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Capita class action: 2,000 folks affected by data theft sign up


Would it be wise for an employee of crapita to join the suit?

Asking for a friend

San Francisco cops can use private cameras to live-monitor 'significant events'


A boon for non cloud connected surveillance systems?

Newport Wafer Fab sale to Chinese company held up again by UK.gov's probe


Great deep dive into the plant and why what it does is important in this tweet, living close to it I always though it made low end chips for white goods


Brit government WLTM one Chief Digi Info Officer


Re: The Vast Chasm that Enables Public Spirited Service vs Private and Pirate Sector Enterprise*

180K is the salary

Are you a Windows 1 in 10 (1809)? Or a mighty 80 percenter (1803)?

Thumb Down

Killed my internet

I finally bit the bullet last night and allowed it to update only to see it screwed my internet connection - "No internet connectivity" on the standard connection, only the VPN connection now works doh!

Poland may consider Huawei ban amid 'spy' arrests – reports


And what difference does that have to this?


Thanks to UK peers, coming to a laptop near you in 2019: Age checks for online smut


Re: Doh....

You do know there are VPN providers where you can just send your VPN account number together with cash in post yes? No, names, addresses, bank accounts involved at all

Either my name, my password or my soul is invalid – but which?


Barclays for security?

I always smile at the irony of all the Barclays "we care about security" messages after having to deal with one of their bank accounts that was being used to funnel scam money through having its address changed to mine.

Nine separate contacts to Barclays informing them of this error and scam yet the account was still open 3 months after I first reported to them, on average each month saw around £40,000 coming in and being transferred out, who says crime doesn't pay?

FCC sets a record breaking $120m fine for rude robocalls


Happy Dude

No reference to Homer and his "Happy Dude" auto dialer scam?

It's Galileo Groundhog Day! You can keep asking the same question, but it won't change the answer


For years I used to have the same song as my wake up alarm - edited to start at the same point as it does in the film - sad?

Take the dashboard too literally and your brains might end up all over it


Re: Oil Pressure Gauge?

"does the ECU act on oil-pressure for anything other than a low pressure warning? I don't think so. "

Mines does, it won't VTEC if oil pressure is too low

He He He: Seagate's gasbag Exos spinner surges up to 14TB


Re: That's a lot of space...

Yes 4TB is the current sweet spot but the 6TB WD red drives are going for £169.04, by my reckoning that gives a £28.17 price per TB - only marginally more than the £27.39 per TB that the same 4TB drive gives

(been looking to upgrade the NAS drives this morning)

Farewell, Android Pay. We hardly tapped you


Re: What could possibly...?

Depends on the provider, Nationwide told me they didn't have a non contactless version, a snip of the card in the right place breaks the circuit though

This was after 2 of my cards had been compromised, I usually carry 4 cards in my wallet, 2 contactless and 2 not - the 2 contactless ones were the ones compromised

Amount of pixels needed to make VR less crap may set your PC on fire


Re: Glasses anyone?

Yes I've found the couple of times I've fired up Valkrie (space combat) I've experienced similar, but never in the driving sim


Re: Glasses anyone?

I've never had any motion sickness from the Oculus while in the driving sim but I know of others who had to "build up their VR legs" although all who have tried mine didn't have any issues.

Did you try it on a proper rig? fixed seat, wheels and pedals? maybe that helps? plus I tend to lean into corners while looking through the apex - could that be helping to trick my inner ear?

Within my sim (Assetto Corsa) there are various settings that can relate to "Comfort/sickness inducing" , one which has divided opinion is the Lock to horizon - some love it with it on others can't drive with it. Not sure if any of those types of options are available on PSVR and driveclub.


Re: Glasses anyone?

For driving sims it absolutely does give you an "edge" and is certainly not a gimmick; speed sensation, immersion/sense of presence, depth perception and "feel" of what the car is doing under you are all greatly increased, allows you to more easily position the car exactly where you want (or be able to tell by just how much you missed that apex).

Before the Oculus arrived I was using high end triple screens in my sim rig, they haven't been used for almost two years now

New Amiga to go on sale in late 2017


Re: Just remember...

You could play stunt car racer networked between an Amiga and an ST, I did (I was the Amiga guy and my mate brought his ST round mine)

Oh the irony: Government Digital Services can't pay staff because of tech problems


Outsourced yes but not abroad (unless you count Wales as abroad)

Although Steria are now planning on moving most of those jobs to India

BOFH: The Boss, the floppy and the work 'experience'


Enemy Territory

Have a beer for mention of Enemy Territory - such an awesome game

Too much landfill, too little purpose: CES 2017


Re: "VR is hot right now"

Yup that's being worked on by some folks, fake signals to your inner ear (galvanic vestibular stimulation)

Not sure I'd trust facebook controlling voltages to my head though?


Re: "VR is hot right now"

TBF phone VR is never going to be the best VR experience available

I've been using my Oculus since June, can't go back to flat screens for racing in Assetto Corsa, the difference it makes just cannot be put into words

** pron is pretty good in it too

The future often starts as a toy, so don't shun toy VR this Christmas


Re: When the porn industry start taking VR seriously...

Best get ordering your headset then, plenty of VR pron available already ;)

The Great Smartphone Massacre: Android bloodbath gathers pace


Re: Dear Sony.

Problem being you buy the nexus5 directly from Google?


Latest Call of Duty sequel shoots past Avatar sales benchmark


Re: Is it sustainable?

Tribes is F2P, I've not spent a penny on it and still manage to hold my own (most games)

Spy Hunter



I had it on the Spectrum, many hours of my youth wasted on this

Dinosaurs were DRAINED of blood by GIGANTIC HORROR FLEAS


Re: I for one welcome our prehistoric blood-sucking overlords, etc...

Will is quite marmite, but imo a comedy genius

Anna Friel - do not want