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Fusion-io straps on NetApp feedbag for cache feeding frenzy

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Hey Chris won't this effectively cut out Violin's array opportunities?

Violin and Fusion separation lessening

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Re: Gear6 caching

Thanks.I just reviewed Violin's presentation (Goldick)at sss conference and it seems as though they want the specialty box with everything inside as the building block-platform rather than the commodity server box makers with the cut through OS inside theirs.I think if you review the evolution of DOS then the bottoms up commodity methods wins out.Any thoughts?

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Maybe I have this wrong but would love some feedback.It seems that SAP/Violin looks more like the Oracle exadata path.Meanwhile Fusionio seems to be seeding the market for a more commodity based storage architecture that probagates the vsl software, hence the sdk.Does Violin have anything like the vsl?Many thanks.

Chip alchemists 'turn cheap silicon into longer-lasting flash'

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Further Commoditization Plus Helps Keep the Shorts at Bay

1 ) I think it broadens the flash market and keeps them on the front end of the margin differential.

2)It seems like this float and yesterday's ThinkEquity rumor where meant to slow the shorts.

I also have two questions for anybody:

1)Is the storage hypervisor that IBM is pushing based on VSL?

2)Isn't the SCSI Express and NVM Express a standards based broadening of inputs closer to the server side guys and consequentially help commoditize storage,deconstruct the mainframe,and spread control of VSL?

Thank you.


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