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And then there were two: HMS Prince of Wales joins Royal Navy


Re: I wonder

We don't have a naval force in middle Europe. Maybe some river boats but that's about it.


on contrary

Yamato, the largest capital ship ever built was sunk on an open sea by a carrier aircraft in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Ten-Go

Google lashes out at DoJ, Oracle as it asks US Supremes to sniff Java suit one last time


Re: The problem is...

Gosling does not like Google, if it was an option they would have summoned him already. I like Oracle probably even less than Google but this really was a theft from Sun at the time, I was there.

Max Schrems schreds another 'blockade' to challenging Facebook data transfers in Austria


Re: Max's moolah

You know they had it there since day one and it does bother me. Was gonna write them about it, maybe now I will.

Apple hardware priced so high that no one wants to buy it? It's 1983 all over again


Re: No, you don't wish you'd have bought it.

I know I used tower which had 80 on it but IIRC there were also armoured desktops with 80 on them.

Third Soyuz does not explode while auditors resume poking around NASA's big rocket SLS


sh1t is pretty solid though

"The Russian space programme has been dogged by quality issues for years. An exploding Soyuz due to errors in assembly and a mystery hole in an orbital module are just the latest examples."

Yet they keep sending them up every couple weeks and they get the job done and no one dies. And the sh1t is what, about 60 years old design? Stop patronizing the Ruskis when it comes to space reg... There is definitely sh1t on their heads but this is not it.

Top tip: Don't bother with Facebook's two-factor SMS auth – unless you love phone spam


guys this is phishing

isn't it? And that is illegal in just about any respectable jurisdiction. I think people should stop writing and whining about this and do something, like file law suits, send the cops to raid that cesspool by the bay. Now!


Re: I hate to be that guy . . .

Some time ago (few years) Google nagged me for it because "there was a security incident" with my account. Did not say anymore just would not let me in until I surrendered a number for 2FA. Cause I use the account for useful stuff, I went and got an anonymous SIM card (u can get them here just about anywhere) and got back in. To this day I'm certain they made the incident up.

To be fair though I still have that other number and keep it alive and they have not spammed me on it, ever.

After 20 years of Visual Studio, Microsoft unfurls its 2017 edition


Re: Getting better all the time

I joined this madness a little earlier and the Turbo Pascal was probably the first proper IDE on the PC. First VS was such junk, hell it was junk until around 2010, but these new versions are quite usable. Still not JetBrains but comparing it to XCode is an insult. Apple had bad software from the get go and while Microsoft has upped their game, fan boys have no idea what kind of trash they are stuck with. Hardware on the other hand...

New PayPal T&Cs prevents sellers trash-talking PayPal


Re: Fuck Paypal

I have a feeling this is by design as they get a lot of extra float from this and eventually profits, though not sure how they work around legalities of seizing your funds at the end. I had the same thing happen to me loooong time ago with them, way before this money laundering witch hunt began, we are talking like 2000 or something. They wanted my debit card number which I did not even have for 3 years or something as I switched banks, they still owe me $50. So yeah fuck them, thrice!

Phones exploding in kids' hands, shares tanking – but it's not all good news at Samsung


Brand? What brand?

This is exactly why I never thought of Samsung as a brand but as some factory that builds stuff for others... There have been fails but seeing those pictures this one wins.

T-Mobile Czech ad man steals, sells, 1.5 million customer records


Re: Sometimes a half-truth is worse than a lie

I used to work there and the security was tight, even if in part by obscurity. The problem is that the security people who run the cameras and physically secure the building (external contractor) do not get unauthorized data access flags as they happen so they cannot grab the culprit before he leaves the building. A common issue I suppose.

EDIT: And yeah that PR drone is a piece of work, I bet the sleezglish is its work.

Mozilla officially kills Firefox OS for smartphones in favour of 'Connected Devices'


I know what you need


Apple's design 'drives up support costs, makes gadgets harder to use'


Re: I think Mac reached their nicest with the PowerPC

Quite true. I skipped the 8 madness from 7 to 10 and had no problems finding anything at all. Never even got lost. They need to work on the L&F consistency though.

Give us your software BlackBerry, we love it. The phones? Meh


That would be great

Both BB10 and Android on the same device, that would actually show people how inferior it is to BB10, thus converting them.

Stop Xiaomi, oh stop Xiaomi: Samsung to debut Tizen mobe in India in January


Not true. Tizen is a Linux foundation led. Samsung, Intel and the others are just on the steering committee.

Facebook, working on Facebook at Work, works on Facebook. At Work

Paris Hilton

There is very little inteligence in corporations...

The big corporations are not intelligent at all 'cause at my mama's work (one of the big pharma corporations) everyone got a tablet with a plan and used that instead. Furthermore, now they are jumping the BYOD band wagon. This actually smells of dementia more than anything else, block sht A on network 1 so resources don't waste time and then allow them bring their own devices so can waste even more time playing Clash of Clans instead of just chatting on Facebook. See the ingenuity in that?

Want a Tizen phone to build apps for? Now's your chance – provided you don't need it to work


better than nothing

I'm about done with my app for Tizen and I welcome this even though devices on sale would be better for obvious reasons. As for the platform, I actually like it. The OSP framework gets the job done even if the coding feels a bit 80s in a way and it is well clean of any cloud related APIs that will leak your privates. There is low level access to almost all system parts so you can for example easily write a firewall w/o needing to root the phone. It is basically better organized, perhaps even simplified Meamo -> MeeGo. I would actually buy one if it came out. The N900 was awesome.

Brit Sci-Fi author Alastair Reynolds says MS Word 'drives me to distraction'


Badly, XML (which DOCX is) is notoriously hard to diff for obvious reasons. Last time I used Sharepoint it was lock on checkout so only one person at a time could have it checked out, I suspect the two might have something to do with each other.


Re: Personally ...

Yeah I know I went back to plain text as well, just use #*@ for own mark-up. WYSIWYGs in general distract you with visuals you don't need when you write creatively (imagine coding in a WYSIWYG). The downvoters don't know any better.

Edward Snowden's not a one-off: US.gov hunts new secret doc leaker


Re: @ Dropbear

Hey man Semtex is cool, we even have an energy drink here named that. http://www.semtexculture.cz/


Re: With a golden membership card

I would go for iridium, that would pay for the whole komplet, not just one battery.

Revealed: GCHQ's beyond top secret Middle Eastern internet spy base



You are sick already so no need to try fool.

Quantum teleportation gets reliable at Delft


Re: Einstein is fine - nothing to see here.

Well said, finally someone knows what they are talking about.

Cloud computing is FAIL and here’s why


Re: Jean

But that is because you live in the UK man, I mean they still have lead water pipes in parts of London and all. I have experienced more terminal failures in UK in one week than everywhere else combined in my entire life. I do agree with the article 100% though.


Re: Sorry, but you are incorrect Alistair.

I do! Wont blink an eye when the numbers get too huge, promise.

Murdoch says Microsoft needs 'big clean out'


Re: WTF!

U right, rare but I think General Electric is one. Its not like Mercedes is leaking cash either and they made the first car so we would probably find more.

Avere SPEC benchmark shows cloud's just as fast as on-premise


Been there done that. We tried AWS for some heavy duty HPC app while back and the performance was.... Well it was horrible. Buying physical boxes with the same specs as the AWS instances yeilded 300% performance increase. I think these people really should be publicly hanged for spreading utter lies. Enuf said!

Winklevoss twins say their Bitcoins will take them to SPAAAAACE


Re: Interesting...

BFLabs takes hard cash, generates BCs, never ships a product on time... Then VG takes that BC and never flies... When has dirty laundry became so sophisticated??

Ford to dump Microsoft's 'aggravating' in-car tech for ... BlackBerry?


dumb, dumb, dummer, dummest

I could not agree more. I was just talking to my friend about his new Lexus IS with haptic feedback controls and he goes like "you have to click like 20 times to do this and that but it is really really interesting..." WTF is it with this swipe and click for 5 minutes to get to a contact in a phone book madness? And now they put this into cars??? That is just simply dangerous, IMHO. On the old Nokias you make two keystrokes and there u dialing.. Touch is backwards and so are obviously 90% of the world, period! This is in no way an improvement.

Facebook pays $19bn for WhatsApp. Yep. $45 for YOUR phone book


Re: I've poisoned my phone book

Instead of moaning do it too! The more people do it the more effective it becomes. Time to hack some SOAP UI reqs.


Re: Speak for yourself...

Wrong! How many idiot friends with your phone number in the dialer who use this do you have?

Snowden: Canadian spooks used free airport WiFi to track travellers


Re: I have a left Ear yet understand the need for my Right

Word and we will get radical about this if needs be. To Klitschko and lads in Kyjev ;)

Chuh! 'Grossly inadequate': Time Warner Cable rejects $62bn hostile takeover bid


Re: Good value?

So the question begs, how much does a customer go for these days?

Leaping SpaceX GRASSHOPPER ROCKET jumps 2,500ft, lands safely


Re: *scratching head*

The numbers seem about right. The higher you go the more fuel you will need for return though so you do have to spend more on that but it is no problem as it is not the main cost factor. There will have to be multiple burns on descent to keep the thing relatively cool and possibly stable but should not be too many. In theory you could haul ass down an then do a crazy -x*g burn just before touch down but you would need an engine that produces huge trust on demand, not an optimal solution as u use the same engine to go up.

Keep in mind that this is all just a beginning, mostly touch down tests that have been done many times before, relatively proven stuff. Once you start dealing with the low orbit re-entry, the flip in the atmosphere, things will get rough and lot of unpredictable events can happen. The success I believe largely depends on the proper timing and very good control systems. Structural dynamics will also play important role because some of the maneuvers at such high speed will create huge amounts of stress on some parts.

It is a good start though, that is for sure. Keep it up.

Two years after Steve Jobs' death, how's that new CEO working out?


Re: Overpriced trinkets

Well not quite, I'm mostly weendooz 7 and Linux these days but I have an old Power Mac G5 that has been running w/o being vacuumed w/ no glitches for 10 years. Have not had another machine like that.

Snowden's email provider gave crypto keys to FBI – on paper printouts


Re: An American with principles.

Well well. To quench the left right shoot out, you can go on, I was not a capitalist so I did not care, I was not religious so I did not care, and there you stand face to face, 1:1 with all the evils this world has combined. Socialism just like capitalism produce gazillions of stupid regulating laws which are eroding us, in a sense degenerating us into tools, they are both equally incapable burdened systems . I commend Mr. L for not falling so low.

In defence of defenestration: Microsoft MUST hurl Gates from the Windows


Re: To paraphrase The Matrix

I think you might be onto something here, "mobile and desktop are different beasts, trying to make it all under one banner just makes messes". I have contemplated this in the past many times myself , desktop is just that, a desktop somewhere in a quiet room for doing the heavy lifting like it does in the shop. Meanwhile mobile is totally different. I think if Ubuntu eventually comes through on their promise, the mobile phone will be replaced by a PC the size of Zippo lighter. Had N900 in the past and connecting it to the projector and to mouse and keyboard via Bluetooth made it a real computer. But a desktop workstation will always be around, even more powerful than ever for the heavy lifting. So no, the mobile to desktop will likely never happen but the other direction is where that is going, scaling down the desktop so it can be used efficiently while on the move. And Ballmer is a fool for not realizing and executing on it properly.

Microsoft no longer a top Linux kernel contributor


Surprised not to find Canonical/Ubuntu there given its likely the most popular desktop distro picking up share in the server space as well. Anyone care to explain?

Burger-rage horse dumps on McDonald's: Rider saddled with fat fine


whitecastle drivethru is tank friendly


US Navy robot stealth fighter in first unmanned carrier landings


What is so new about this?

Autopilots have been landing on carriers forever. As a matter of fact our dynamics and controls professor at the university told us they had to program in an error because the autopilot was so good that the catching hook made a huge groove on the deck from landing on the same precise spot all the damn time.

If BlackBerry were a bunch of startups, would you invest?


the car side of the story

In my opinion they missed the window. The QNX tablet or phone should have been talking to BMWs by now as TOCARIM bragged after the acquisition. The PlayBook, unlike its competitors was industrial grade hardware but it looks like they were not able to expand into that market. Unfortunately QNX has been lagging behind in driver updates and the car manufacturers are voicing concerns. I would say the future will be tough for them.

Girls, beer and C++: How to choose the right Comp-Sci degree for you


Re: Alternatively ditch comp sci all together

And physics! Never forget physics, at the end of the day the NAND gates just obey few simple rules of physics. Math is an abstraction layer on top of all that. I studied AeEng (95-2K) and when I minored in CS they told me it was useless for me, already knew most of the stuff... To put it bluntly, economist is a dumb sociologist/antropologist with a very limited view, chemistry is a non-existent science named after alchemy just to accomodate dumb physicist with limited view and CS, well... It is like teaching the English language to lit majors so they can actually write literary works. CS is just a tool that every engineer must know like a back of their hand if they ever wanna get something done in this lifetime. E.g. try solving the continuity equation by hand...

Is there life after ads for St Zuck?


no way

most people don't want st. zuck listening on them, dats why skype will likely remain dominant. but the TV could work.

Standing NEXT to an HTML coder is like standing NEXT TO GOD


must be joking....

Is this yet another English joke we mainlanders don't get or someone mistook May for April? Perhaps this is exactly why we don't have the Saturn V, space shuttle or Concorde today, yet we had it 50 years ago. Perhaps this is why there is all this online fraud a garbage all over net. Orlowski 1, Bong 0. You are wrong, live with it.

P.S. If this is how you invest people's pension money, you should be tried, found guilty and jailed in solitary for rest of your days.


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