important.

Microsoft offers some free courses from the desktop type support to server technologies. These won't cost you any money and offer a lot of good information.


Virtualization technologies are becoming more important for all types of businesses, and most hypervisors can be downloaded for free and the management tools can usually be downloaded for free on a trial basis. It's a good way to get your home lab going.

As others have mentioned, I can't imagine doing helpdesk work for a long period of time. I did it for a couple of years and found it too repetitive but I find it an important first step for any seasoned support person.

Raspberry Pi 2.0 ready to ship


Waiting for the PoE version

When I saw the article showing version 2.0 I had hoped they would of added PoE. I guess I will continue to wait for version 3.0, 4.0 or if it'll ever come....

Facebook IPO: The date is set, Zuckerberg casts the dice at last


Will gain then lose.

I have no plans on investing a dime in this company. I've come to realize that tech companies / internet companies get their highs and lows and can't be trusted in the long term.

I get the impression that people that are on facebook regularly have no concern for privacy and are more interested in being provided "useful / relevant" information provided to them instead of having to look for it. The next stage to this is going to be your mobile keeping track of what you buy, what you search, what you like, what your friends like, etc. Facebook is just generation 1 of this massive data collection and as long as the masses continue not to be concerned about privacy, there will be another start up that will invade privacy even more and the masses will "enjoy" the benefits it offers.


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