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Mio announces Knight Rider satnav

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Where do I get it?

Great. So where do I get it when it goes on sale?

Predator kill-machine pilots suffering 'chronic burnout'

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I'd be willing to bet that at least some of the problem is due to the fact that drone pilots can have their supervisors sitting over their shoulder, second-guessing everything they do like a backseat driver from hell.

Real pilots out in the field experience this a little bit, as they are given less and less leeway to make decisions by those on the ground these days, but it has to be even worse when your boss is right behind you nattering on about staying low enough to get a good view but too high for small arms fire and can you zoom in on that truck please no that truck no the other one oh that wasn't a truck at all.. etc. I know that'd wear *me* out fast.

Gates calls on Feds to plug tech investment gap

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I'm not a business or economy expert, of course, but I read a very believable article the other day about how the so-called shortage of skilled IT people is merely an invention of the industry. They use it to import foreign workers on H1Bs, which they can pay less and treat even more like serfs than American workers. I tend to believe it; if there's really such a shortage of skilled IT workers, why is it so hard for me and the other IT professionals I know to get good jobs?

It's kind of like the farm industry over here whining about losing cheap Mexican labor. There's no job Americans won't do, just jobs Americans won't do for crap wages.

Knickerless celebutards: the secure data centre connection


Brings new meaning to the words...

..."Rack Mount".

Boy beats Reaper at 20,000 feet


Lucky he wasn't crushed, too.

The landing gear hydraulics would surely have had enough pressure to mash the poor kid when they folded up after takeoff. It's amazing he managed to avoid that as well.

Nintendo yanks Mario Party 8 - offensive language to blame?


Chiming in from across the pond..

Doug Yates has it right. I've never even heard of the word 'spastic' being offensive anywhere before today. Not so much now, but 'spazz' used to be a pretty popular word around here.

Rufus fights back


Not to plug, but..

I'm a member of a decent Web community of IT folks on both sides of the pond.. Rufus, check out http://www.techcomedy.com, plenty of entertaining stories, message board, chat, etc.


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