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Net neutrality activists claim victory in Europe


I know right. While I'm here why do I pay Road Tax only for cyclists to use them for free??

Apple hit by INSIDER LEAK: New iPad Mini 3, iPad Air 2 blabbed


Re: Ooooh, new versions.

Because batteries degrade over time. Standard recommendation is to refresh your battery every 18months. Tricky with Apple products.

It's a TAB-tastrophe – 83 million fewer units to ship in 2014


Why do the figures in the article differ so much to those in this link (34% iOS, 50% Android)


Best Buy preps for a Hero4 welcome just in time for Christmas


I don't really understand why this is a story ..

EU justice chief blasts Google on 'right to be forgotten'


I do not believe you and your complaints about the ICO speediness sound whingy and unfounded.

Tesco to tout its own smartphone – now THAT'S an unexpected item in the bagging area


Re: Far too creepy Tesco

Good. Hopefully they can target offers to me that I will appreciate. Much like the corner grocers of old.

Amazon is decompiling our apps in security gaffe hunt, says dev


I don't see any shock in that. He's just relating events to help others.


He never said, nor is it implied in his post, that he is upset. -1 for believing journo spin

Paris Hilton

Read the blog

Go read the blog, elReg even linked it for you despite totally misrepresenting it. The guy makes no complaint. It's a simple statement of facts for the education of others. There is no frowning, or complaining about Amazon's actions within it.

Great Britain rebuilt - in Minecraft: Intern reveals 22-BEEELLION block map


Re: Let the invasion begin!

It's the OpenData project, you can go squirt it into anything.

Microsoft parades Windows 8.1, the version you may actually want


Re: Start Icon != Start Menu. This the problem.

"But that does not gives you a start menu. It gives you an ugly collection of square blotches of color, which appear to represent applications"

Tbh, that's basically what the Start Menu does, and it does in a little fraction of the screen with small writing.

For reference, I use Win7+8 and don't have any skin in the arguement.

Landfill Android devices set to get 4G, courtesy of Qualcomm


Re: Plesase stop using the term 'Landfill' android

Windows Mobile 6.5 was great. Did everything I wanted, and simply.

Ancient website from 1999: By Mark Zuckerberg aged 15¾


Hit Counters

1090 hits.. refresh and 1154, then 1192 while writing this ..

Introducing the Open Source Rookie of the Year... Whoa, it's Microsoft

Paris Hilton

Charged for OS'?

Pretty sure iOS is being charged for.

Powering your iPad costs $1.36 per year


Very wanky article. Poor show Reg.

10m years ago there was less CO2 - but the Earth was warmer


Where is the IT angle?

Agriboffins' site downed by DDoS after GM protest


Not news.

Google to bring Raspberry Pi to Bash Street


Re: 100 teachers over 3 years?

Oh bugger off. Seriously. It's not their job to educate the entire UK. It's a great program and if other people did it you'd hear about that too. But they're not so +1 for Google.

Google in the clear on Oracle patents


Re: The BBC as ever has got wrong

I read the first half dozen links on that blog. The guy is deluded, irrational and just wrong. Sign him up for the tin foil hat.

Dole Office staff snooped into private data 992 times in 10 months


Re: 992 times

992 is meaningless without a headcount figure anyways.


Re: All for the public good...

Common sense would tell you the Earth is flat and the Sun revolves around it.. so what use Is that.

ICO mulls stiffer probe into Google Street View Wi-Fi slurp


Re: Its more than just the SSIDs How is this all so wrong?

It was broadcasted, hence meant for everyone.


Re: How is this all so wrong?

Are you chaps trying to talk about the SSIDs or the frame collection now? The former is broadcasted so the "intended recipient" is everyone.

US court tosses out Proview's IPAD trademark gripe


They were more than shrewd they were deceitful. The only question is if that's legal.. can't see why not.

Virgin Media site goes titsup in Pirate Bay payback attack


Re: Well Well

The thumbs down are people who say you're in the wrong. If 50 people say 1 thing and only you the other the odds are you're the one making the stupid statements.

Chrome beats IE for a weekend


Re: Chrome - the anti-drone?

@AC, you've mistaken the point. The point wasn't "why do they use IE at work" but "why do people who use IE at work come home and use Chrome, instead of a mixture of Chrome, FireFox, Safari etc."


Anecdotal evidence is anecdotal.